Best Gas Station Franchise Opportunities and Startup Cost

Profitable Gas Station Franchise Opportunities to Start

How much does it cost to open a gas station franchise? Interested in owning a top gas station franchise business? Search for low cost gas franchise opportunities for sale in this article.

There are hundreds of millions of vehicles plying the roads daily; and these vehicles run on petrol, diesel, or gas. I have not mentioned the domestic function gas serves as a fuel for cooking.


Operating a gas station franchise in this sector is one decision that promises fulfillment especially when you consider that the industry is worth over $187 billion dollars.

While the sector is as rich as the commodity associated with it, it is important to do careful assessments before embarking on running a franchise under a brand. Below are five wonderful gas station franchises that you can sign-up to.

1) Shell Gas Station Franchise

Shell being a multi-national company has as its Shell Gas sub-company. The company has provided other companies and industries with alternative to the usual petrol which a liquid fuel. The company is worth millions of dollars, and is a good place to consider for franchise.

The company operate two types of franchises:

a) Company owned, where the company provides the site.
b) Dealer owned, where the franchisee provides the site.

Financial Requirements for Shell Gas Station Franchise

You should have an initial investment capital of at least $448,350, but $885,020 would cover just any possible expenses. As to franchise fee, none is required, however there are expenses that would be incurred in the process of securing the franchise.

Shell Gas Station Franchise Ongoing Fees

There are ongoing royalties as well as Ad royalties that would be paid to the company in the course of operating the franchise. The franchise fee is between $30,000 to $60,000. The royalty fee is $14/container/mo. The agreement is expected to last 2 decades precisely.

Training and Support from Shell Gas Station Franchise

This would be conducted at franchisee’s location for a period of 14 days. The franchisee also receives aids in form of meetings, toll-free line, media and regional advertisements, and co-op advertising.

How to Become a Franchisee with Shell Gas Station?

You would have to submit an application form online. Then you would be required to avail yourself for an interview.

2) Chevron’s ExtraMile Gas Franchise

Although the parent group, Chevron Corporation has an origin that can be traced to the 19th century, this gas unit was only founded in 2007, and this establishment merges food and fuel needs of road users.

Chevron Gas Franchise Financial Requirements

As a franchisee, you are required to have a liquid cash of $500, 000. The initial investment capital is $1.5 million on the low end, and $2.5 million on the higher end.

How to Join Chevron’s ExtraMile Gas Franchise?

Submit a resume to You would then be contacted via a telephone call, and afterwards the process would be directed by the company.

Chevron’s ExtraMile Gas Franchisor’s Support

The company provides world class training for franchisees that are certain to guarantee you a great profit.

3) Sunoco APlus

Much like the Chevron ExtraMile, the Sunoco APlus franchise is a blend of Gulliver’s coffee and the filling station. Established in 1985, this company started franchising in 1993.
With over 20 years of experience and an annual sales volume of $700 million, you can consider this a great gas station franchise. However, as a franchisee, time, finance, and energy must be committed.

Sunoco APlus Franchise Financial Requirements

With as much as $600, 000 you are set to invest in this franchise no matter how high costs get, and with $250, 000 you are good to go on the lower cost end. The liquid cash required is $125, 000.

Sunoco APlus Franchise Ongoing fees

The required franchise fee is $30, 000. As for the ongoing royalty and Ad royalty, there is no price indicated which likely imply that it is not required. Note that the franchise fee covers the agreement for 5 years only.

Sunoco APlus Franchise Support and Training

The franchisor is willing to aid the franchisee with a detailed training at the Sunoco University, where the franchisee gets access to top class equipment. Support also comes via marketing research and advertisements, as well as sales planning and advices.

How to Join Sunoco APlus Franchise?

You can forward a mail detailing your intentions of franchising to And wait for the company’s representative to get back to you.

4) Caltex Franchise

Founded in 1936, this company was named after the states California and Texas. Prior to 2015, Chevron had 50% ownership of the company; but by the fourth month of 2015, the entire shares were sold to Australian shareholders who now have total ownership.

This oil company deals on a variety of products from petrol, to diesel, to gasoline. So if you are looking at becoming part of a company that never lacks fuel, and rakes in a 6-month sales average of $81, 600, then you have your company.

Caltex Franchise Financial Requirements

Initial investment would be covered by $200, 000.Liquid cash requirement is placed at $30, 000. Stock capital is about $55, 000. The franchise fee is $5, 000, and the training fee required is $8, 500 for first applicant.

Caltex Franchise Training and Support

The company has made provision for business operating systems, people management, and merchandising training of franchisees for some days. You must attain a reasonable level of competence in these training before a franchise right is given to you as a franchisee.
You must be informed that this company does not just accept any body as a franchisee. You would have to undergo a rigorous process of screening.

How to Join Caltex Franchise?

Checkup the page and fill the application form. It would register your interest with the company as a prospective franchisee. Then wait for their response as to the next stage of the process.

5) BP Global Franchise

Being one of the most recognized gas station franchises, it has over 20, 000 stations already associated with it, and sales revenue of over $220 billion. You do not need a banker to tell you how much this company is worth, so its indeed an opportunity to operate a franchise with them. The company seeks dedicated entrepreneurs to go into franchise with.

BP Global Franchise Financial Requirements

The initial investment required is within the range of $2.5 million to $6.6 million. The liquid cash requirement is $700, 000 to a million dollars.

Ongoing Fees for BP Gas Station Franchise

The franchise fee required is $30, 000.

BP Global Franchisor’s Support

There are adequate provisions made for franchisees training of all franchisees, as well as building of networks between the franchisee and the BP management. Specialized advice on business strategies would also be freely offered to franchisee to boost their returns.

How to Join BP Global Franchise?

To indicate any interests in gas station franchising with this company, you can visit the website and download the application form found.

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