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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Delaware

Delaware is a state in the United States full of several franchise opportunities which will be discussed in this post.  The state is among the northern regions of the United State.

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Husse is a pet franchise opportunity in Delaware that was created in 1987 in Sweden and is now operating in more than fifty [50] countries. It is a master in franchise opportunity, home delivery of pet food, litters and equipment. Franchisees have the opportunity to order directly from the Husse factory. The franchise of Husse was started about 30 years ago.

Start Up Fund 

Anyone who wants to join the Husse franchise opportunity should have at least $100,000 to be a master franchisee and $15,000 for franchisees at a unit.

Benefits of Being a Franchisee

Husse franchise opportunity does not require much costs and administration and also have the right to use Husse brand image and trademark for their business.

Husse franchise opportunity also supports franchisees by giving them access to sales promotion and adverts owned by Husse, including public relations and campaigns.

How to Join Husse Franchise Network

If you are interested in this franchise opportunity, then visit or email them;


This is another franchise opportunity in Delaware. It has been in the industry for more than fifteen years. The industry operates in more than two continents. Super Green Solutions is quite successful due to the fact that it deals with how energy can be created and saved to provide complete solution to clients. It is one of the few industries in Delaware that has international training, accreditation and even experience.

Start Up Fund  

The amount required to be a franchisee in Super Green Solutions is the minimum of $49,000. The total investment of Super Green Solutions is between $130,000 and $150,000. There is also 10% discount off the fee for veterans.

What Franchisees Enjoy 

About 70% of the total investment is provided by the industry’s financial support. Super Green Solutions train franchisees well to deliver good services and achieve success. It also provides franchisees with extensive training [international] which comes from several associations such as Association of Building Sustainability Assessors and so many others.

This helps franchisees and even the company in arriving at efficient and reliable energy solutions. The training is usually done for about three weeks where franchisees are trained at Super Green University and then in their store with experienced operators.

How to Join

You can join this franchise opportunity by either going to their website or contact them on (856)229-0016.


Ace Hardware Corporation is another business in Delaware with franchise opportunity for any serious entrepreneur. You can easily start your own business under Ace Hardware Corporation with financial support from the corporation which has maximum customer satisfaction.

It has been in existence for more than 80 years and provides very good opportunity to those that wants to build and own a business with the help of corporations with franchise opportunities.

How Much Do You Need to Be a Franchisee?

The minimum amount needed to be a franchisee of this good franchise opportunity is $500,000 and you will make the total investment of $400,000 to $1,000,000. It offers $110,000 inventory discount. Incentive package is available for franchisees who decide to open more stores.

What Do Franchisees Enjoy from This Opportunity?

Ace Hardware Corporation offers support franchisees and also provide training programs for them. Franchisees do not pay royalty fee and profits of the business is shared with franchisees annually. It is a corporation that is known globally and recognized regionally and locally.

How to Join

Contacts can be made through Ace telephone number which is (+1)877-808-5295 to join Ace Corporation franchise opportunity. Messages can also be sent via e-mail to the following address:


This is one of the leading corporations in the automotive and automobile services. It basically deals with enhancing the appearance and status of cars and trucks. Ziebart is a corporation that operates in more than 30 countries having about 398 locations. Ziebart is dedicated to the success of its franchisees by providing efficient and effective equipments that will enhance success.

Start Up Fund

The minimum amount required to join this franchise opportunity is $100,000.

What Franchisees Enjoy from Ace Franchise Opportunity

It provides technical training and assistance to franchisees. In-depth program of how businesses are operated and managed are given to new franchisees and resources are made available to franchisees all through the life time of their business. Ziebart also helps in setting plans for each and Every New Business or Store Opened by Franchisees.

Requirements of Franchisees

To join the Ziebart franchise opportunity, franchisees must have entrepreneurial skills and desire to be in business and also have interest and knowledge of the automobile industry. Franchisees must be success driven and also committed to success and profitability.


Qualified franchisees are given training including financial training for maximum success and profitability of the business.


Twindom is a franchise opportunity in the photography business which allows anyone to start a 3D or 2D photography business. This opportunity does not necessarily mean that you have to be an expert in the usage of 3D scanners and other equipments since they are all user friendly. Twindom usually cover events such as wedding parties, corporate parties, birthdays, conventions and so on.

Capital Required

Franchisees should have about $35,000 to be able to join Twindom franchise opportunity.

What Franchisees Enjoy from The Opportunity 

Franchisees are provided with financial support through third parties, the location of business is flexible which means that you can set up your business as a franchisee in locations where you have customers or where you will be more patronized. There is also free advertising by the company.

How to Join

Twindom franchise opportunity can be joined by filling the forms made available online or by contacting them on 404-500-5635.


Twindom franchise opportunity provides training for those interested in this franchise opportunity in Delaware.

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