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Are you are looking for franchise opportunities in Houston so you can start one? Are you a resident of Houston or you are planning of open a business in the city? Here are 5 franchise opportunities in Houston Texas  you can give your full time concentration.

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Maaco franchise is America number one collision repair and auto-painting industry that offers unique and rewarding opportunity to its franchise owners. Founded in 1972 by Anthony A. Martino and started franchising that same year, this company focus on body repair from accidental damages, repainting and refinishing of automobiles.

As a franchisee of Maaco franchise, you are not just a partner, but a family of Maaco. With Maaco franchise, you get to enjoy:

  • Outstanding earning potential.
  • Over 40 years of automotive paint and collision repair experience.
  • Strong brand recognition.
  • Ongoing training and assistance.
  • State of the art comprehensive training program.
  • No close competition.

With 40 years of experience, Maaco dominate over 45% market share of the automobile cosmetic paint industry. No automotive experience is needed to become a franchisee with Maaco franchise.

Maaco Franchise Financial Requirements

A liquid cash of $140,000 is requirement and must not borrowed. There is an initial franchise fee of $40,000 which grant you the license to operate your business under Maaco franchise. A net worth of $300,000+ is required.

There is also an ongoing fee royalty fee of 8% and Ad royalty fee of $850 weekly.

Maaco Franchise Financial Options

Maaco franchise has relationship with a third-party source that help franchisee with financing that covers the franchise fee, startup costs, and equipment.

Veteran Incentives

There is a 50% off franchise fee for veterans.

Maaco Franchise Training and Supports

As a franchisee, you receive continuous training and support to help ensure that you succeed. As a new franchisee, you will receive 3 weeks of hands-on training at their corporate headquarter located at Charlotte to enhance your skill in business management, sales, and customer services procedure.

Upon opening your location, you will still receive another 3 weeks training by a regional trainer that will be assign to you. Any Maaco franchisee has access to over 2000 hours of online training and programs that help franchisee manage KPIs, inventory and payroll.

Maaco Franchise Term of Agreement

The term of agreement for Maaco franchise is 15 years.

How to Join Maaco Franchise?

To join the Maaco franchise family, you are expected to visit or call (888) 269-8213 to drop your request.


Money Mailer franchise is a direct-mail advertising company that offer turnkey marketing system for neighbouring businesses. Founded in 1979 and became a franchise in 1980 with Gary Mulloy as CEO.

Money Mailer franchise specialize in marketing and advertising services for local businesses online and by mail. As a franchisee, you and your staff will be helping local businesses owners increase their sales and market share by providing compelling discount offers that enable them reach their customers with direct-mail delivering.

Money Mailer is ranked #1 in advertising services by Entrepreneur Magazine and the recent acquisition of Welcome Wagon create more income stream for franchisee.

Money Mailer Franchise Financial Requirements

Total investment required is between $50,000-$100,000 while the initial franchise fee is $75,000. Net worth requirement is $200,000.

Money Mailer Franchise Financial Option

Money Mailer has a relationship with a third party source that provide financing that covers the franchise fee and startup cost of franchisees.

Veteran Incentives

25% off franchise fee.

Money Mailer Franchise Training and Supports

Every franchisee is entitled to a field-based performance coach who will be working hand to hand with them for 9 days. Money Mailer training program and supports covers the first two years of the franchisee business in operation.

There is also an ongoing support that comes via newsletter, toll-free line, field operation and meetings.

How to Join Money Mailer Franchise?

Interested candidate should visit and download the free franchise kit display on the front page.


Schlotzsky’s franchise founded in 1971 and started franchising in 1976 is a privately held chain restaurants franchise that specialize in Sandwiches, bakery-café, pizzas, complementary food and beverages.

Joining this franchise opens door to an exciting future. Schlotzsky’s franchise has over 350 locations in 36 states and 6 foreign countries primed for aggressive growth.

Schlotzsky’s Franchise Financial Requirements

Schlotzsky’s franchise require an initial investment of $503,814-$786,984. Liquid cash requirement is $250,000. Net worth requirement is $500,000.

Schlotzsky’s Franchise Ongoing Fees

A franchise fee of $30,000. An ongoing royalty fee of up to 6% and an Ad royalty fee of up to 4%.

Veteran Incentives

$10,000 off franchise fee is given to Veteran

Schlotzsky’s Franchise Financial Option

Startup cost, equipment and inventory of the franchisee is covered by a third party source of Schlotzsky’s franchise.

Schlotzsky’s Franchise Term of Agreement

Terms of agreement is 20 years and renewal can happen if the franchisee meet renewal requirement.

Schlotzsky’s franchise Training and Supports

There is a 5 days onsite training. The franchisee might need to go for internship in an existing Schlotzsky’s restaurant in addition to the training. Ongoing supports are done via conference call, newsletter and National meetings.

How to Join Schlotzsky’s franchise?

Interested candidate should visit and click at the APPLY NOW button at the top of the site to get the application form.


Carvel franchise, founded in 1934 and started franchising in 1947 is a franchise company that distribute its line of ice creams, cakes and other frozen desserts to supermarkets, stadiums, stores and neighborhoods.

Carvel franchise became so successful after franchising in 1947 that in 1951, Carvel has open up to 100 stores. Presently, Carvel franchise now has over 440 franchise stores location in 25 states and 5 international markets.

Carvel is known as the leading manufacturer of uniquely shaped ice cream cakes in its industry.

Carvel Franchise Financial Requirements

Initial investment is $250,300-$383, 100. A net worth requirement of $400,000 and a liquid cash requirement of $100,000

Carvel Franchise Ongoing Fees

The initial franchise fee is $30,000 with an ongoing royalty fee of $2.29/gallon and also an Ad royalty fee $2.01/gallon.

Financial Option

A third party source with Carvel franchise handles financing which covers startup cost, franchise fee, payroll, inventory and equipment.

Carvel Franchise Veteran Incentives

$10,000 off franchise fee

Carvel Franchise Training and Supports

Before the opening of the franchisee’s store, the franchisee first goes through a comprehensive 10 days training program at the headquarter. The franchisee must complete the New Franchisee Orientation Program before opening their facility.

Carvel Franchise Term of Agreement

The term of agreement is 20 years.

How to Join Carvel Franchise?

Interested candidate should visit and apply.


If you want to be a part of the best bakery in the world, then you need to consider starting a Cinnabon franchise. Cinnabon welcome franchisee with business ownership experience and retail management.

Cinnabon International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Focus Brands Inc. Cinnabon has over 900 bakeries in more than 40 countries. Cinnabon bakery franchise sells fresh baked cinnabon rolls and related products.

Cinnabon Franchise Financial Requirements

Liquid capital required is $120,000 with a net worth requirement of $400,000. Total investment for Cinnabon franchise is $181,050-$325,500. Initial franchise fee is $30,000.

Cinnabon Franchise Financial Option/Assistance

Cinnabon may refer franchisee to a financing company not by anyway affiliated with them.

Cinnabon Franchise Training and Supports

At Cinnabon, franchisees not having sufficient restaurant experience will be made to go for internship at any existing Cinnabon bakery in addition to the training program. The bakery training program is to last for 10 to 12 days in any approved live training bakery.

Cinnabon will always made available to franchisee some periodically on-site training program. Ongoing program can be through newsletter, conference call, meetings or training sessions.

Cinnabon Franchise Term of Agreement

The term of agreement for Cinnabon franchise is 20 years with an option to renew if the franchisee meets the renewal requirement.

How to Join Cinnabon Franchise?

Interested candidate should visit their website to request for the Consideration Form and download Cinnabon franchise kit.

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