Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Cost Price – Fee and Startup Information

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

Cold Stone Creamery incorporated in the year 1988 is recognized with its specialty in super-premium freshly produced ice creams, yogurt, chilled beverages, cakes and other lots of ice soft drinks. 

They satisfy customers with a unique offer by presenting them daily with fresh soft drinks. More to the point, they are blended by hands with the application of fruits, cookies and candy and most importantly, taking into consideration, customers’ requests. 

About Cold Stone Creamery Franchise

After the first opening by Donald and Susan in the year 1988 at Scottsdale, Arizona, the firm began franchising in the year 1994. But presently, the company is being owned by Kahala. The estimated number of units the company can boast of is 1,265 operating units and they keep growing as more franchisee are joining the company. 

The company makes money by selling ice creams, and yoghurt. They also gain revenues from the sales of other edible products such as cake, gift cards and already packaged ice cream and other related products. 

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise also partners with a third-party for fund raising covering franchise fees and cost of equipment acquisition.

As Cold Stone Creamery is seeking to grow more popularity of their registered brand, they are in need of an already established individual who is an expert in the dessert concept and owns a unique way of presentation. 

Cold Stone Creamery franchise is also seeking for franchisee who are willing to move the brand higher and thus keep marketing their own local store in order to maximize profit. 

A franchisee is expected to dedicate substantial amount of time to the business set-up and agree to run his business on full-time basis. Cold Stone Creamery franchise will give their franchisee operation manuals that let then understand the offers they are opened to and those they have limited access to. 

How Much Does a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Cost?

A liquid Capital required by Cold Stone Creamery Franchise is $100,000 from interested franchisee. 

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Fee

A prospective franchisee at Cold Stone Creamery Franchise can open either a traditional restaurant or a non-traditional restaurant.

  • For a traditional restaurant, a franchise fee required by Cold Stone Creamery ranges from $12,000 – $27,000.
  • For a non-traditional restaurant, the franchise fee required by Cold Stone Creamery also ranges from $8,000 – $20,000.

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Start-up Cost

There is no gain saying that opening a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise is lucrative. However, there must be a wide understanding of the start-up cost.

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise requires a Net Worth of $250,000. Additionally, the firm requires that a franchisee have an investment from $50,200 – $467,525. There is also a demand for a liquid capital of $100,000.

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Training and Support

The training provided by Cold Stone Creamery Franchise is to provide insight into the business industry. The training by the assigned representatives will enable franchise get to know about store details, providing unique customer service and other vital instruction that guides the operation of a franchisee.

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise offers an extensive training like most franchise companies do. Although, the concept introduced made it a little bit unique from what is often presented at most franchise companies. Manuals are constantly sent to franchise to better master their operation. 

  • The first initial training takes place at the headquarter and that happens before a franchisee opens store.
  • The training session is between 4-10 weeks and to be followed by a five days’ classroom training.
  • After that, there will also be an in-store training at the already opened and operating Cold Stone Creamery.

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Terms of Agreement/Renewal

There is an initial franchise agreement of 10 years which begins from the first day of operation. Gladly, if a franchisee is willing to renew the agreement after the first one elapses, he must have a good standing before being allowed to request for a renewal term of a period of 5years with no privilege of fresh renewals again. 

How Much Does a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Make?

This information is not made public as it is not present in Franchise Disclosure Document(FDD).

Granted, this is one of the most important question any entrepreneur thinking on investing on a business will ask. Yet, it should not escape the thought of an interested franchisee that if every instructions are strictly followed, there would be an outstanding output from the business. 

How to Start a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise?

I am quite confident that the information presented above is sufficient to set you on track, at least providing you the most important details about the Cold Stone Creamery Franchise.  

Undoubtedly, your next line of action is, how to start a cold stone creamery franchise? The procedures are not tiring. With a few steps, you are there.

Visit the Cold Stone Creamery Franchise website via this Link. You will find an icon that invites you to become a franchise, click on it and a form presented to you would be filled. All you will have to do is to wait for their response.

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