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101 Mobility Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

101 mobility is a company that provides accessibility and mobility services to the ever growing number of people that have restricted physical movements. It was founded in Wilmington, North Carolina by Sampson and Keith Barnhardt in the year 2008.


101 mobility sells wheelchair ramps, patient lifts, platform lifts, stair lifts, pool lifts, and similar products. The beauty of this company is that they do not only sell, they also do expert installation and servicing.

Over the years, 101 mobility has been patronised by families, schools, business, hospitals, and virtually all who need support for movement. It has grown into a nationwide company with multiple branches around the country.

In 2010, Dave Pazgan teamed up with the founders of 101 mobility and as their President, he started the franchise program that same year. This has made the company one of the leading franchisors in the USA, with a wide range of accessibility and mobility equipment which they install and service. They also offer rentals to people with temporary movement restrictions.

101 mobility currently has 65 franchise units scattered around the USA, with the head office located at Wilmington, North Carolina. This company is the leader in the trillion-dollar mobility Industry and has a rapid growth potential.

The franchisees of 101 mobility have a special relationship with top equipment producers, this explains what makes them stand out from the rest.

Elderly and disabled people numbering to thousands have come to depend on 101 mobility services for their freedom.

Franchisees of 101 mobility are given extensive business training, access to the company’s system of doing business, links to the best manufacturers of accessibility and mobility products. They are also offered presence on the company website, a high return on investment, start-up assistance, periodic visit from the corporation, assistance with marketing, confidential manual for running the business, and many more.

Every year, 101 mobility franchise is named among the top companies in the mobility and accessibility industry by the Entrepreneur Franchise Ranking. They also have other recognitions like Top10 franchise and fastest growing franchise (Franchise Gator).


To start up a franchise with 101 mobility, you will need the following;

Initial Investment

As a prospective franchisee, you will have to make an initial investment fee of $203,250. This covers the franchise fee, license fee which grants access to use the 101 mobility name, capital, and beginner expenses.

Net worth Requirement

This is the expected net worth of the franchisee after liabilities have been excluded. The minimum net worth of a prospective franchisee of 101 mobility is $300,000.

Liquid Cash Requirement

To own a 101 mobility franchise, a liquid capital of $100,000 is required.

Initial Franchise Fee

An initial franchise fee of $40,000 is a one-time payment which gives the franchisee access to use the name of 101 mobility and their system for doing business.

You should be sure of your finances before going into franchising with 101 mobility as the company will also require a franchisee to pay the following on going fees;

  • Ongoing royalty feel of 5-7%
  • Ad royalty fee of 1.25%

101 mobility franchise

State Licensing

101 mobility franchise will give you all the support you need and provide you with the best professionals to guide and counsel you on the best, quickest and safest way to open your business and help you get your state licencing requirements.


The company provides training and support programs for their franchisees.

Corporate Support

There is a training held at the headquarters in North Carolina, it goes on for two weeks and will expose the franchisee to the system of 101 mobility.

Local Support

In the area you’ve chosen to run the business, there will also be a training by 101 mobility for three days. The company will also provide you with a personal coach who will organize weekly phone call meetings.

101 mobility Franchise Financial Assistance

101 mobility franchise teams up with third party sources to offer assistance to the company’s franchisees. The financing covers start-up cost, payroll, inventory, and equipment.

Marketing and Advertising Strategy

101 mobility franchise has marketing and advertisement strategy that is second to none. The numerous awards, rapidly growing number of franchisees and customers are a clear sign that the methods used are fruitful. Print and electronic media are both used to publicise the brand.

101 mobility Official Training

The company has the following offers to groom their franchisees;

  • 80 hours training at the headquarters
  • 40 hours training onsite
  • Field operations training
  • Toll free line
  • Newsletter


101 mobility franchise contract has a validity period of ten years, after which the contract is renewed with the sum of $10,000. Every franchisee is given the right to renew a contact.


If you are interested in owning a 101 mobility franchise, do visit this website http://101mobilityfranchise.com and call 888.595.4612 to discuss the program and your chances.

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