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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Arizona

There are loads of franchise opportunities that exist that you can choose to invest in. Are you are based in Arizona and you are thinking of franchise opportunities in Arizona? You should know that there are a lot of them that exist that you can invest in and see huge rewards.

I have narrowed the content of this article to just five franchise opportunities in Arizona from the host of franchise opportunities that exist out there.

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Here, you will find all the necessary information and details like the minimum start up capital required to get you started.

1. Rosati’s Pizza

If you did love to own a franchise pizza restaurant in Arizona, then Rosati’s Pizza is your best bet. Rosati has been cooking up great food from Original Family Recipes for more than five generations.

Their products are created from family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The products are exclusively made by quality manufactures and are delivered to all their stores on a weekly basis by national distributors.

Minimum Start-up Capital Required

The minimum start up capital required is $80,000. This fee does not however cover the initial franchise fee and royalty fee. The initial franchise fee costs $25,000 while the royalty is 5% fee.

Benefits and Training

A four-week training programme is organized for new participants. This programme consists of on-the-job training at a Rosati’s Training Store in Arizona that will include real-time management experience.

At the same time, your assistant manager will also be trained for three weeks at the same training center. Once the initial training has been completed, you will receive regular updates regarding forthcoming training.

What it Takes to Join

You will need to be a person who have sales, marketing, and/or management experience and must be result oriented.

Once you have registered as a franchisee, you will have to choose a good location. It takes about 6 to 8 months from signing the Franchise Agreement–depending on a number of factors– to open your own Rosati’s Pizza restaurant.

2. Apricot Lane Boutiques

Apricot Lane Boutiques is a leading women’s fashion boutique. It was founded in 2007. It is a dynamic, stylish and responsive fashion boutique. This is a welcome franchise opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who have always dreamt of owning a boutique.

Minimum Start-up Capital Required

To start up one of Apricot Lane Boutiques, you will require a minimum of $150,000, not including initial franchise fee and royalty fees.

What it Takes to Join

As long as you have always been passionate about fashion, you can handle a business, you have financial backup and a commitment towards learning and improving, then you can start up an Apricot Lane Boutiques franchise of your own.

Apricot Lane stores can suit almost any location. Once you are ready, they will help you to get the best location.

Benefits and Training

They offer a comprehensive training programme to help you get started on the operation of your own franchise:

• Home training.
• Classroom Training in Sacramento Valley (5 days).
• On Location Training (3-5 days).
• 120 Day, Post-opening Support

In addition to providing you with pre-opening support, they also continue to help you with marketing support.


AAMCO was founded in1962 and since then, they have serviced more than 45million vehicles. AAMCO is an automotive company and it is concerned with transmission repairs and total car care. It has 700 franchised locations in North America. It has been spearheading the automotive industry for the past five decades.

It has consistently been ranked number 1 by Entrepreneur magazine in its annual Franchise 500 rankings of franchise opportunities. Any entrepreneur who wants a successful business should consider AAMCO.

Minimum Start-up Capital Required

AAMCO requires a minimum liquid capital of $65,000, net worth of $250,000. Total invest amount required is $227,400 – $333,000 and an $8,000 discount of franchise fee for veterans.

What it Takes to Join

You need no prior automotive experience. All that is required of you is a burning desire to be successful and own a thriving business. All you need do is to complete the online form to get additional information regarding signing up and Franchise Agreements.

Benefits and Training

As a new franchisee, you can count on AAMCO for:

• Extensive new franchisee orientation and training.
• Market development and site selection
• Proven national advertising along with local marketing campaigns
• Established business systems, operations support, and recruiting assistance.
• Multi-unit growth and real estate acquisition opportunities.
• Lease Negotiation Assistance.
• Financing assistance for qualified candidates.

If you are really interested, you can meet them at any of their office to discuss more.

4. Kiddie Academy

Kiddie Academy is the leader when it comes to child care education. Are you interested in investing in education anywhere in Arizona? This is your surest bet. Founded in 1981, Kiddie Academy has long been in business for more than 30 years and its headquarters is based just north of Baltimore (Maryland) with over 170 franchise located in 23 states of the United States.

Minimum Start-up Capital Required

Kiddie Academy requires from new franchisees a liquid capital of $200,000 and net worth of $550,000. A total investment amount of $422,000 – $737,500 (leased) and $2,516,000 – $3,737,500 (purchased).

What it takes to Join

Anyone could become a franchisee, all it requires is the total investment amount and with the right attitude, you can start your own Kiddie Academy.

Benefits and Training

A kiddie Academy that is open at least 24months has an average revenue of $1,391,558 and an average gross profit of $373,240. You could be on your way toward achieving your financial goals.

• As a franchisee, you will benefit from the extensive training for you and your staff initially, as well as ongoing, refresher training programmes.
• A franchise business assists from opening onward with site visits and additional trainings.
• You will benefit from the support of their real estate and construction team in site selection and academy construction activities.
• You will in addition, enjoy third party financing options with access to SBA financing.

5. BodyBrite

BodyBrite offers cosmetic aids/services. Their slogan is “let your beauty shine”. It is not just a slogan, it is a mission statement. BodyBrite currently has over 200 franchises in over 7 different countries all over the world.

If you have love for beauty and cosmetics, you should consider investing in BodyBrite. Get started and choose a good location.

Minimum Start-up Capital Required

To start up a BodyBrite franchise, you will have a minimum of $50,000 liquid capital and you will pay a franchise fee of $35,000 and possess a total investment of $144,233 – $284,500.

What it takes to Join

Anyone could own a BodyBrite franchise. This is because BodyBrite business system is such that could be owned and managed by anyone with or without previous beauty industry experience. You only need to decide which BodyBrite system you fit into: the sophisticated multi-unit operator or the motivated owner-operator.

Benefits and Training

As a new franchisee, here are some of the benefits attach to this franchise opportunity in Arizona:
• Low investment.
• A 1000 sq. ft. facility to start up in your desired location.
• Simple management with low staffing needs, recurring revenue streams and little cash transaction.
• Franchise set up package, including administration, materials, beauty services and products.

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