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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Georgia

Have you ever wanted to invest in franchise opportunities in Georgia, but just do not know where to start or what to invest in? Georgia is a great place to start up a franchise. It is the 24th largest and 8th most populous city in the United States.

With a fast-growing economy, Georgia is definitely a great place to invest in a franchise as there are multiple franchise to invest in.

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So, if you are an entrepreneur, or intending to become one by investing in a franchise in Georgia, here are some suggestions you should consider…

1. Acti-Kare Senior Care Franchise

Acti-Kare is a business that offers home-based care to senior citizens. It is now a common trend in the United States for older citizens to remain at home and get home care rather than going to stay at some elderly homes.

This is the service Acti-Kare provides for senior citizens. Acti-Kare also takes the services they offer a step further by providing additional services such as Pet care, Recovery care, Child care and care for children with special needs.

So, what would it take you to invest in Acti-Kare franchise opportunity in Georgia?

How to Start?

One advantage of Acti-Kare franchise is the fact that it can be totally run from home. Hence you do not need to have a location before starting out.


The cash required for Acti-Kare franchise is $49,750 and you would make a total investment of $35,000 to 49,750. The franchise package is $29,750 and you will need an additional $15,000 to 20,000 for other startup cost and expenses. This is what gives a total of $49,750.


If you decide to start up this franchise you will be trained on the service, you will provide clients. Acti-Kare franchisees’ training is usually done in Tampa, Florida. Caregiver Training Program is also available through an online training and you will also earn benefits.

Additional Benefits

A franchise with Acti-Kare offers assistance with initial staff recruitment, startup client leads as well as access to referral networks.

2. Closet Factory

Closet factory as the name implies is a company that builds closets. Established in 1983, closet factory started franchising in 1985. It is one business that offers clients a truly custom, innovative and unique design that transforms homes.

How Much Would It Cost?

To start a Closet factory franchise, you will need to have a minimum of $150,000 in liquid capital and a total investment of $211,000 to $350,000.

Location Requirements

Closet factory is currently accepting franchisees from 23 states in the United States including Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, New Jersey, New York among others. In order to open up a franchise, you will need to get a location with large protected territory.

This is because a little closet factory caters to several counties surrounding a large metropolitan area. Hence a single franchisee who will operate from a single location would equal another that has multi-units.

Additional Benefits

This franchise opportunity in Georgia offers training and support for all franchisees, unlimited market share, custom designs and sales and marketing know-how.

3. Fantastic Sams Franchise

Fantastic Sams is a business in the United States that deals with full-service beauty salon for men, women and children. It was founded in 1974 by Sam Ross and is ranked among the top 50 Franchises in America.

Fantastic Sams is a great alternative to costly, high-end salons and is a great franchise opportunity in Georgia.

What Would It Cost You?

Startup capital for Fantastic Sams Franchise is $73,000 but you would need to make a total investment of $153,000 to $283,000.

Additional Benefits

Despite the fact that this business is totally recession proof, the best part about this franchise is that you do not have to be an experienced hair stylist or even know anything about hair care before buying into this franchise.

All you need is a good business sense. Fantastic Sams Franchise also offers complete training and support to entrepreneurs wishing to invest in this franchise.

4. Fish Window Cleaning Franchise

Another great franchise opportunity in Georgia is Fish Window Cleaning franchise. Founded in January 1978 by Mike Merrick, this business offers window cleaning to both commercial and residential clients.

One thing all windows have in common is that they would get dirty and would always need cleaning. This is why with fish window cleaning; you are always in business.

How Much Would It Cost You?

The minimum cash required for this franchise is $50,000.

Additional Benefits

With Fish Window Cleaning you are guaranteed a four phase training program that helps you work on your business. You would also enjoy support on how to run your business very well. With all these, Fish Window Cleaning franchise is definitely not just another fish in the sea.

5. 2 Fellas Moving Company Franchise

2 Fellas Moving Company was founded by Brig Sorber and John Sorber in the early 1980s with just an old pickup truck, and now it has grown to more than 330 locations worldwide. 2 Fellas Moving
Company offers a full-service facilitating both local and long distance moves.

They also offer loading and unloading valuables, residential and commercial moves as well as providing boxes and packing material.

Cash Required to Start

To start a franchise with Fish Window Cleaning, you would need a total investment of $65,000 to $145,000. You are also charged a franchise fee of $25,000.

What Would It Take to Start?

As long as you have some business experience, sales experience, ability to drive a strong work ethics and a desire to be successful, then you are good to go, with this franchise opportunity in Georgia.

Additional Benefits

With 2 Fellas Moving Company, you are guaranteed a protected territory which means you will be able to grow this franchise opportunity in Georgia without fear of another franchisee popping up and encroaching your territory. You are also given tremendous support in areas including operations, marketing, training among others.

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