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ARCPoint Labs Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

You probably might have been hearing about ARCPoint Labs Franchise and possibly you never took your time to get an overview of what it is all about. This article is aimed at discussing succinctly the ARCPoint Labs Franchise overview, encompassing the historical background, the franchising history, the financial requirements if eventually you are giving it a shot, the terms and agreement, training and support program and lastly, how you can start up ARCPoint Labs Franchise!


ARCPoint Labs Franchise Information

ARCPoint Labs Franchise was Founded in the year 1998, located 220 N. Main St., #325 Greenville, SC 29601. In 2005, which is about 7 years after the Company’s existence, they began Franchising. ARCPoint Labs boast of 107 units of operation.

ARCPoint labs is one of the fastest growing medical Franchise in the U.S. One of the most pronounced goal of ARCPoint Labs is “affordable and quality care”, since this is vital in the health care system in the U.S.

ARCPoint Labs is specialized on Medical Screening and testing business. ARCPoint Lab specialty doesn’t end there. They also provide on-site, mobile and in-lab testing meant for drugs and alcohol, steroids, DNA and availability of background screening.

ARCPoint Labs is a multi-billion dollar testing industry that gained quality growth cutting across all areas of business. Millennials today care for preventive cares and corporate wellness programs.

Consumers are often concerned about their health; they are on the demand to be well informed about their health with affordable alternatives in view without going through an over demanding process.

Providing answers and giving satisfaction to these consumers is the primary goal of this corporation.

However, ARCPoint Labs is never willing to run the race alone, they extend opportunity to Franchisee who are goal charged to become part of their company. Yet, the requirements are not farfetched, for there is no medical expertise required but applicant must have an experience in marketing sales.

This is showing that what a client will be required to do will be to manage a small team which usually 2-4 employees. A Franchisee must have the ability to identify potential clients and thereafter market services to those clients. If these steps are taken well, the customer base will be generated and ARCPoint Labs brand will be expanded.

Why You Should Join The ARCPoint Labs Franchise

  • The business operation model allows you enjoy quality time with your family and your general personal schedule or routine because during business hours, it operates 5 days a week.
  • As a Franchise owner, you will have access to multitude of profit, so there is nothing like one stream of income.
  • The business operation is flexible, there is no evenings or weekends or holidays.
  • It is common these days for competitor to copy business model, but in ARCPoint Labs, it is very difficult for the business model to be copied due to advance security measures put in place.
  • The rise in the demand for medical testing is another good reason to consider ARCPoint Labs. In fact, research shows that the demand for medical testing is expected to get bigger in the coming future.

If you have finally considered Franchise ownership with ARCPoint Labs, you must cross exam yourself if you have these three qualities.

How Much Does an ARCPoint Franchise Cost?

An ARCPoint franchise cost $50,000 for any interested franchisee.

ARCPoint Franchise Fee

The franchise fee required from any interested franchisee is $49,500. You will be required to pay an ongoing Royalty fee of 5% and Advertising fee of 2%.

ARCPoint Franchise Start-up Cost

For ARCPoint franchising model, the amount of money needed to start an ARCPoint franchise range between $145,000-$249,000, with a liquid capital of $50,000. The interested franchisee must have a net worth of $350,000.

ARCPoint Labs Training and Support

The ARCPoint Labs Training is sectioned into three part:

  • Classroom Training

This training lasts five days, spanning from Monday through Friday and it is held at the ARCPoint Labs’ Headquarters in Greenville, SC. Although before you will be allowed in, you would have first been sent ARCPoint Labs video training containing more than 15 hours of instructions on activities expected to be performed. An online Examination will be followed after the training showing that you are ready to peer into the Company’s rules and regulations.

  • On Site Lab Training

While you are at the headquarters, you have the opportunity to practice what you are being taught, thus putting it into action.

  • At Your Location

After completing the two series of training and you are fully ready to open your own personal business, The ARCPoint Labs operational team members will visit the location you placed your lab. This is done so you can have comprehensive operation training. After opening, a member of the ARCPoint Labs sales team will make a visit for proper review.

ARCPoint Labs Terms of Agreement

ARCPoint Labs is terms and agreement is 10 years, however, there is an opportunity for a Franchisee to renew for another ten years.

How to Start an ARCPoint Labs Franchise?

If you are convinced enough to want to start an ARCPoint franchise, you can visit their official website Navigate down the website and click on the option “Franchise Opportunity”.

Click on “Get Started” and a form will be displayed, fill appropriately and submit upon finishing. Wait for a reply after a thorough review on your application status.

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