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Get a Grip Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

Is Get A Grip a franchise? How much does a Get A Grip franchise cost? Do you need info on Get A Grip franchise price and fee to open one?


Established in the year 1999, Get A Grip, Inc. owned franchise company across the nation with its central command/headquarters situated at 11840 Cochiti S.E. Albuquerque, NM. It is a family-operated business and they are into restoring of tile showers, baths made of porcelain; work on ledges made of marble, the repair and revamping of split or worn fiberglass baths.


Get A Grip Inc. is presently positioned at number 316 which was highlighted on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 rundown of franchise organizations, both in the United States of America and Canada, the franchising company started franchising since 2007. It was when Ryan Dillard was on vacations whee he visited some of his family in Albuquerque that the Get A Grip Franchising LLC began. It was amid this visit that he ran over a strategy for reestablishing ledges or baths that were worn without expelling them from their positions.


Ryan additionally observed the likelihood of connecting across  regions with such information and how it would help individuals. In this way, when he got back home to his folks, Cub and Sharon Dillard, he enlightened them concerning his disclosure and the business potential covered up in such a wander. He could persuade them about the productivity, and they all moved far from their homes in Texas down to Albuquerque in New Mexico to begin Get A Grip. At present, Get A Grip is known as a strong constrain in the reemerging industry and have more than 30 areas spread around the nation. It still keep operating as a privately-run company.

The franchising company is a ledge reemerging franchise that uses a demonstrated plan of action, as appeared by their level development. The business spares home and entrepreneur’s chance and cash in rebuilding and repair. To kick off your franchise, you don’t need any past industry experience as a total business framework is included in the package. Potential customers incorporate those that have/own: inns, motels, resorts, business edifices, flats and apartment suites, government activities and establishments, schools, places of worship, healing facilities, plants and airplane terminals.

The organization concentrates on bringing just the best items and administrations that are sheltered, eco friendly and new and inventive. The normal surfaces that they take a shot at incorporates a wide range of ledge surfaces and they can even reemerge overlay cabinets. Numerous selective items for the business that are offered include: the enrolled trademarks of the items, hardware and materials, bio trim, the licensed repair framework, euro – stone, the one of a kind utilization of stone and rock feel, the stand-out shower framework that permits interesting finishing and plan.

The greater part of this is that it comes with no royalty expenses. Incorporated into the franchise bundle are nearby training, the franchise programs, operations manuals, ready-made how to network and materials, official statement and photos, 10 day quality site training, finish set of apparatuses and types of gear, on going specialized support, bookkeeping backing and customary direction.

Their consistent growth has demonstrated that they are real pioneers in the business, as they have possessed the capacity to spare the homes, the time and the cash (that would somehow or another have been spent on supplanting or redesigning) of entrepreneurs utilizing their built up plan of action. There is no limit to the class of individuals or organizations that Get A Grip provides service to; for potential clients could be those that have or work motels, lodgings, resorts, condos, business offices, apartment suites, places of worship, schools, healing facilities, foundations, air terminals and in addition production lines. This is why owning a Get A Grip franchise a gainful and very lucrative business.

How much is a get a grip franchise?

What is the Cost of Franchising?

How much does it cost to open a get a grip? It can be a very lucrative business to own a Get A Grip, yet it has some underlying money related prerequisites. To open a solitary development and rebuilding location, the organization requires that potential franchisees own liquid resources up to $43,600.

People or gatherings of individuals inspired that wish to own a Get A Grip franchise don’t need any past involvement in the reemerging business. The initial franchise charge costs between $25,000 to $70,000 and the term of restoration is five years. Included as a major aspect of the package that accompanies the franchising opportunity is a far reaching business framework that will help you to set your franchise in motion. Since Get A Grip tries to give quality, and focuses on conveying the best items and administrations that are inviting to the environment, new, secure and creative, the organization would not expect less from its franchisees.

The aggregate investment is $25,000 – $70,000 with a franchise expense of $25,000 – $70,000. The agreement term can be renewed after 5 years. There is an express or stand choice accessible and the capabilities for the franchise are a total assets necessity of $100,000, money liquidity prerequisite of $50,000, and general business encounter. The franchise might be operated from home and the required number of workers for each franchise unit is 2. Non-attendant responsibility for the franchise is permitted and 100% of current franchisees are proprietors or administrators.

The franchisor likewise offers varieties of high-class items to the business which are altogether enlisted trademarks and furthermore give the materials and hardware that will be required when your franchise is called upon to chip away at ledge surfaces or for reemerging covered cabinets. Different items offered by the franchisor incorporates the protected repair framework, bio decorate, eurostone, ottesey (which is a special splash framework used to make an unmistakable plan and finishing). You don’t need royalty expenses in any way.

Preparing for the Program

The franchisor additionally offers a hands-on and site preparing program for two weeks alongside the entire arrangement of hardware and frameworks for full operations of the business. Accessible are the operation manuals, franchise programs, valuable how-to-network materials, photos and official statements and consistent specialized support, unfaltering direction, and account support.

Since the franchise is a plan of action that can be worked from home, the required number of representatives that will be contracted is not more than two or each of the franchising units. In the event that you want to be a dormant franchise proprietor, the franchisor is prepared to acknowledge you since 100% of Get A Grip franchisees are administrators or proprietors. The system of Get A Grip franchises and merchants number up to thirty in seventeen states within the nation.

The preparation program is likewise accessible at the headquarters, and supports will be rendered through phone lines that are toll free and the web. They will deal with anything that needs to do with security and also wellbeing methods and field assessments or operations. Extra advertising support incorporates an online site and manuals for operations.

So, make sure you play out your due constancy before getting to be or beginning your business. Visit proprietors of franchise and converse with them, gain from their slip-ups and get pertinent data that will make your ascent to fortune as easy as it could be expected under the circumstances.

The training is accessible at home office for two weeks with continuous support of without toll telephone lines, web, security and wellbeing techniques and field operations or assessments. Other showcasing support incorporates operations manuals and the online site.

In Conclusion

Get A Grip is devoted to exploring and making new and better reemerging items and procedures is distinguished. The organization even holds a remarkable patent and a few enlisted trademarks. It likewise goes down its claim that it has the best items and the best procedures with a three-year ensure on all its ledge work. In the year 2007, the company appeared on the Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 rundown of franchise organizations in the United States and Canada.

Get A Grip tops the reemerging business industry from its New Mexico headquarters, as well as in the 34 areas in 17 different states where it merchants and franchise are presently surpassing and outflanking all contenders. The company’s exclusive, powerful and licensed items, intended for cover, porcelain, fiberglass and tile surfaces, cure in just 24 hours.

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