Budget Blinds Franchise Cost Price – Fee and Startup Information

Budget Blinds Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

Is Budget Blinds a franchise? How much does a Budget Blinds franchise cost? Do you need info on Budget Blinds franchise price and fee to open one?

The budget blinds franchise is a franchise opportunity that specializes in the provision of services that include the sale and installation of window film, rugs, window coverings (some of which include wood blinds, mini blinds, draperies and cellular shades among others) and other related accessories services to clients.


All Budget Blinds franchisees carry out such services using vans bearing signs recommended by the franchisor. The budget blinds franchise offers attractive business opportunities for franchise candidates interested in this sector.

Founded by a group of 5 entrepreneurs by name David Lewis, Chad Hallock, Brent Hallock, Tony Forbes and Todd Jackson, the Budget Blinds franchise was incorporated in 1992. With Shirin Behzadi as its current CEO, the Budget Blinds franchise opened its franchising arm for business two years after it was founded.

Its corporate Headquarters is located at Orange, California, and is a subsidiary of the Home Franchise Concepts.

The Benefits of Owning a Budget Blinds Franchise

There are immense benefits accruing to the Budget Blinds franchisee. These are in the form of owning a well renowned and established brand with national coverage. Also, the Budget Blinds franchise has an extensive marketing structure that ensures that all its franchisees benefit from this strength.

Franchisees are assured of increase in patronage from clients who have been impressed by the track records of excellence set by the Budget Blinds franchise.

All Budget Blinds franchisees also benefit from a protected territory that ensures that increases their likelihood for success. These territories allow franchisees certain business rights, and eliminate undue competition from other Budget Blinds franchisees.

Being a franchise owner of the largest window covering franchise in America is itself reassuring, as years of service excellence that has led to its leadership position in the industry is unveiled to the franchisee, allowing for duplication.

Budget Blinds Franchise Start-Up Costs

Owning a Budget Blinds franchise comes with certain start-up costs to the franchisee. These start-up costs are a requirement for ownership of this franchise opportunity. The Budget Blinds start-up costs include an Initial Investment sum starting from $105,140 to $225,870. Others are a net-worth requirement of $95,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $60,000.

Budget Blinds Franchise Fee

The Budget Blinds franchise requires that interested franchisees meet its franchise fee requirements to qualify for ownership. The franchise fee charged by the Budget Blinds franchise starts from $19,950.

However, there are financing options which the franchisor provides. To benefit from its financing option, franchisees have to qualify for financing under the franchisor’s set terms.

The financing options available include an in-house financing arrangement that covers the franchise fee. Also, under the franchisor’s veteran incentives program, veterans benefit from a discount of $15,000 off the franchise fee. This is the franchisor’s way of appreciating the veterans for their selfless service to their nation.

Budget Blinds Franchise Ongoing Costs

There are associated ongoing costs that must be incurred by all Budget Blinds franchisees. These are in the form of an Ongoing Royalty fee starting from $300 to $1,500/month, and an Advert Royalty fee which is not fixed.

The ongoing cost incurred by franchisees varies according to the size of the franchise. Larger sized franchises attract higher ongoing costs than the smaller sized franchises.

Budget Blinds Franchise Training and Support

The Budget Blinds franchise offers a compulsory training program to its new franchisees. For its existing franchisees, the training program is optional, and in the form of conferences organized to update the knowledge and skills of its franchisees.

Also, it is aimed at exposing them to the newest trends in the industry, including new innovations which they can immensely benefit from.

For new franchisees, the training program lasts a period of 10 days, and is held at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters. A comprehensive support system is also provided by the franchisor, and includes both ongoing and marketing support.

These are aimed at guiding its franchisees to success throughout the duration of the contract. This results in a win-win situation for both franchisee and franchisor.

Ongoing support covers the following areas; the provision of internet services, field support, a toll-free line, and newsletter publications in addition to meetings. Others include the provision of security, and a grand opening ceremony.

Marketing support covers the use of national and region media for advertisement, plus cooperative advertising and ad-slicks.

Budget Blinds Franchise Terms of Agreement/Renewal

The Budget Blinds Franchise has a franchise term agreement of 10 years. After the term has elapsed, a term renewal is granted only if the franchisee meets the franchisor’s renewal conditions. The term renewal lasts an added 10 years.

How to Start a Budget Blinds Franchise?

For franchise candidates interested in owning a Budget Blinds franchise opportunity, the application process involves visiting the franchisor’s website on http://www.budget-blinds-franchise.com/ on the website; there are detailed step-by-step application procedures to be followed.

This involves going through the details provided on starting a Budget Blinds franchise. A video is provided to further explain the benefits and advantages of starting this opportunity.

Click on the “Are you the right fit? Start now” button. This redirects you to the application page proper where you have to fill an online application form. This form is scrutinized by the franchisor to determine the eligibility of the applicant. Successful applicants are contacted for further investment discussions.

This article has focused on the Budget Blinds franchise, providing the much needed investment information required by interested franchise candidates. With the information provided, it is believed that the franchisee is well guided on making informed investment decisions.

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