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Best Canadian Franchising Opportunities – Profitable Franchises

If you are considering successful franchise opportunities in Canada, here are some ideas to start a franchise business in Canada that you should put on your consideration list if you want to really buy into a successful existing franchise company.


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  1. Lube

Founded in Edmonton in 1976 by an entrepreneur with a dying love for cars. Mr. Lube franchise is Canada’s number one automotive maintenance and repair service company. With 100 stores and growing in Canada, Mr. Lube franchise lead the industry in franchise automotive maintenance market.

Mr. Lube offers services ranging from oil change, light repair services, lubrication services of trucks and cars and other similar products and services approve by Mr. Lube. Mr. Lube franchise is looking for entrepreneurs that are passionate about customer service and that will take the business to another level of success.

Mr. Lube Franchise Financial Requirements

Interested candidate need an investment requirement of between $300,000-$500,000. A franchise fee of $50,000. A royalty fee of 7% and 6.5% for marketing.

Mr. Lube Franchise Financing Option

Mr. Lube franchise has a relationship with a third-party source that provide finance for startup cost and inventory.

Mr. Lube Franchise Term of Agreement

10 years.

Mr. Lube Franchise Training and Supports

Immediately a franchisee signs the franchise agreement form, their experience training staff take franchisee through their operational training program for 10 days at any location specified by the franchisor.

Mr. Lube provides national purchasing program and partnerships with an extensive support to make sure franchisee succeed as business owner.

How to Join Mr. Lube Franchise?

If you are a potential franchisee, you are strongly recommended to visit Mr. Lube website or their corporate office #120 Britannia Road East Mississauga, ON.

  1. TacoTime

TacoTime is Canada’s most successful Mexican fast food delivering spicy tasty variety of freshly prepared Mexican fare. Founded in 1958 by Ron Fraedrick and started franchising in 1961, TacoTime franchise has over 116 stores across the country.

TacoTime has a solid brand awareness that gives franchisees an edge over competitors offering similar products and services.

How Much Does a TacoTime Franchise Cost?

The initial investment estimated for TacoTime franchise is between $396,150-$814,050. The franchise fee is $30,000.

TacoTime Franchise Financial Requirements

You need to have a net worth of $250,000 and a liquid capital of $100,000. Your credit score need to be 680 also. An ongoing royalty fee of 6% of gross sale.

TacoTime Franchise Financing Option/Assistance

TacoTime franchise do not offer direct financing but they have a relationship with a third party that help.

Veteran Incentives

20% off franchise off

TacoTime Franchise Training and Supports

The day you sign the franchise agreement to become a franchisee of TacoTime franchise, an intense two-weeks training program that will turn you into a professional store operator will be prepared for you to go through.

TacoTime team will provide support from the site selection, design, lease negotiation to construction, as well as grand opening. You will go through their training program that will teach you how to manage every aspect of the business.

They also provide ongoing check-up and review at your site to help you market your business to your community.

How to Join TacoTime Franchise?

Kindly visit and fill in the form at the homepage with your details.

  1. MaidPro

MaidPro is certainly different when it comes to business and franchising. They are not just different, they are better. With a state-of-the-art software, established brand identity and proven business strategy, MaidPro franchise is the number one player when it comes to residential cleaning space and service-based business.

MaidPro is one of the lowest costing businesses to open and own and the revenue is the hallmark of the company.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a MaidPro Franchise?

The investment required is between $58,960-$203,770. A liquid cash of $20,000. An initial franchise fee of $17,000-$68,000 with an ongoing royalty fee of 3.5-6.5% and an Ad royalty fee of 1.5%.

MaidPro Franchise Financing Option

MaidPro franchise has an in-house financing that covers the startup cost and franchise fee of interested franchisee. MaidPro franchise also have a relationship with third party source that also assist with finance.

Veteran Incentives

A $3,000 discount on the initial franchise fee, direct financing and a $100 invoice credit monthly for the tenor of the ten-year franchise agreement.

MaidPro Franchise Term of Agreement

10 years with a renewal fee of $500.

MaidPro Franchise Training and Supports

There is a 5-days training program for franchisees at their corporate headquarter. Other ongoing support include webinars, conventions, online training materials, toll-free line etc.

How to Join MaidPro Franchise?

Interested candidate should kindly visit MaidPro franchise website and apply.

  1. Club Pilates

Club Pilates franchise is breaking the barriers to Pilates through their franchise opportunities so people can experience financial success in their life and business. As a Club Pilates franchise owner, you will be in a position to offer affordable fitness options to everyone in your community.

All Pilates studios are equipped with state of the art training facilities like Spring board, mats, balls etc. There is a signature class format that is designed to meet of my clients irrespective of ages and classes.

Club Pilates Franchise Financial Requirements

Initial investment ranges between $180,595-$249,295. A net worth requirement of $300,000. Liquid cash requirement $80,000. An initial franchise fee of $45,000. Ongoing royalty fee of 6% and an Ad royalty fee of 2%.

Club Pilates Franchise Financing Option

Club Pilates has a relationship with a third party that made finance available to cover franchise fee, startup costs, payroll and equipment.

Club Pilates Franchise Training and Supports

You will have to attend a 3-day training course with an annual franchise convention and an ongoing support. Ongoing web-based and in person training. Private class training, instructor training and general manager training.

How to Join Club Pilates Franchise?

Interested candidates are required to please visit to apply.

  1. Boston Pizza

Founded in 1964 by Gus Agiortis, a Greek immigrant and started franchising in 1968. Boston Pizza franchise is popularly known as Canada’s No.1 when it comes to casual restaurants and sport bar brand. With over 350 locations from coast to coast, Boston Pizza offers a contemporary, sit-down family dining atmosphere with a separate sports bar customized with local team memorabilia.

Boston Pizza’s business model is highly dependent on franchisee profitability. Simply put, we know our franchisees run great restaurants so we continually reinvest in resources to empower and support the success of our franchisees in their communities.

Boston Pizza Franchise Financial Requirements

The initial investment needed to start a Boston Pizza franchise in your community is between $1,700,000-$3,100,000. A net worth of $1,500,000 and a liquid cash of $500,000.

The initial franchise fee $50,000 with an ongoing royalty fee of 5%.

Boston Pizza Franchise Financing Option

Boston Pizza franchise offers in-house financing covering franchisee fee and startup costs. Boston Pizza also have a relationship with a third party source that offers financing.

Boston Pizza Franchise Term of Agreement

10 years with a renewal fee of 20% of franchise fee.

Boston Pizza Franchise Training and Supports

A seven weeks is given to new franchisees and their restaurant management team. There is a two-weeks in-store training prior to the day of opening your shop. The training is to teach you Boston Pizza systems which will be done by four corporate trainers.

These trainers stay with you for two weeks after opening. After which, a field service manager will be assigned to your store for dedicated operational support.

How to Join Boston Pizza Franchise?

Interested candidates should kindly visit Boston Pizza website and apply.

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