Profitable Car Wash Franchise Opportunities to Start

10 Best Car Wash Franchise that Are Affordable

Interested in owning a top car wash franchise business? Search for low cost automatic car wash franchise opportunities this year – List of best franchises for sale.

Today, there are millions of cars that ply our roads and expressways; owned, leased or rented by individuals and businesses. Starting a self serve car wash franchise is a veritable business that you can start.


There is a demand for the maintenance of vehicles, especially general and vacuum powered cleaning services. In addition, you can also partake of the car maintenance value chain by offering other related services.

The following car wash franchises offer you the best packages and business-friendly terms so that you can commence your waterless car wash franchise as quickly as possible:

1. Mr. Clean Car Wash

Mr. Clean Car Wash draws from the brand of Mr. Clean disinfectant products, with an emphasis on the cleaning of vehicles. Founded by two friends, Linwood Burton and Mathusan Chandramohan in the 1950s; the Car wash division became operational in the 1990 and has grown to accommodate several hundreds of franchise of Mr. Clean Car Washes across the United States of America.

The Mr. Clean Car Wash Franchise Opportunity

Mr. Clean Car Wash franchise is always on the search for individuals, who are passionate about what they do and are willing to contribute their quota to the success of the team efforts at Mr. Clean Car wash. Specifically, you should note that the following attributes will be expected of you, as a Mr. Clean Car Wash franchisee:

• You must have an entrepreneurial drive and strong desire to achieve success
• You must be a motivator of people with a knack for organizing and training.
• You must have the ability to manage finances
• You must be willing to devote your full time and resources in overseeing the daily operations of the car wash.
• You must be able to undergo the mandatory training and evaluation program to become adept at running the operations of the car wash.

How much does it Cost to Acquire a Mr. Clean Car Wash Franchise?

Acquiring the Mr. Clean Car wash franchise will cost you 35,000 USD. The other costs you will incur include having liquid capital of between 700,000 to 1,000,000 USD as well as paying marketing and royalty commissions, put at 6 percent of gross sales.

How can one Become a Mr. Clean Car Wash Franchisee?

You can become a franchisee by filling an online qualification application form. This form can be accessed at Once you have filled in your details, a representative of the franchise will set-up a meeting to further discuss your application and to conduct other relevant screenings.

2. No H2O Car Wash Company

No H2O is a company that prides itself on the provision of the waterless cleaning of cars and vehicles, thereby saving the planet over 132 liters of water using traditional water washing techniques.

No H2O also produces patented quality waterless car cleaning products to boost its operations. The No H2O Car wash franchise has a broad network of franchise operations in the USA, Ireland, Dubai and Australia amongst other countries.

So if you are looking for an opportunity to help the environment, while at the same time deploying your skills, drive and passion, then becoming a franchisee with No H2O is the way to go.

The No H2O Car Wash Franchise Opportunity

As a potential franchisee with No H2O Car Wash franchise, you can avail yourself of the following:

• Access to a multi-year franchise agreement, backed with exclusivity rights for an allocated area.
• Intensive and comprehensive training at any of their standard training facilities located around the world, notably in the US, Ireland or Dubai.
• The permit to utilize the patented No-H2O on demand software for both IOS and Android devices.
• Access to receive a month’s inventory of No-H2O products for free.

How much does it Cost to Acquire the No-H2O Car Wash Franchise?

You can become a franchisee with No-H2O Car Wash Franchise by paying a franchise fee of 150,000 USD for a Master Franchise. In addition, you will be required to pay royalty and marketing fees, charged at 5 percent of the turnover from your sales.

The franchise types at your disposal include Static and Mobile Car Wash Franchises.

How can One Become a Franchisee with No H20 Car Wash Franchise?

You can begin your application process by sending your enquiries through the contact page of the No-H20 Car Wash website. The url is given as A franchise representative will contact you afterwards in order to help you with your application.

3. Tommy’s Express Car Wash

Tommy’s Express Car Wash has garnered the expertise and professionalism to emerge as one the leading Car wash chains in the USA and around the world. The company deploys the latest technology in the car laundry industry, to give her existing and potential customers, optimum care and maintenance for their cars and vehicles.

The Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchise Opportunity

Tommy’s Car Wash has created an environment where you can flourish as a franchisee with the company. Drawing from over 45 years experience of being the sector leaders, Tommy’s Express Car

Wash now offers existing and potential franchisees multi-faceted opportunities to make meaningful impact in their business and communities. The franchise opportunities include the models Express, Flex, Gas, and Mini franchise packages.

As a franchisee, you will be able to have access to the following systems and structures:

• A comprehensive and thorough training session to acquaint you with washing and caring for vehicles the Tommy’s way
• Extensive support and consultancy from picking your staff to acquiring your own location;

Tommy’s Franchise consultants will guide you every step of the way.

How can you Become a Franchisee with Tommy’s Express Car Wash?

From the page, you can request for information regarding becoming a franchisee with the Car Wash chain. A Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise consultant will reach out to you shortly afterwards.

How much Does It Cost to Acquire the Franchise License?

The initial cost for obtaining the franchise is fixed at 40,000 USD. Other additional costs that you should be mindful of include royalty payments, set at 4 percent of gross annual sales.
Depending on the franchise model you choose, your total investment could range from 2 to 7.5 million USD.

4. DetailXPerts

DetailXPerts is America’s leading truck car washing business. This eco-friendly business prides itself on propagating the fact that it owes it success to upholding the triple bottom line philosophy that guides its operations, members of staff and franchisees from all over the world: people, the planet and profit.

DetailXPerts’ patented Truck and car washing processes has been proven to consume about 90 percent less water than her closest competitors.
So if you desire a franchise that helps you preserve the environment and lets you give wings to your ambitions and visions in business, then becoming a franchisee with DetailXPerts is the right fit for you.

DetailXPerts Franchise Opportunity.

The DetailXPerts franchise opportunity is structured to give you:
• A strong brand. You will work with a model and products that have gained the trust and loyalty of a wide range of customers
• An established and proven business. DetailXPerts’ franchise model is one of the fastest growing car wash franchises in America.
• Robust Assistance. You will be assigned to a franchise consultant, who will guide you every step of the way.
• You will enjoy low start-up costs as well as low maintenance costs
In return, you are expected, as a potential franchisee, to display a strong work ethic, team values as well as the drive to ensure that your franchise business succeeds.

How Much Does It Cost to Acquire the Franchise License?

Acquiring the franchise license will cost you a minimum of 10,000 USD.

How can I Become a Franchisee with DetailXPerts Car Wash?

The very first step in starting this car wash franchise opportunity, will be for you to complete an enquiry form. This form can be accessed at A franchise consultant will book an appointment with you, thereafter, in order to discuss your application in more detail.

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