Grill, Pub and Bar Franchise Opportunities for Sale

Best Bar, Grill and Pub Franchise Opportunities To Start

Interested in owning a top bar franchise business? Search for low cost bar franchise opportunities – List of best franchises for sale.

I will be discussing about bar franchises and the opportunities available for investing. This is selected due to the sheer size of this investment opportunity. If you would like to buy into a successful bar franchise but are at a loss on where to start from, then you are at the right place as this article will be revealing bar franchises available for investment and the procedures on how to own a part of the successful brands which are given below.


1. The Brass Tap

This bar franchise provides world class bar services such as craft-beer and wine bars with client satisfaction being its utmost concern. Its bars are attractive and welcoming, tastefully designed with the client in mind. Founded in 2008 by its current CEO Chris Elliot, The Brass Tap began franchising in 2010 and has its corporate address at Tampa, Florida.

Financial Requirements for The Brass Tap

To own a part of the Brass Tap franchise, certain financial requirements need to be met to qualify. These financial requirements include An Initial Investment of $664,050 to $1,223,000, a net-worth requirement of $450,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $200,000.

The Brass Tap Franchise Ongoing Fees

The Brass Tap charges certain ongoing fees for its bar franchises. These ongoing fees include an Initial Franchise fee of $35,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 4% and an Ad Royalty fee of 1.5%.

Financing Options for The Brass Tap Franchise

The financing options available to the Brass Tap franchise is its relationship with third party finance sources that provide financing to cover areas like inventory, equipment, and start-up costs.

Veterans Incentives Program

Brass Tap franchise has a favorable program for veterans interested in buying into this franchise. This incentive comes in the form of a 10% discount on franchise fees.

How to Join The Brass Tap Franchise?

To Own a Brass Tap franchise, the following procedures are involved; Brass Tap makes available on its franchise section found on its website, an online application form where interested franchise candidates are expected to fill in the information required and submit.

After submitting, the application is screened to ascertain if the applicant is eligible for application. If found qualified, he/she is contacted for further discussion, document signing, payments and training leading to ownership.

2. Growler USA

This is a fairly recent bar franchise. Founded in 2013 by its current CEO Dan White, Growler USA began franchising a year later and has its corporate office which operates out of Centennial, Colorado. The services provided by Growler USA include Craft beer, Kombucha, wine and food. Its franchisees are presented an excellent opportunity to buy into a brand that has proven to be a success story in the bar franchise business sector.

Growler USA Franchise Financial Requirements

The requirements set forth by Growler USA for ownership rights to a part of its business using its brand name include an Initial Investment ranging from $396,363 to $591,310, a net-worth of $500,000, and a Liquid Cash requirement of a $100,000.

Growler USA Franchise Ongoing Fees

The ongoing fee charged by Growler USA includes an Initial Franchise fee of $35,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 6% and an Ad Royalty fee of 3%.

Growler USA Franchise Training and support

Growler USA provides training typically lasting 4 to 5 days either at its corporate headquarters at Denver, Colorado, or at a Microbrew pub. They are expected to train their own staff with the knowledge gained at the initial training.

In the case of extension of training, they would have to pay for this service. Training materials with be periodically made available for franchisees.

Financing Options for Growler USA Franchise

On available financing options for franchisees, Growler USA has third party relationships with finance sources that handle financing in areas such as equipments, start-up costs and inventory.

How to Join Growler USA Franchise?

To buy into the Growler USA bar franchise, a visit to their web address would have to be made, where a form for franchise candidates interested in investing is made available in its franchise section. Filling the form and submitting is required.

The franchise candidate is contacted by a Growler USA representative for business discussions, meetings and payments leading to training and eventual ownership.

3. Mugs ‘N Jugs Sport Bar and Grill

With its corporate office located at Clearwater Florida, Mugs ‘N Jugs was founded in 2007 by its founder and CEO Sam Ahmed, and began franchising five years later in 2012. This bar franchise presents to its franchisees the opportunity of owning a working business model that has proven to be profitable and rewarding.

Mugs ‘N Jugs Sport Bar and Grill Franchise Financial Requirements

The Mugs ‘N Jugs financial requirements for operating under its brand name and business model include an Initial Investment of $635,000 to $935,000, a net-worth of $1,000,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $500,000.

Mugs ‘N Jugs Sport Bar and Grill Franchise Ongoing Fees

The ownership fee charged by this bar franchise includes an Initial Franchise fee of $35,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 4% and an Ad Royalty fee of 1%.

Mugs ‘N Jugs Sport Bar and Grill Franchise Training and Ongoing Support

In the area of training and ongoing support, this bar franchise conducts on-site training that lasts a period ranging from 1 to 2 weeks, while it conducts training at its corporate address that lasts for a period of four weeks. Ongoing support offered covers field operations, internet, grand opening, toll free lines etc.

Mugs ‘N Jugs Sport Bar and Grill Franchise Financing Options

The financing option made available by this bar franchise is a third-party relationship with finance sources that provides financing that covers equipments and start-up cost

How to Join Mugs ‘N Jugs Sport Bar and Grill Franchise?

To Join Mugs ‘N Jugs sports bar and grill, qualification has to be met. To find out if one is qualified, simply fill in the online form made available to franchise candidates on its web address and submit.

The franchise candidate/investor is contacted if found to be qualified, eventually leading to ownership.

4. Bar Louie

This bar franchise apart from providing bar services also includes restaurant services on its menu. Founded in 1990 with its CEO as John Neitzel, it began franchising in 2006 and has Sun Capital as its parent company, with corporate headquarters at Addison, Texas.

Bar Louie Franchise Financial Requirements

Bar Louie has the following financial requirements that must be met by its franchise candidates before they can be qualified to own and use its brand name. Among the requirements is an Initial Investment starting from $763,500 to $3,399,000.

Bar Louie Franchise Ongoing Fees

The ongoing fees charged by this bar franchise consists of an Initial franchise fee of $50,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 5% and an Ad Royalty fee of 1%

Bar Louie Franchise Training and Support

Bar Louie provides training which are categorized in two, there is an on-site training which lasts a period of 25 days and a 7 day training at the corporate headquarters which franchisees benefit from.

In the area of support, this is provided on an ongoing basis and covers field operations, a toll free line, internet services etc.

How to Join Bar Louie Franchise?

Owning a part of this business is usually preceded by qualifying for this position. This is ascertained through the scrutiny of the franchise candidate’s information provided in the online application form.

If found to be qualified, such a candidate is then contacted for further discussions building up to his/her ownership of a part of this franchise.

5. Bar 145

Bar 145 operates a pub-styled restaurant providing both bar and restaurant services. Founded in 2011 by Jeremy Fitzgerald who doubles as its CEO, it began franchising a year later and has its corporate headquarters at Toledo, Ohio. It has a strong brand name to its credit, creating the perfect opportunity for investment.

Bar 145 Franchise Financial Requirements

Ownership of a Bar 145 franchise is conditional on a financial requirement. These requirements are in the form of an Initial Investment starting from $405,000 to $2,536,000. Franchise candidates must provide proofs of having a net-worth of up to $1,200,000, and a Liquid Cash requirement of $300,000.

Bar 145 Franchise Ongoing Fees

Ongoing fee covers an Initial Franchise fee to the tune of $36,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee ranging from 4 to 6% and an Ad Royalty fee of 3%.

Bar 145 Franchise Financing Options

Qualified new franchisees benefit from a finance provision which is in the form of a third-party relationship with finance sources that provide financing to cover equipments, franchise fee, start-up costs, accounts receivable and payroll.

Bar 145 Franchise Training and Ongoing Support

Franchisees are offered comprehensive training that is split into two categories, that is, a 3 week training at Bar 145’s corporate office and a 4 week on-site training after the franchise must have been opened. Support covers areas like toll free phone line, internet, grand opening among several other support.

Number of Employees Required for Bar 145 Franchise

Bar 145 has a minimum requirement of 50 employees to run its operations and services to clients.

How to Join Bar 145 Franchise?

To buy into a Bar 145 franchise, simply logon to their website and click on the franchise section. There is an online form available for interested franchise candidates/investors. This form is to be carefully filled and submitted. If qualified, a Bar 145 representative contacts the bar franchise candidate for further discussion on business.

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