Franchise Opportunities in Kentucky: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Kentucky: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

The commonwealth state of Kentucky is located in the east-south central region of the United States of America. It is has one of the largest state economies in America, and in 2012, it exported products/commodities worth about 22.1 billion USD to over 200 countries around the world.

If you are looking to establish/operate a franchise business in America, then you can safely wager on Kentucky. The state actively supports franchises with business-friendly policies and limited tax regimes.

The following franchises in Kentucky are good places to invest your money and resources in:

1. Renue Venue Revitalization Specialists

Renue Venue Revitalization Specialist is a franchising business that offers high value cleaning services to the hospitality industry. They comprise a team of highly skilled and specialized staff that “get the dirt out and bring the colour-in” in the furniture and upholstery of hotels, resorts and holiday centres.

Originally called Appeal Carpet, Renue Venue was founded by a 21-year-old man, who cleaned carpets in hotels and residences, in Chicago. Presently, Renue Venue has over 30 offices and several hundreds of employees that service thousands of limited and full-serviced hotels in many countries around the world.

Renue Venue Revitalization is always on the search for new partners and franchisees, so you can be sure that if making a livelihood out of keeping places clean and hygienic is your passion, then Renue Venue could just be the place for you.

What you Should know About Renue Venue Franchise System

If you have decided to become a franchisee with Renue Venue, then you will be joining a first class team that has the following advantages:

a. Low start-up cost and overhead
Aside from the initial fees for registration, you will find that all you mostly require to begin your Renue Venue franchise in Kentucky is a vehicle, a telephone and a team of well-trained cleaning technicians.

b. You will be joining a Renue Venue team that will make available to you a customer base
comprising leading hospitality hotels and businesses. So you can begin to grow your franchise from the start.

c. You receive ongoing training and support both at the company’s Headquarters and at your business location.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Renue Venue Franchise?

The minimum cash you will need to invest, to start your own Renue Venue Revitalization franchise is 50,000 USD. Obtaining the training and other support resources may see this sum rise to 100,000 USD.

However, you can receive seed funding from the SBA board because of the profitable nature of the operations of Renue Venue Franchise.

How can you Join the Renue Venue Team?

Your very first step will be to go the franchise opportunities page of the company and fill out an application form. The form will ask questions ranging from your business interests to how much you are willing to invest as well as if you intend to run the franchise with a partner.

How much can you Make as a Franchisee with Renue Venue Specialization?

You will need to get this information through the Contact Us page of the company’s website. However, you should note that what you can ultimately earn as a Renue Venue Franchisee is dependent on the location of your business, your exclusivity rights as well as the number of customers in your area of operation.

2. 420bizOp

420bizOp is a franchise business that is into the sale of marijuana, that is legal and safe for consumption by patients for medical reasons. Specifically, 420bizOp brands itself as a medical marijuana fulfillment and delivery service, which provides compassionate and medical access to marijuana for its clients

420bizOp states categorically that it is the market leader in the provision of high-quality medical marijuana because it has farmsteads that grow the finest strains of cannabis on very rich soil.

The 420bizOp Franchise Offer for You

Once you have decided to start a 420bizOp franchise, you will enjoy tremendous support from the parent company, in order to grow your business very quickly. In addition to having your own dedicated website built for free and featuring the product for sale, you will also be entitled to the following:

a. A customer service system to handle patrons.
b. The shipping of products borne by the company.
c. A central financial management of inventory, sales and marketing reports
d. The driving of traffic to your 420bizOp website.
e. Receiving between 25 to 45 percent of all sales derived from your website

Minimum Investment Required to Join 420bizOp

The company is flexible enough to cater for individuals who possess varying sums of money to start their own franchise. It ranges from a 2,995 USD (for this investment, you will receive 250 USD of product, a 25 percent commission on sales as well as a site set-up that can receive upwards of 50,000 emails.

At the upper end of the rung, and if you can afford it, you could start up with 50,000 USD. In this case, you are entitled to 45 percent commission from sales as well as the capacity to handle 10 million emails.

3. Mr. Sandless Franchise

Mr. Sandless prides itself on being the number one wood floor refinisher around the globe. This reputable franchise offers customers a vast improvement to their floors with no downtime or cleanup, with the best warranty in the business. The Mr. Sandless system is certified green and environmentally friendly and poses no danger to children and pets.

So if you are looking for franchise business that will enable you put your vocational skills to great effect, while at the same tie forging enduring relationships with people, then look no further than Mr. Sandless Franchise.

What do you Need to get Started?

A Mr. Sandless Franchise is your typical mobile business. Hence you will be required to have a small truck to begin with. As your business grows, you could decide to go for more trucks. Every other thing that you will need is provided by the parent company.

How Much Does It Take to Start a Mr. Sandless Frachise?

If you have decided to become a franchisee with Mr. Sandless, then you will be joining a business that has one of the lowest start-up costs in the industry. The franchise fee is tagged at 25,000 USD and there is the availability of financing, to help ease the burden.

The benefits of paying the franchise fee includes receiving exclusivity of operations in designated area(s), full and ongoing training, market lead generation as well as other resources to help you grow your franchise quickly.

How Much can you Make as a Franchisee?

The average charge you can set for any job is put at 1,304 USD. If you are committed and hardworking, you may find that you may execute a monthly average of 22 jobs. The Mr. Sandless Franchise typically estimates that Franchisees may carry out 10 jobs in a month on the average.

How can you Become a Mr. Sanders Franchisee?

Once you have decided to join the Mr.Sanders team, you will have to fill out “no obligation” web form and a starter pack will be mailed to you, with instructions on how to proceed with your application.

4. Shakeaway

Shakeaway, established in 1999, is reputedly the world’s largest producer of milkshake treats.

Shakeaway at present, offers her teeming customers over 180 different flavours of milk shakes, that can be combined in a million possible ways. Each milkshake comes uniquely made and utilizes fresh and healthy ingredients all the time.

Shakeaway also produces refreshingly real fruit smoothies, that harps on healthy and wholesome ingredients. The menu on display at your typical Shakeaway store includes winter menu, fit and healthy menu, frozen yoghurt dessert menu, smoothie menu as well as shaved ice menu.

This franchise will work for you if you have an eye for detail and love to serve wholesome meals and treats to people.

How Can One Become a Shakeaway Franchisee?

So, you have decided to join this excellent business opportunity? Great, all you have to do is to fill out a request form from their website and all the information you need to process your application will be sent to you within 48 hours.

The Shakeaway Franchise Opportunity

You will be teaming up with an organization that places a great premium on staff and partners. In detail, you will have access to:

a. Full and Ongoing Training

As a franchisee, you will be trained on producing mouthwatering milkshake and other treats for your customers. The training schedule will equip you with the knowledge you need regarding mixing proportions and required ingredients

b. A Tested Marketing Structure

Shakeaway’s marketing program is built on years of expertise and specialization garnered from her consultants and partners. You will be exposed to these strategies, so that you can grow your business in the shortest possible time.

How Much does it take to Start a Shakeaway Franchise business?

You can get this information when you request for a Franchisee report for previous years, from the parent company.

5. Homevestors of America

Homevestors, since its founding in 1996 by Ken D’Angelo, has been investing in the real estate subsector in the state and national economy. The core of its services is purchasing homes and facilities, renovating such property and selling same at a good price.

Homevestors prides itself on providing excellent home ownership opportunities for first-time buyers, renters and real estate investors. They do this by adhering to strict codes of construction and ethical business practices.

Homevestors seek franchisees like you, who may not have to be a professional real estate investor but have the desire to learn the ropes in becoming one.

If you fancy negotiating deals and have an eye for identifying potentially high yielding property, then becoming a franchisee with Homevestors of America is the way to go.

The Homevestors of America Franchise Opportunity

As a potential franchisee with Homevestors, you will be a part of a community of home buyers that provide support and structures for you to succeed in your new business. This is as result of the availability of the following:

a. You will receive coaching and personal attention once you are signed up. A mentor will walk you through the process from day one until you begin to seal your own deals.
b. You are taken through an intensive training schedule that exposes you to tested methods for buying and selling homes for a profit.
c. You can be eligible for property financing due to the leverage garnered by Homevestors over the years.

How can you become a Franchisee with Homevestors of America?

You will fill out a “No Obligation” form from their website and then you will be contacted with all the information you require to enable your application process.

How much Does it cost to Acquire the Franchise?

You can acquire a Homevestors franchise license with as little as 18,000 USD. You will also have to have a net worth from 50,000 USD and above. Other cost considerations include ongoing royalty and adverts fees, which vary from one location to another.

The following frachises are just a part of the many that exist in Kentucky. They are proven business models that offer the greater probability of you succeeding when you start off with any of them.

As it a standard feature with any business, you will have to carry out your own due diligence, in determining the associated risks and rewards with starting the franchise opportunities in Kentucky highlighted above.

Franchise Opportunities in Iowa: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Iowa: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

Are you based in Iowa and you are looking for a profitable franchise opportunity to invest in? there are so many franchise opportunities in Iowa that an entrepreneur can invest in that would yield much profits.

Below are some of these franchise opportunities in Iowa that you can invest in today….

1. SlipDoctors International Franchise

SlipDoctors is a company that deals with improving traction on tiles, stones, VCT, porcelain, concrete, ceramic, fiberglass and most other surfaces in order to avoid the devastation of slip and fall injuries. SlipDoctors was founded in 2004 by Gary Cohen, Greg Cohen and Rocky Miller, and they started franchising in 2007

What Would It Cost You?

In order to invest in this franchise opportunity, you would need a minimum of $10,000 and a net worth of $10,000. You would make a total investment of $8,000. With SlipDoctors, you could get help with financing and there is a $500 discount for US veterans.


Franchisees of this wonderful franchise opportunity are offered extensive training, hence you can invest in this franchise even if you have no previous experience.

How to Start

If you are motivated, hard-working and need a unique business opportunity to invest in that prevents slips in both commercial and residential places, then you have what it takes to invest in this franchise opportunity in Iowa. If interested, you can visit their website @, fill a form about your interest or call their toll free number 888-436-5404.

2. Subway Franchise

Subway is a leading restaurant that offers delicious satisfying meals to customers. Founded in 1965 by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca, Subway started franchising in 1974 and has over 44702 units. Subway has been continuously ranked as the #1 franchise and is just the perfect franchise opportunity to invest in in Iowa.

How Much Would It Cost?

This franchise opportunity requires a total investment of $105,800 to $393,600 and a net worth of $80,000 to $310,000. You also get to pay a franchise fee of $15,000. With Subway franchise you could also get financing support through a third party.


Subway provides a two-week training for its franchisee and either their designee or manager.

Location requirements

If you are interested in this franchise in Iowa, you will be assisted with evaluating the location you wish to use for this franchise and you are also provided with floor plans for that location.

How to join 

To join this franchise, you could contact Subway franchise representative in Iowa, Gail Hill on 1-800-888-4848 * 1318 or send an email to

3. Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is a leading company when it comes to private tutoring. It is one company that has helped in changing the lives of more than 200,000 people by helping them achieve their academic goals. It was founded in 2000 by John Hooi and has been franchising since 2003. With so many awards including #1 at-home tutoring franchise and Child’s Magazine and Parents’ choice award 2010 and 2011, this is definitely a great franchise to invest in.

Cash required to join

To join this world leading franchise, you would require liquid capital of $100,000 and a net worth of $100,000. You would make a total investment of $66,000 to $100,000.


To invest in this franchise, you do not need to have any experience in education as training is available for you. You could also decide to manage a team of professional tutors rather than being one yourself.

Other Benefits

This franchise opportunity can be totally run from home which gives you flexibility. You also get to make a difference in your community while getting a huge return on investment. As a franchisee, you are also offered a proprietary internet based software that helps you run your business from home, as well as on-going support and marketing support.

How to Join

If you are interested in this franchise, you can contact Tutor Doctor on 01483 319033 or visit

4. Smoothie Factory Franchise

Another great franchise opportunity in Iowa is Smoothie Factory franchise. Smoothie Factory is a smoothie industry that offers healthful smoothies, fresh cold-squeezed all natural juices and health supplements to consumer.

Smoothie Factory was founded in 1996 by former Olympian James Vilasana and is looking for motivated, ambitious entrepreneurs who are interested in providing healthy products to their community.

What Would It Cost?

In order to invest in this franchise opportunity, you would need to have a minimum of $100,000 and a net worth of $200,000 as well as a franchise fee of $25,000.

Training and Support

With this franchise opportunity in Iowa, you are given two weeks of official Smoothie factory training, both in the classroom and on-site. You also get to enjoy ongoing operations support and professional marketing support.

Other Benefits

With Smoothie factory you get four-in-one business. This is because you get to offer your customers full line delicious smoothies and nutritional boosts, fresh squeezed smoothies and health supplements, Red Mango co-branded frozen yoghurt and an expanded menu including wraps, sandwiches and salad.

How to Join

To join in this franchise opportunity in Iowa, you would need a good location you intend to use for your smoothie factory and then visit for more enquiries.

5. Retro Fitness Franchise

Retro Fitness is another great franchise opportunity in Iowa. Retro Fitness is a gym that offers fitness model to its customers. Retro Fitness was founded in 2002 by Eric Casaburi and started franchising in 2006.

How much would it Cost?

To invest in this franchise opportunity, you would need a minimum of $300,000 and have a net worth of $1,500,000. There is also a franchise fee of $69,000. In total, you would be making an investment of $941,350 to $1,622,250. US veterans are offered 10% discount on the franchise fee.

Training and Support

As a franchisee, you get to enjoy training and support throughout the entire process. This includes assistance in selecting the location, assistance with design and construction, local store marketing among others.


Retro Fitness also provides financing through a third party which could help cover franchise fees, startup costs among others.

How to Join

If you are interested in this franchise opportunity in Iowa, then visit their website @ www. and fill a form indicating your interest.

So, there you have it… franchise opportunities in Iowa. If you are an entrepreneur and meet any of the above requirements for the franchises above, why not do so, as you would be glad you did.

Franchise Opportunities in Illinois: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Illinois: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

If you live in Illinois and are thinking of becoming a franchisee in a successful franchise in Illinois, then take part in the abundant profitable franchise opportunities on offer. These franchise opportunities are models of success which have been built over the years.

Below are some of these franchise opportunities in Illinois that you can benefit immensely from;

1. Synergy Home Care

Synergy Homecare provides care in areas that include non-medical to those in need and who require a daily living assistance and support. It serves as an advocate to the elderly by providing critical care that is lacking for seniors.

Synergy Home Care bridges that gap in service delivery. Founded in 2001 by Peter Tourian who also is its CEO, it went into franchising in 2005.

Financial Requirement

The capital needed to buy into a Synergy Home Care franchise consists of an Initial Investment within the range of $35,425 to $149,400. It has a Net-worth requirement of $300,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $50,000

Ongoing Fees

There are ongoing fees for franchisees in Synergy Home Care. This includes an initial franchise fee of between $24,750 to $49,500; and Ongoing Royalty fee charge of 5% and an Ad Royalty fee of 2%.

Financing Options

It has third-party relationships with finance sources, offering financing which covers franchise fee and start-up costs.

Veteran Incentives

Veterans enjoy an incentive of $2,000 off franchise fee.

2. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s is a company with expertise in Ice cream, frozen yoghurt and Sorbet. This company was named after its founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Green field. Starting out small, Ben and Jerry began selling ice cream to grocery stores and local restaurants. Founded in 1998, Ben and Jerry’s went into franchising in 1981.

It has as its CEO Jostein Solheim and has as its parent company Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Inc. In the year 2000, Ben and Jerry’s was sold to Unilever, but maintained its headquarters in Burlington Vermont.

Financial Requirements

An initial investment to the tune of $156,385 to $486,000 is required. There is a Net-worth requirement of $350,000 and a liquid cash requirement of $100,000.

Ongoing Fees

Ben and Jerry’s charges an ongoing initial franchise fee within the range of $16,000 to $37,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 3% and an Ad Royalty fee of 4%.

Ongoing Support

The ongoing support provided by Ben and Jerry’s to its franchisees includes the following; Newsletter releases, meetings, toll-free line, grand opening, internet and fields operations.

3. Trans-world Business Advisors

This company was founded in 2007 and went into franchising the same year. It provides its franchisees with a solid business having three unique services which include a business brokerage, franchise consulting and franchise development all combined into a single franchise.

Financial Requirement 

Because of its low cost, franchisees who buy into this business are not weighed down by stringent demands, but can take off with an investment as little as $64,632 to $86,877. An initial investment of $64,632 to $86,877, a Net-worth of $44,500 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $44,500 are required.

Training and Support. 

Franchisees are provided with adequate training and support which is on-site at the company’s headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida and experience garnered for over 30 years is deployed to provide continued support for its franchisees.

Ongoing Fees

Trans-world Business Advisors has an ongoing fee charge in the following areas; an Initial Franchise fee of $44,500, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 8% and an Ad Royalty fee of $150/mo

Financing Options

It has relationships with third-party sources offering financing that covers franchise fee and start-up costs.

Veteran Incentives

There is a waiver of 10% off franchise fee.

4. Club Pilates

Club Pilates belongs to the mainstream fitness market. All of Pilates fitness studios are fitted with Pilate reformers, EXO chairs and springboards including mats, balls, weights and many other fitness accessories, making available to thousands a healthier, happier and fuller life.

Franchisees are provided with exceptional growth possibilities which have continued to spiral out of projections. Owning a Club Pilates franchise is buying into a revolution which continues to unfold in amazing proportions. Founded in 2007, it went into franchising in 2012 and has at the helm of its affairs its CEO, Anthony Geisler.

Financial Requirements

Club Pilates has an Initial Investment requirement within the range of $158,252 to $224,657, a Net-worth requirement of $300,000 and a liquid cash requirement of $80,000.

Ongoing Fees

Charges for ongoing fees include an initial franchise fee of $49,500, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 6% and an Ad Royalty fee of 2%.

Financing Options

It has relationships with third-party financing sources which cover franchise fee, start-up costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll.

5. SEVA Beauty

The name SEVA was taken from a Sanskrit word which means to serve selflessly. Founded in 2008 with CEO as VAS Maniatis, it went into franchising 2 years later in 2010. SEVA Beauty offers services such as beauty and spa which also includes facial hair threading and waxing among other beauty treatments.

Financial Requirements 

Making up the financial requirement is an Initial Investment ranging from $107, 500 to $276,000, a Net-worth requirement of $350,000, and a Liquid Cash requirement of $39,000.

Ongoing Fees 

These include an initial franchise fee of $39,000, and an Ongoing Royalty Fee of 6% and an Ad Royalty fee of 2%.

Financing Options

SEVA Beauty has third-party relationships with finance sources which provide financing covering franchise fee, start-up costs, equipment and inventory.

Veteran Incentives

There is a $5,000 waiver off franchise fee for veterans to start this franchise opportunity in Illinois.

Franchise Opportunities in Hawaii: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Hawaii: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

Are you interested in investing in a franchise in Hawaii? Are you wondering what franchise you could possibly invest in Hawaii? Hawaii is one beautiful city, no doubt about that, and is one great place to invest in a franchise. Hawaii is blessed with a wealth of resources and is one place that encourages innovative and imaginative entrepreneurs wishing to in invest in Hawaii.

So, here are some franchises opportunities for sale in Hawaii and little details about them…

1. Ziggi’s Coffee Franchise

Ziggi’s coffee is a great franchise opportunity in Hawaii. Ziggi’s coffee is one business that offers the perfect cup of coffee that defines your day. This business was founded in 2004 by Brandon and Camrin Knudsen in Colorado and has since grown to have multiple drive-thru and coffee house locations.

This business has been franchising for 10 years and is looking for the perfect candidates that would believe in the brand, committed to success as well as want a rewarding future with the company. So what does it take to invest in this franchise opportunity?


In order to invest in this franchise opportunity in Hawaii, you would need a liquid cash investment of $60,000 and a net worth of $250,000. In total, you should be ready to make a total investment that ranges from $275,000 to 550,000 depending on the location.

Location Requirements

All Ziggi’s coffee shop goes with different forms of model. It is either built as a coffeehouse model, a coffeehouse with a drive thru or double-side drive thru. So, if you are interested in this franchise opportunity in Hawaii, you should choose any of the above models for your coffee shop.

Other Requirements

In order to be an ideal candidate for this franchise opportunity in Hawaii, you would need to have a passion for community, service and commitment to Ziggi’s brand.

2. Dogtopia Franchise

Dogtopia is a dog daycare founded in 2002 by Amy Nichols. This franchise opportunity involves so much more than just a place to leave your dogs when you cannot be with them. It is a place where dogs can grow and develop positive behavior, socialize with other dogs, learn how to be a well-balanced pet as well as getting lots of exercise.

With more than 40 units operating in Canada and the United States, this is just the right franchise for you especially if you are a dog lover.

How Much Would It Cost?

In order to invest in this franchise opportunity in Hawaii, you would need to make cash investment of $150,000 and have a net worth of $350,000. There is also a franchise fee of $49,500.

Additional Benefits

With Dogtopia franchise, you are guaranteed support, prime territories, new leadership team and new revenue initiatives. Since dog daycare is a business that is recession proof, has growing market and attractive margins, you just cannot go wrong with this franchise opportunity in Hawaii.

3. 911 Restoration Franchise

911 Restoration is another great franchise opportunity you can set up in Hawaii. 911 Restoration is a company that deals with repairing homes after man-made and natural disasters. It is a water, mold and fire restoration company.

Founded by Idan Shipzear and Peleg Lindenberg in 2007, 911 Restoration has grown to be a nationally trusted brand across United States and Canada. If you are interested in building a brand that makes the world a better place while being set up in a solid enduring business, 911 Restoration is just right for you.

How Much Would It Cost?

The minimum cash required for this franchise opportunity is $50,000 with a franchise fee of $52,000. You would also need to have a net worth of $250,000. The franchise fee includes a 15% discount for qualified military veterans.

Training and Financing

You do not have to be an expert in order to invest in this franchise. You could invest with absolutely no experience as training is available for franchisees. You could also get help with financing through a third party.

Additional benefits

With 911 Restoration, there are single and multi-units available and it is one business you could start right at home. You also get to enjoy operational and business support as well as assistance with estimation and billing.

4. Cellairis Franchise

Cellairis is a company that deals with sale of phone accessories ranging from cell phone covers, chargers, headsets and other accessories. It was founded in 2000 by Taki Skouras, Joseph Brown and Jaime Brown. It has since evolved from just a kiosk to inline stores that offer smartphone repairs.

It is now the largest mobile accessories franchise in the United States. So if you are passionate, result-oriented and believe that a customer is your number one priority, then you are the ideal candidate for this franchise.

How Much Would It Cost?

To invest in this franchise opportunity in Hawaii, you would need a minimum of $75,000 and a franchise fee of $35,000. Total investment ranges from $145,000 to $196,000 and you would need to have a net worth of $250,000. US veterans are offered a 20% discount off the franchise fee. Financial assistance is available through a third party for franchisees.


As a franchisee, you do not have to search for a location as you will set up shop in an existing Walmart Supercenter and the lease is handled by Cellairis corporate office.


As a franchisee, you are also offered effective training tools. You are also provided with 7 days intensive training which covers everything ranging from knowledge of company philosophy to sales technique and repair technique. You are also offered 7 days in-store training.

5. Birds Eye Global Tracking Franchise

Another great franchise opportunity in Hawaii to invest in is Birds Eye Global Tracking franchise. Founded in 2007 by Jimmy Bitzas, this has been one business that has been at the forefront of GPS tracking technology.

With the increasing need for GPS tracking by parents, relatives of those with Alzheimer disease and other companies, this is one business that has huge growth potential.

How Much Would It Cost?

To invest in this franchise opportunity in Hawaii, you need a minimum of $41,940 and a total investment of $69,000. Birds Eye Global Tracking offers franchisees financing assistance to those in need of it. There are no franchise fees for franchisees.


Face-to-face training is also provided for franchisees at the corporate headquarters and this is done at no extra cost, of course your airfare, hotel and transportation is also taken care of.

Additional Benefits

The product Birds Eye offers is one that practically sells itself, which means in no distant time, you start make good returns on your investment. You are also offered complete back office support for customer support and other marketing needs. You also get to enjoy unlimited use of the company’s server as well as exclusive marketing areas.  

Franchise opportunities offer you a chance of being in business for yourself and not being alone in it. Hence, you can take advantage of this by investing in any of the above franchise opportunities in Hawaii.

Franchise Opportunities in Delaware: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Delaware: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

Delaware is a state in the United States full of several franchise opportunities which will be discussed in this post.  The state is among the northern regions of the United State.


Husse is a pet franchise opportunity in Delaware that was created in 1987 in Sweden and is now operating in more than fifty [50] countries. It is a master in franchise opportunity, home delivery of pet food, litters and equipment. Franchisees have the opportunity to order directly from the Husse factory. The franchise of Husse was started about 30 years ago.

Start Up Fund 

Anyone who wants to join the Husse franchise opportunity should have at least $100,000 to be a master franchisee and $15,000 for franchisees at a unit.

Benefits of Being a Franchisee

Husse franchise opportunity does not require much costs and administration and also have the right to use Husse brand image and trademark for their business.

Husse franchise opportunity also supports franchisees by giving them access to sales promotion and adverts owned by Husse, including public relations and campaigns.

How to Join Husse Franchise Network

If you are interested in this franchise opportunity, then visit or email them;


This is another franchise opportunity in Delaware. It has been in the industry for more than fifteen years. The industry operates in more than two continents. Super Green Solutions is quite successful due to the fact that it deals with how energy can be created and saved to provide complete solution to clients. It is one of the few industries in Delaware that has international training, accreditation and even experience.

Start Up Fund  

The amount required to be a franchisee in Super Green Solutions is the minimum of $49,000. The total investment of Super Green Solutions is between $130,000 and $150,000. There is also 10% discount off the fee for veterans.

What Franchisees Enjoy 

About 70% of the total investment is provided by the industry's financial support. Super Green Solutions train franchisees well to deliver good services and achieve success. It also provides franchisees with extensive training [international] which comes from several associations such as Association of Building Sustainability Assessors and so many others.

This helps franchisees and even the company in arriving at efficient and reliable energy solutions. The training is usually done for about three weeks where franchisees are trained at Super Green University and then in their store with experienced operators.

How to Join

You can join this franchise opportunity by either going to their website or contact them on (856)229-0016.


Ace Hardware Corporation is another business in Delaware with franchise opportunity for any serious entrepreneur. You can easily start your own business under Ace Hardware Corporation with financial support from the corporation which has maximum customer satisfaction.

It has been in existence for more than 80 years and provides very good opportunity to those that wants to build and own a business with the help of corporations with franchise opportunities.

How Much Do You Need to Be a Franchisee?

The minimum amount needed to be a franchisee of this good franchise opportunity is $500,000 and you will make the total investment of $400,000 to $1,000,000. It offers $110,000 inventory discount. Incentive package is available for franchisees who decide to open more stores.

What Do Franchisees Enjoy from This Opportunity?

Ace Hardware Corporation offers support franchisees and also provide training programs for them. Franchisees do not pay royalty fee and profits of the business is shared with franchisees annually. It is a corporation that is known globally and recognized regionally and locally.

How to Join

Contacts can be made through Ace telephone number which is (+1)877-808-5295 to join Ace Corporation franchise opportunity. Messages can also be sent via e-mail to the following address:


This is one of the leading corporations in the automotive and automobile services. It basically deals with enhancing the appearance and status of cars and trucks. Ziebart is a corporation that operates in more than 30 countries having about 398 locations. Ziebart is dedicated to the success of its franchisees by providing efficient and effective equipments that will enhance success.

Start Up Fund

The minimum amount required to join this franchise opportunity is $100,000.

What Franchisees Enjoy from Ace Franchise Opportunity

It provides technical training and assistance to franchisees. In-depth program of how businesses are operated and managed are given to new franchisees and resources are made available to franchisees all through the life time of their business. Ziebart also helps in setting plans for each and Every New Business or Store Opened by Franchisees.

Requirements of Franchisees

To join the Ziebart franchise opportunity, franchisees must have entrepreneurial skills and desire to be in business and also have interest and knowledge of the automobile industry. Franchisees must be success driven and also committed to success and profitability.


Qualified franchisees are given training including financial training for maximum success and profitability of the business.


Twindom is a franchise opportunity in the photography business which allows anyone to start a 3D or 2D photography business. This opportunity does not necessarily mean that you have to be an expert in the usage of 3D scanners and other equipments since they are all user friendly. Twindom usually cover events such as wedding parties, corporate parties, birthdays, conventions and so on.

Capital Required

Franchisees should have about $35,000 to be able to join Twindom franchise opportunity.

What Franchisees Enjoy from The Opportunity 

Franchisees are provided with financial support through third parties, the location of business is flexible which means that you can set up your business as a franchisee in locations where you have customers or where you will be more patronized. There is also free advertising by the company.

How to Join

Twindom franchise opportunity can be joined by filling the forms made available online or by contacting them on 404-500-5635.


Twindom franchise opportunity provides training for those interested in this franchise opportunity in Delaware.

Franchise Opportunities in Alabama: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Alabama: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

If you are based in Alabama looking for any franchise opportunity to invest on for profit making, this post is the best for you. There are several franchise opportunities in Alabama which you can invest on and that is what I will be discussing in this post.

Alabama is a state in the Southeastern region of U.S. It is one of the most populous and extensive state among the states of U.S. Alabama is quite popular and known for the several franchise opportunities in the country.

The franchise opportunities that suits you, the amount you need for the franchise opportunity, what is required of you and so many other information about franchise opportunities in Alabama are below:


This is a popular living design and construction in Alabama for both outdoor and indoor use. It is a national brand and one of the franchise opportunities with a large client base in the United States. They build and also design outdoor living spaces such as decks, sunrooms, patios, porches and so on.


Anyone who will be a franchisee for this business must have excellent management ability, interpersonal skills, standard work ethic and knowledge of outdoor design and construction. He or she is expected to be trained in “Archadeck University” where training program is provided for franchisees.

For the first year of being a franchisee, you will be subjected to inspection by Archadeck support team who will ensure that you are using the tools provided for the success and profitability of the business.


To open the Archadeck franchise opportunity, you need an investment of $50,000 and offers $2,500 discount from the franchise fee for military veterans. This franchise opportunity also offers financial assistance to franchisees.


To join Archadeck franchise opportunity, you need to fill and submit a form available online on their homepage and you will be contacted for more details. To get the form online, all you need to do is type in Archadeck franchise opportunity in Alabama.


The money a franchisee makes depend solely on how well he or she can manage and optimize the performance of the business and also the profits he or she makes for the business.


This is another franchise opportunity in Alabama. It is quite popular for its food and basically deals with chicken. It is a popular restaurant in the United States.


It offers a very good restaurant concept to franchisees that appeals to the different heterogeneous audience all over the world. The franchise opportunity fully supports franchisees right from the beginning through management orientation i.e. training till you are able to develop your own business.

The Rex's chicken supports its franchisees wholly due to the fact that they see them as customers and therefore treat them well. It is also committed to the excellence and success of each and every franchisee.

The franchisee will be given chance to use the business's brand name, trademarks, methods of operation, recipes, decoration and so on. It also helps franchisees in deciding location for the business, information and manuals for profitability purpose.


To be a franchisee of this business, the least money required is $75,000.


Franchisees that wants to join this business are expected to undergo a training that oversees everything that has to do with management, ownership and experience.  The franchisee must have the ability to develop this business in 3 to 5 locations.


This is one of the best candy machine in the market and it provides business opportunities in most of the states. It gives the opportunity to start as a full time or part time franchisee, you have the choice to start small.

This franchise opportunity helps franchisees to own and grow their own vending operation which started in 1987. This business has helped lots of people to start and grow their businesses.


The money required to be a franchisee of this business opportunity is $20,000.


Franchisees are trained at their national headquarters in Idaho after which such person is given access to the program of their business and is shown the best way to build a brand and grow at a profitable rate.


BBQ cleaner is a franchise opportunity in Alabama under the cleaning industry and operate over 200 states globally. The steps to starting a BBQ cleaning business are the startup guide where the business is set up, provision of equipment and launching of the business.


BBQ cleaner provides everything needed to set up a successful business including knowledge and equipment. It also provides business opportunities both in the United States and Canada. It also helps franchisees financially through third parties.


To join this business, you should have about $20,000 at hand to invest and start the business.


Fast Signs is a franchise opportunity under business services in Alabama with high standards of connecting with customers in the highly competitive market. It is popular in the industry for its high and quality customer service.


The business aids in earning unlimited profits in the business line and get connected to the business that has about 700 locations in more than 6 countries. This is the only franchiser that offers full financial performance representation in the business industry.


Franchisees are expected to have a good experience and knowledge of sales, management and technology.


The franchisee is expected to have the minimum of $80,000 to be able to join and start a franchise business in Alabama under Fast Signs.

Franchise Opportunities in New Jersey: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in New Jersey: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

If you are an investor or potential entrepreneur looking to tap into the franchise opportunities existing in New Jersey, this post is for you. New Jersey, often referred to as “The Garden State” with over 8.9million people is one pregnant with franchise opportunities for investment. Franchising has gained wide recognition as it allows investors the opportunity to by-pass the challenge of a fresh start and own businesses with reputable good will.

Drafted below are detailed information on the franchise opportunities in NJ that can be further explored.

1. Merle Norman Cosmetics

Introducing you to the world of beauty and class, Merle Norman Cosmetics is a must for redefining the beauty that already exists within you. Their slogan “Passion for Beauty” reaffirms this. With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, the company develops and manufactures its full line of beauty products.

Established by Merle Norman in 1932 and carried on under the great leadership of Jack Nethercutt, it offers affordable franchising opportunities for investors.

How to Start

Conduct a search for their site and fill out the interest form for franchising option. After this, you will be promptly contacted with detailed procedures and guidelines to follow.

Financial Requirements

The minimum cash requirement to join its team is $40,000. Net worth required is $100,000. However, financing assistance is also available to cover startup costs. Total investment is within the range of $61,000 to $190,000.

The minimum liquid capital requirement ranges from $40,000 to $50,000. No initial franchise fee, royalty or marketing and contribution fund is required. A 60% advertising reimbursement is also granted to franchisees.


Backed up by 85 years of continued success owing to the stable nature of the cosmetic industry, it offers investors key cost-saving support and a chance to be a part of a firm committed to being the best.


With over 2000 Merle Norman Cosmetics studios in US as well as Canada, there exists a lot of competition. However, the company is readily available to supply all the help you will need to strive amidst the competition.

Training and Support

Full hands-on support in lease negotiation, site selection, build out and store design will be provided. There are provisions made for extensive training and educational conferences for beauty experts-to-be. They strive for the success of their brand; hence, all hands will be on deck for the success of their franchises.

Veteran Incentive 

This offer is targeted to veteran investors only. The incentive includes inventory worth $5,000.

Other Requirements

Number of employees required is two. Allowance is made for absentee ownership.

2. Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc.

A globally recognised American company founded in 1978, Ben & Jerry’s as it is commonly known is one that is loved by all for its rich taste and unique flavours of ice cream. Founded by Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, it has become a household name that promises awesomeness for every scoop of ice cream because of its legendary taste.

With headquarters in South Burlington, Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s has been into the franchising business since 1981. Under the leadership of Jostein Solheim as the Chief Executive Officer, it offers affordable franchising opportunities for investors to experience the joy that comes with being part of their team.

How to Start

Search their official site and complete the form indicating your franchising. You will be thereafter contacted and invited to complete their franchise application.

There are set criteria your application must meet and if they do, a disclosure document will be revealed to you for deeper exploration of the opportunity. The final step is an invitation to their corporate headquarters for a Discovery Day in South Burlington, Vermont.

Financial Requirements

To be a part of this team, the minimum cash requirement is $100,000. $350,000 is the net worth requirement. Total investments range from $143,400 to $446,100. An initial franchise fee of $37,000 is to be paid.

Ongoing fee include initial investment of $16,000 to $37,000. Ongoing royalty is fixed at 3% with an additional advertising royalty fee of 4%. The royalty fees are a percent of gross sales.

Opportunities and Challenges

With over 39 years of existence and continued patronage, it offers a good incentive for investors to be a part of a world recognizable brand name with so much to offer.

Training and Support

They offer adequate training and support spanning from expert guidance on the right location, on site training, operational management, marketing strategies and general support for your business.

3. EarthWise Pet Supply

Founded in 2005, EarthWise Pet Supply is your one-stop destination to cater for the needs of your furry family with services ranging from pet supply, grooming to self-wash services. Based in Portland, Oregon and under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Michael Seitz, the store has grown to one that is well known for its care and quality services by pet lovers.

How to Start

Search their site and fill a form indicating your interest in entering into a franchising arrangement with them. You will be contacted immediately on the steps to take to finalize the agreement.

Financial Requirements

It requires an initial investment ranging from $211,000 to $476,000. Net worth is $250,000. Liquid cash required is $75,000. Other fees to be considered include; an initial franchise fee of $39,500, ongoing royalty fee of 6% and advertising royalty fee at 1%.

Financing options are also available. There are third party sources which offer financing covering franchise fee, equipment, start-up costs, inventory, account receivable as well as payroll.

Opportunities and Challenges 

It offers a growth incentive program with reduction in initial franchise fees payable. Multi store management assistance is also given. With financing options made available, the franchisee is afforded the opportunity of being part of their brand. Since more than 60% of individuals and households in America own pets, it is a brand whose services will always be on high demand.

Training and Support

Support is readily available for interested potential franchisees. The company promises to offer training, marketing and operational support.

Veteran Incentives 

Veterans who want to invest and become franchisees are given incentives such as; waiver of first year advertising royalty, training for two days with the Chief Executive Officer as well as a free business plan.

4. Property Management Inc.

With Steve Hart as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this commercial, residential and association property management company, the sky is certainly not the limit. The company was founded in 2008 and has been into franchising since its establishment in 2008.

Located in Lehi, Utah, and with more than 100 franchises in 32 States, this real estate and property management company has set its foot in the right direction and is seeking for more franchisees to be a part of its success story.

How to Start

The first step is to search for their site and fill out an interest form after which feedback will be received with information on their franchise arrangement terms.

Financial Requirements

An initial investment of $19,400 to $60,000 is required. Net worth is ranging from $50,000 to $500,000. Liquid cash requirement is $50,000 to $55,000. Entry into a franchising agreement with this firm involves an initial franchise fee of $15,000 to $30,000.

Further ongoing fees include a 6% ongoing royalty fee and 2% advertising royalty fee. The royalty fees are a percent of gross sales.

Opportunities and Challenges

A lot of opportunities can be found within the real estate industry. With everyone striving for comfort that owning or renting a house brings, investors in this company have the opportunity to act as middle agents in fulfilling the accommodation dreams of the people of New Jersey.

Training and Support

It offers extensive online, on site and post training programs. Operational support as well as marketing support is offered to potential franchisees. Resources, tools and support systems are in place to help one build a successful business.

Veteran Incentives 

Veterans who wish to be potential investors are offered a 5% discount off the franchise fee payable.

5. Caring Transitions

This firm is one that has carved a niche with baby boomers as its target market. Established in 2006, this firm specializes in downsizing, organization of document, relocation of seniors, resettling, and a host of other services. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, the firm has been franchising since 2006.

Under the leadership of Gary Green, it aims to provide services not only to seniors and their families but also to individuals who are passing through major changes in their lives like divorce, death, downsizing and other circumstances.

How to Start

If you are interested in joining this team, search for them and gain access to their virtual brochure which will expose you to a deep exploration of the operations of the firm. The number of employees needed to run this business is two (2).

Financial requirements:

It requires an initial fee of $49,500. Liquid cash requirement is $45,000. Other ongoing fees include an advertising royalty fee of $350 per month and an ongoing royalty fee of 5%. With regards to financing options, it has relationships with third party sources to offer financing covering franchise fees and start-up costs.

Opportunities and Challenges

Entering into a franchise arrangement with Caring Transitions offers a lot of opportunities. Baby boomers are becoming one of the fastest growing market in the world and it offers one an opportunity to be a part of a well-recognized brand like theirs. The interesting fact is that no experience is needed and it is very flexible as it can be operated even from your home.

Training and Support

The franchisor assures potential investors of a strong support system all through the operation of your business. Lead referral systems are available to ensure wider reach. Marketing and operational support will also be provided. Intense training, boot camp sessions and meetings will be scheduled with franchisees to ensure they get all the support they need to thrive.

Veteran Incentive 

It further offers a massive $2,000 off its franchise fee in a bid to invite veterans to invest as franchisees.

Having followed this post, you will agree with me that the list of franchise opportunities in New Jersey is inexhaustible. However, the ones listed above can be further researched upon in order to set you on the right path to establishing your own business backed up by the support of the franchisor.

Franchise Opportunities in Massachusetts: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Massachusetts: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

Massachusetts is a state in the USA that has so many business openings and opportunities. One of them is Franchising. There are numerous franchise opportunities in Massachusetts that you can exploit and become successful at.

A good number of them offer excellent operating structures and adequate support systems, so you can quickly begin to recoup your initial investment.

The following is a list of franchise opportunities in Massachusetts that you can consider investing into:

1. Tutor Doctor Franchise

Founded in 1999, Tutor Doctors is a franchise business that has just completed over a million hours in tutoring sessions worldwide. Tutor Doctors prides itself on being able to treat each student uniquely, developing learning processes that are tailor-fitted to the strengths and weakness of each and every student.

Because Tutor Doctors continually implement strategies and processes that help learners achieve their full potential, the franchise has educated over 300,000 students globally. Tutor Doctor currently operates in 14 countries worldwide.

Tutor Doctors Franchise is always on the search for committed individuals who have a passion for what they do and desire to build a business around that passion.

So, if you have a knack for imparting knowledge or creating avenues for achieving same, then the Tutor Doctors Franchise can be the way to go for you.

The Tutor Doctor Franchise Model

You will be joining a business model that has achieved tremendous success over the years. Specifically, you will be able to access the following:

a. A high growth industry

Tutoring is projected to be worth 128 billion dollars by 2050. This is because more people are looking to private tutoring to shore up their academic potentials and dreams.

b. A tested System

Tutor Doctors currently operates over 500 units being operated by 200 franchisees and counting.

c. Training and Support

Before you commence your franchise business, you will receive intensive and extensive training that includes a Pre-launch training, on-the field training as well as an Acceleration program in order to help you grow your business as quickly as possible.

How to Join/Start the Tutor Doctor Franchise

If you would like to be a Franchisee with Tutor Doctors, then the company will need to know more about you. You can give the required information by filling out the franchise application form on the Tutor Doctor Website and a member of the team will contact you.

How much does it Cost to start a Tutor Doctor Franchise?

You can acquire a Tutor Doctor Franchise licenses with an initial payment of 50,000USD. This is more or less the lump sum payment you would have to make, as you can begin your franchise business from home. If you desire to expand, then you may consider hiring staff to handle any number of subjects you choose.

How much can you Earn as a Franchisee?

With adequate support and training, your Tutor Doctor Franchise business can begin to bring in profit in as little as 30 days. For more information about the ROI you can expect, you can request for a Franchise report from the website of Tutor Doctors.

2. Massage Heights Franchise

Founded in 2004, in San Antonio Texas, Massage Heights is a family-run therapeutic service that offers her clients professional, convenient, affordable and qualitative massage and facial services. This is part of Massage Heights’ vision of helping people achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Regular massages and skin therapy helps people feel beautiful and healthy. If you have a desire to make people look and feel good about themselves, then becoming a franchisee with Massage Heights may just be right for you.

Cash Investment Needed to Start a Massage Heights Franchise in Massachusetts

To begin your journey as a Franchisee with Massage Heights, you would need to make an initial investment or pay a franchise fee of 42,000 USD. Compared to other similar franchises in
Massachusetts, you will be getting a bargain on this particular franchise.

Setting up your massage room, acquiring necessary consumables and other incident costs will see you making a total investment of a minimum of 222,000 USD.

How much can I earn as a Franchisee with Massage Heights?

Massage Heights boasts of a superior business model that will enable you earn from several income streams from the many services you will be offering. These services range from deep tissue massages, Swedish massages to anti-aging facials to targeted treatments.

For a more comprehensive answer as to the anticipated income you can make, you will have to request a Franchisee report from the parent company.

3. Fast Signs International

Fast Signs International was established in 1985 by Gary Salomon and Bob Schanbaum in Austin, Texas. This Franchise group provides comprehensive visual communications solutions involving signs, graphics and other promotional products to help her clientele base gain more visibility in the market and hence, garner more sales.

Fast Signs quest for high standards of quality and customer service have made it the most recognized brand in the industry, achieving significantly more traffic to the web than any other company in the same industry.

If you have a knack for managing people and forging enduring relationships, then becoming a Franchisee with Fast Signs will be a great fit for you.

How Much Does it take to Start a Fast Sign Franchise?

With an offer of 50 percent reduction in the royalty fees you pay in the first year of operations, becoming a Fast Signs Franchisee is relatively cheaper when compared to its competitors’ offerings. The franchise fee will set you back by only 42,500 USD.

Setting up your office space and acquiring other relevant operational inputs will put the total cost on investment at close to 220,000 USD.

How Much Can the Franchise Earn?

Depending on the size of your business and the location, the parent company estimates that Franchisees in the top quartile will earn close to 272,000 USD in the first few months of operations.
For the average performing franchisee, you can expect to earn anywhere in the region of 155,000 USD.

4. Jimmy’s Egg

Jimmy’s Egg was founded by a Loc Le, a Vietnamese Refugee in 1975, in Oklahoma. Since that pivotal day, Jimmy’s Egg has achieved the following statistics over the years:

Jimmy’s Egg cracks and cooks 7,535,520 fresh eggs each year.
The entire menu is served seven days a week from 6:00am – 2:00pm.
Jimmy’s Egg has been awarded 30 Best Breakfast awards.
Jimmy’s Egg offers 40,000 ways to enjoy omelettes.
700,377 pots of coffee are brewed per year at this Franchise.

So, if you have culinary expertise and love serving people rich, tastefully prepared food, then you should consider joining Jimmy’s Egg as a franchisee.

The Jimmy’s Egg Franchise Opportunity

You will be joining a team that has established a 30-year track record of providing tastefully prepared meals, at double quick time and at the right price. More specifically, you will be having at your disposal the following benefits:

a. A high quality of life, as operating times are between the hours of 6am to 2pm. So you have more time on your hands to give to other aspects of your life.
b. Outstanding and comprehensive support system
c. A comprehensive Training system that prepares for all the aspects of running a Jimmy’s EGG Franchise business.
d. Real Estate/Site Evaluation that will help you make the most of your choice in location and set-up.

How much does it Cost to Start a Franchise?

The one-time franchise fee payment is put at 42,500 USD. After acquiring and setting up a prime drive-through location as well as consumables and staff salaries, your total investment will be in the region of 480,000 USD.

You can be eligible for franchise financing from the Small Business Administration board, as result of the strong brand presence of Jimmy’s Egg.

How Much can you Earn as a Franchisee?

You can request detailed financial reports on earnings and turnover from the company, via the Franchisee’s report.

5. Scooter’s Coffee

Scooter’s Coffer medium and long term goals/vision is to remain the foremost providers of specialty coffee to its teeming customers, while keeping her employees and partners happy and productive in the daily operations of the business.

Founded in 1998 by Don and Linda Eckles, Scooter’s Coffee has continued to experience growth and profitability based on the principles of finding a great location and staying committed to high quality drinks, speed of service, a clean store, and a big, welcoming smile.

Today, Scooter’s Coffee can be found in over 20 states in the USA and with several hundreds of stores worldwide.

If you are highly driven and have great people skills, then you should consider starting a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise.

The Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Opportunity

As a potential Scooter’s Coffee Franchisee, you can expect to enjoy the following resources:

Operational Support

This goes beyond the first week you start your own Scooter’s Coffee store. You will have a dedicated business support manager who will mentor you and proffer real-time, hands-on advice to help you grow your business quickly.


You will be a part of a dynamic marketing team, that will employ proven strategies to help your new franchise attract the customers and numbers that will help your business grow.

Control of Franchise Products and Distribution

Your Scooter’s Coffee franchise will enjoy the support of the parent company as regards exclusivity and supply of products, so that you can quickly start to recoup your investment.

How much does it Cost to Start a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise?

You will be required to pay a franchise fee of 40,000 USD and have cash investible of 100,000 USD. Obtaining and upgrading your Scooter’s Coffee location as well as the purchase of consumables will see your total costs rise to 300,000 USD.

These Franchise opportunities in Massachusetts are by no means exhaustive. As in any other business, Franchising comes along with risks and rewards. You will have to seek relevant information and sound financial advice before embarking on any of the franchises enumerated above.

Franchise Opportunities in Maine: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Maine: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

If you want to set-up a business in Maine, you can consider starting a franchise. There are a number of franchise opportunities in Maine that offer favorable terms of engagement and that will suit your passion and skill sets.

Maine is a state in the USA that boasts of a robust economy. In 2012, it posted a total state gross product of 52 billion USD and a per capita income of 34,000 USD. These figures put Maine at the 34th position in terms of economic output and size in the USA.

Maine has a lot of franchising opportunities that cut across sectors like Agriculture, paper, wood, electronic equipment as well as bio-technology.

They are as follows:

1. 2 Fellas Moving Company

2 Fellas Moving Company is the industry leader when it comes to helping you move your goods, valuables and property from one location to the other. Whether you are moving locally or nationally, 2 Fellas Moving Company has the capacity and skilled human resources to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible. The company has delivered consistently since its inception in 1996.

If you desire a franchise that offers you daily challenges and the chance to put your best foot forward, always, the becoming a franchisee with 2 Fellas Moving Company will be an ideal match for you.

The 2 Fellas Moving Company Franchise Opportunity

The franchise opportunity at 2 Fellas Moving Company is built on the ideals of professionalism, prompt and efficient delivery as well as the skill and expertise of her staff; who take your property as if it were their own.

Becoming a franchisee with 2 Fellas will broaden your skill base and help your customer relationships via the following mechanisms:

a. You become part of a recognized brand and authority in the personal goods haulage business. Hence your franchise can tap into the sizable chunk of the market that 2 Fellas Moving controls.

b. You will receive training and support for your franchise from inception and even well into the advanced stages of your operations.

c. You will have access to advanced marketing and advertising strategies that have been implemented successfully by the parent company

d. You will have access to lower costs on consumables because the head office facilitates bulk purchases with suppliers, hence your franchise can save a little bit more.

How Can I Join the 2 Fellas Franchise Team?

In order to become a Franchisee with 2 Fellas Moving Company, you must possess the following preliminary qualifications:

a. You must have business experience.
b. You should have sales experience.
c. The ability to drive a vehicle.
d. The capacity to lead a team.
e. A high sense of dedication to duty
f. The drive and determination to be successful
g. A cheerful disposition toward work.

How Much Does It Cost to Acquire a 2 Fellas Moving Company Franchise?

The franchise fee will cost you 25,000 USD. Depending on your scope of operations and other exclusivity agreements, your total investment will be in the region of 145,000 USD.

2. Concrete Craft Franchise

At Concrete Craft, working with one of the most durable, affordable and beautiful materials in the world is so much more than a business. It is a calling. Concrete Craft specializes in turning your residence, homes, offices and other property into prime pieces of real estate, through the deployment of concrete for proprietary resurfacing over floors and slabs.

The skilled staff at Concrete Craft give you the options of customizing with you chosen color, design, texture and finish. If you want to transform your home, choose the people with the experience as solid as the material they will employ. Choose Concrete Craft.

If you plan on becoming a franchisee with Concrete Craft, here are the things you need to consider.

The Concrete Craft Franchise Opportunity

The opportunity to own a Concrete Craft franchise should be taken for the following reasons:

A low entry and overhead costs make it easy to get your business moving in the direction of profitability
No concrete experience is not required. You will be provided with extensive training for you and your team.
The Concrete Franchise business model permits you to work from home or any location.
You enjoy unrivalled market advantage as Concrete Craft is popularly known in their sector.
You will receive an initial 2-week classroom training period and ongoing support from the parent company.

How Can You Become a Franchisee?

Concrete Craft Franchise is open to your membership in the following key steps:

1. You can request for more information from the administrators of the franchise via their website.
2. A 10 to 15-minute telephone call will be made to you in order to discuss your interest in becoming a franchisee
3. An online brochure and a Franchise Disclosure Agreement will be sent to you.
4. You are to carefully review and consider the terms and stipulations in the Agreement
5. Once you have shown further interest, you will be invited for a discovery session at the company
6. After signing to the terms of the Franchise, you are set to start your own Concrete Craft franchise.

How Much are you Going to Invest as a Franchisee?

The minimum investment for your license is fixed at 50,000 USD. Other charges such as advert and royalty fees are flat rates, so you can maximize your profits.

3. Home Helpers

Home Helpers has continued to remain America’s number one home care givers. This is because the management and staff at Home Helpers see the business and themselves as the extended family when your own family can’t be there.

The operations of Home Helpers are tailored to offer warm and compassionate care to the elderly, the sick and wounded veterans. A t the same time, you are rest assured that the business end of your franchise blossoms with excellent marketing structures and optimum pricing for services rendered.

If you have a passion for being a care-giver, to choose your work hours, and receive a fair compensation for your efforts, then you should consider join the Home Helpers Franchise.

How Can You Become a Franchisee?

You can take advantage of this unique business opportunity by embarking on the following three steps:

a. Fill out the application form on the parent website.
b. You will be teamed up with a Franchise Consultant, to discuss your interest in becoming a franchisee.
c. You will be scheduled to attend the ‘MEET THE TEAM” day for intending applicants.

How much does it cost to Acquire the Franchise and the Amount needed for Investment?
You can acquire the Home Helpers Franchise with a payment of 44,000 USD. In addition, you will be required to proffer investment of at least 100,000 USD.

Note that third party financing is available to help you start your franchise in good time.


UFood Grill is the product of a new wave of thinking pertaining to healthy lifestyles driven by the consumption of healthy foods. Founded in 2013, UFood Grill has blazed the trail in the fast food sector in the USA, by providing healthy meal options with unique, better-for-you menus that are made from fresh ingredients.

Specifically, every meal in the UFood Grill assemblage is tailored to give you 700 calories and under, so that you can live the healthy life you desire.

UFood Grill’s menu is experiencing a rapid increase in demand, driven in part by an increasing awareness that a healthy life is predicated on what you eat. Also the meals from UFood Grill are tasty and are served in a relaxing, casually-themed restaurant setting.

If you would like to play a part in the revolution happening in the food industry and have a flair for cooking sumptuous meals, then you should consider joining UFood Grill as a franchisee.

How Can You Become a Franchisee?

In order to become a Franchisee with UFood Grill, you will have to possess the following qualifications:

a. You must be willing to grow the UFood Grill brand
b. You must have a strong work ethic and be self-driven
c. It would be a plus if you have relevant restaurant/business/retail experience
d. You must show leadership skills and be able to lead a team
e. You must either have US citizenship or a permanent work residency visa .

In addition to foregone, you will be required to fill out the application form on the company’s website and await further instructions.

How Much Does It Cost to Acquire a UFood Grill Franchise?

Acquiring the initial franchise license will cost you 35,000 USD. Other financial considerations will include having liquid assets to the tune of 200,000 USD. You can have access to third party financing and other advisory resources in obtaining your franchise.

How Much Can You Make from your Franchise Investment?

In order to have access to this information, you will have to place a request for an Industry Report from the website of UFood Grill.

5. America's Swimming Pool Co.

America’s Swimming Pool Co. is America’s largest swimming pool maintenance and repair company, with years of experience garnered by her expert staff in the building and fixing of a variety of swimming pools. Established in 2002, the guiding principles governing America’s Swimming Pool Co include sticking to the ideals of excellence in execution and integrity.

America’s Swimming Pool Company connects the finest pool manufacturers with the desire s of the average customer, hence its enviable position of being able to offer unparalleled service in that sector.

If you have the right credentials and want to have stimulating and yet challenging experiences, then you should consider becoming a Franchisee with America’s Swimming Pool Co.

How can you Join as a Franchisee?

America’s Swimming Pool Co. accepts requests for franchise partnerships from a wide spectrum of applicants from different vocations and experiences. All will be guaranteed continued training and support, in order to grow their businesses within a short period of time.

If you would like to be a Franchisee with America’s Swimming Pool Co., you will need to possess the following qualifications:

Good interpersonal and communication skills.
A grounded work ethic and commitment to top quality service at all times.
A full time commitment to the success of ASP brand and principles.
Access to capital of at least $50,000 to provide a healthy start to their new business.
Sales or marketing experience is an added advantage but it is not a necessity.

Minimum Cash Required to Acquire the Franchise

You will make a payment of 50,000 USD for the franchise license in Maine.

Franchise Opportunities in Louisiana: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Louisiana: Franchise For Sale, Low Cost Franchise Under 10k, Best Value Food Franchises

Franchise opportunities in Louisiana for investment abound but investors usually have unanswered questions on profitable opportunities especially franchises with proven track record of success.

Below are some very profitable franchise opportunities in Louisiana which partly solves the gap in information for those interested in viable franchise investments in Louisiana.

1. Huddle House Inc.

With its Southern hospitality signature and “Any Meal, Any Time motto, Huddle House Inc is  a delight to its client as it makes available meals at any time of the day, 24/7. For its franchisees, it provides a viable and lucrative platform where they can buy into this success story and brand name.

Huddle House restaurants cater for travelers and are located in strategic places like gas stations which include Texaco, Shell, Sitgo, BP, Exxon Mobil among others. Founded in 1964, Huddle House went into franchising 2 years later in 1966. It has as its CEO Michael Abt and Sentinel Capital Partners LLC as parent company.

Financial Requirement

The financial requirement needed to buy into this franchise includes an Initial Investment in the range of $404,180 to $1,485,310. A Net-worth requirement of $600,000, and a Liquid Cash requirement of $200,000.

Ongoing Fees

Huddle House has an ongoing fee charge of an Initial Franchise fee of $25,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee charged at the rate of 4.75%, and an Ad Royalty fee charged at 2.5%.

Finance Options

Huddle House Inc. has third-party relationships with finance sources which cover financing in areas like start-up costs, equipment, inventory and payroll.

Number of Employees Required to Run

The number of employees required to run a Huddle House franchise is between 25 to 55 employees.

Ongoing Support

Franchisees enjoy an ongoing support covering areas like newsletter releases, purchasing co-ops, meetings, toll-free line, field operations, grand opening and internet support.

2. Caring Transitions

Caring transitions franchise is a franchise in Louisiana which serves the domestic care niche of franchising. Providing help to seniors and their families, it provides assistance in liquidating household items and also manages the sale of estates.

Caring Transitions provides its franchisees the ability to leverage the support of a popular and well established profitable brand.

Founded 2006, it went into franchising the same year it was founded. It has as its CEO Gary Green. A good chunk of its clients are seniors and their families. Caring transitions also provides services to nesters and individuals encountering major changes in their lives such as divorce, down-sizing and death.

Financial Requirements

To buy into the Caring Transitions franchise, an Initial Investment ranging from $58,112 to $85,812 is required. Also, a Liquid Cash requirement of $40,000 needs to be met.

Ongoing Fees

Caring transitions has ongoing fees its franchisees must commit to. These are in the form of an Initial Franchise fee of $42,900, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 5%+ and an Ad Royalty fee charged at $350/mo.

Financing Options

There are options for financing which come from third-party sources offering financing that covers franchise fee, start-up costs and equipment.

Veteran Incentives 

The veteran incentives program waives off $2,000 off franchise fees.
Absentee Ownership

Caring Transition allows for absentee ownership.

3. Commercial Capital Training Group

Commercial Capital offers an opportunity allowing would-be franchisees to adequately learn and join the world of commercial financing by making available loans to businesses. It gives its franchisees their own commercial finance business providing top-notch financing solutions to all business types.

Profiting from 1% to 15% on commissions, franchisees benefit from a world class business model that is recession-proof.

Start-up Cost

The start-up cost required for a Commercial Capital franchise is within the range of $25,500 to $65,000. This business can be run part time and also efficiently operated from home.

How Strong is the Profit Potential?

Being a trillion dollar industry, and also the need for capital as lifeline for businesses survival, the commercial finance market offers unlimited possibilities to the franchisee. The franchisees are able to make available for business from $5,000 to $500,000,000 or more directly funded by lending sources such as private investors.

Here, there are no much stringent rules associated with private capital when compared to banks. And to cap it all, franchisees are able to make as high as 1% to 15% on loans provided to businesses.

Financial Risks

Investors in Commercial Capital are absolutely shielded from financial risks. This is because, whether the client who borrowed defaulted on the loan or not, the franchisees commission is his commission, or simply put, your commission is your commission.

Financing You Can Offer

Among the several financing options that can be provided are the following; Account receivables financing, equipment leasing, franchise financing, SBA loans, medical practice loans, working capital loans, merchant cash advances among several others.

Is Prior Experience Needed?

Absolutely not, there is no requirement for prior experience as the potential franchisee is put through hands-on training covering every area. All you need as a potential franchisee is the desire to be financially independent. The program has been designed to be easy to comprehend.

4. Inspect-It 1st Property Inspection

This franchise has as its area of expertise the inspection of properties and works with certified home inspectors. Through its home inspection services, it helps both sellers and buyers make informed decisions in property investment.

Founded by Richard Schneider in 1991, Inspect-It 1st began franchising in 1998. Its franchisees inspect foundation, doors, windows, attics, roofs, walls among many others. Also, Inspect-It first provides other services like commercial inspections, construction consultants, expert witness testimony, real estate arbitration and construction phase inspection.

Financial Requirements

An Initial Investment requirement within the range of $32,400 to $43,400 is needed to buy into an Inspect-It 1st property franchise.

Ongoing Fees

Ongoing fees cover Initial Franchise fee of $24,900, Ongoing Royalty fee of $200 to $400/mo, and an Ad Royalty fee of $50/mo

Financing Options

This franchise offers in-house financing which covers aspects like star-up costs, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll. It also has relationships with third-party sources which cover financing for equipment.

Veteran Incentives Program

This program provides incentives for veterans in the form of a 10% waiver off franchising fee.

5. Dickey’s Barbeque Pit

Founded in 1941, Dickeys Barbecue Pit went into franchising in 1994 with Laura Dickey as its CEO. It has as its parent company Dickey’s Capital Group. It offers services such as dine-ins, catering, retail items, holiday meals, online ordering, outside delivery among others.

Financial Requirements

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit requires an Initial Investment commitment within the range of $280,819 to $481,819, a Net-worth requirement of $300,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $100,000.

Ongoing Fees

There are ongoing fees which include an initial franchise fee of $15,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 5% and an Ad Royalty fee of 4%.

Financing Options

It has relationships with third-party financing sources which provide financing to cover franchise fee, start-up costs, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll.

Veteran Incentives

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit provides a whopping waiver of 33% off franchise fee for veterans interested in this franchise opportunity in Louisiana.
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