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Archadeck Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

Is Archadeck a franchise? How much does a Archadeck franchise cost? Do you need info on Archadeck franchise price and fee to open one?

The modern shape of luxury is a circle of quality lifestyle and housing, exotic cars and nothing short of superlative outdoor experience. The Archadeck Company is poised at delivering high quality home service and outdoor designs; and the company has proven to truly know its onions.

The Archadeck Company was founded exactly 37 years ago in 1980 and has its headquarters at Richmond Victoria, and its current CEO is Chris Grandpre. It would be well placed in the Building and Construction industry, and more precisely in the exterior products niche.


Archadeck Franchising scheme began in 1984, and has over 60 units already spread across different areas in America, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The Company is into the design of decks and deck lights, garages, gazebos, privacy fences, and other handyman and home services. With over 60 million houses still in need of decks and outdoor decorations, the market is not a narrow one for the Company, and all its franchise units.


Why Archadeck Franchise?

For a number of reasons that had kept them at the very top in the industry, Archadeck is by far the best in terms of Outdoor living décor. If you are looking at going into this industry, your best bet would be signing up for the Archadeck franchise program.

While the company has a proven sales process and strong market demand, you can exhibit your creativity and enjoy some satisfaction in your business.

Recently, the company even rolled out new technologies to help franchisees interact effectively; and that is a 21st century enterprise.

Below are key information regarding the Archadeck franchise and how to join and become a franchisee.

How Much Does an Archadeck Franchise Cost?

To operate an Archadeck franchise, you would require an investment cash worth between $50, 000 and $120, 000. The franchise program also requires that franchisee should boast a liquid cash of $50, 000.

Archadeck Franchise Fee

Franchisee would be required to pay a franchise fee of $28, 000 to register interest. The franchise is accompanied by an Ongoing Royalty Fee of 5.5% and Ad Royalty fee of 1%. The veterans get a seasonal bonus; they get 15% off the franchise fee, and 30% in the months of May and November.

Archadeck Franchise Training and Supports

Franchisees that subscribe to the Archadeck franchise program get 5 days on site training that is followed by 15 days training at the headquarters. The franchisee must attend and successfully complete this training program, called Archadeck University.

The franchisor also provides aid for franchisees in form of newsletters, regular scheduling of meetings, provision of Toll-free line and internet, and National and Regional advertisements.


The franchisor also supports the franchisee that scales through the process with optional financing offer. This can stretch as far as 5 years of completely financing the franchise fee, although as a requirement, the franchise must sign an agreement that establishes that their interest stretches beyond the 5-year period.

Archadeck Franchise Terms of Agreement/Renewal

The initial franchise lasts for 8 years. Then for franchisees who are going to renew their franchise, that option is also available but fro same length of time or at least not less than 5 years. By the way, there are factor that would tell if you are good to go with a renewal or not.

The franchisor does not assure the franchisees of a lease or franchisee’s note, and has within its power the right to put its franchise program to a stop.

Archadeck Franchise Location

The franchisor would approve territories for franchisee to operate in protected by the Franchise Agreement. Various parameters guide the choice of location and the include population statistics and other demographic factors. You expect a business like outdoor to thrive in areas with an increasing population as well as an expanding urbanization.

Investment Analysis involved in Archadeck Franchise

The following is an estimation of how the expenses incurred looks like when starting an Archadeck franchise.

  • Tools and Equipment $1, 000
  • Travels and Expenses incurred during training             $2, 500
  • Computer Hardware and Software $3, 900
  • Start-up advertising $5, 000
  • Guarantee fund initial payment $3, 000
  • Other fees (including the Territory fee, Drafting fee, Audit, and Attorney’s fee) $30, 000

How to Operate an Archadeck Franchise?

To sign up to this franchise, the first step is to visit, on the webpage that opens up you would find a form requesting a couple information from you. Fill the form and submit it, and before you know it, you would get a representative of the company to answer any further questions you might have and guide you through the other phases of the registration.


There you have all the necessary information you need to become an Archadeck franchisee. At the end, as an Archadeck franchisee, you would be contributing to the fine living of people and at the same time making a good living for yourself.

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