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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Idaho

Idaho has several business opportunities you can take advantage of. These Idaho franchise opportunities come in the form of franchises which have a track record of excellence. Buying into these franchises will certainly make the dream of owning a part of a popular business chain possible.

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Listed below are franchise opportunities in Idaho which have proven to be worth buying into;

1. Concrete Craft

This franchise was founded in 2006 by John Kostro and Dan Lightner with Shirin Behzadi as CEO. With Home Franchise Company as its parent company, it went into franchising in 2008. This company transforms ordinary concrete into craft.

In 2015, Home Franchise Concepts seeing great potential in the market place bought over All American Decorative Concrete and re-branded as Concrete Craft.

Financial Requirements

With an initial investment of between between $97, 240 – $166, 110, Concrete Craft also has a net-worth requirement of $150, 000. And a liquid cash requirement of $49, 950.

Ongoing Fees

There are ongoing fees in the Concrete Craft Franchise which includes an initial franchise fee of $24, 950, an on-going royalty fee of $300 – $2, 000/ month. Also with an advert royalty fee of $300 – $1, 500/ month.

What is the Profit Potential?

Here, the up-front costs are fixed and covers most of the initial setup of equipment signage and renovations.

Financing Options

Concrete Craft has no financing options. As such it is totally left to the intending franchisee to raise all the capital required.

Veterans Incentives

All honorably discharged veterans are given an initial territory fee discount of $5, 000

2. Storm Guard

Storm guard was founded in 2003 and started franchising in 2011 with its CEO as Glen Lynch. With the number of strong storms involving hail, strong winds and rain, Storm Guard provides insurance cover to its clients.

As for its franchisees, storm guard provides an operationally sound model of business to follow. It offers a straightforward system for franchisees to operate their business.

Why Storm Guard?

This franchise offers vast opportunities which are also very attractive. With a low investment business model and high potential return on investment.

How to Join

For information on the requirements to join, requests are channeled online through the company website’s “request information” link. An online representative will contact you immediately. Once the potential franchisee meets up the requirements set by the company, a scheduled discussion is set where the potential franchisee is presented with the company’s franchise disclosure document for perusal.

Ample time is usually given for this purpose to enable the potential franchisee make all the necessary examinations and consultations on the viability of owning a Storm Guard franchise. After making up his/her mind, a franchise agreement is set to him or her.

Financial Requirement

The total required investment amount is within the range of $120,000 – $160,000, with a liquid cash requirement of $100,000.

3. UPS Store Franchise

This company offers competitive franchise opportunities with a strong brand name that is well known. With over 35 years experience in franchising, UPS store still remains a formidable leader among profitable franchise opportunities with many awards to its credit.

Founded in 1980, it has as its CEO Tim Davis. It went into franchising the same year it was founded. The UPS store locations provide shipping, packaging, copy and print services, mail box services, computer time rentals etc. These services are especially for individuals and small businesses.

Financial Requirements

With an initial investment requirement starting from $159,224 to $434,521, It has a net-worth requirement of $150,000, with a liquid cash requirement of between $60,000 to $100,000.

Ongoing Fees

UPS Store franchise has an Initial Franchise Fee of $29,950, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 5% and an Ad Royalty Fee of 2.5%.

Financing Options

UPS Store has an in-house financing program covering start-up costs, equipment and inventory. It also has third-party financing options offering financing which covers Franchise Fee, Start-up Costs and equipment.

Veterans Incentives

There is a Veteran’s incentive program with writes off $10,000 franchise fee charges and a 50% reduction in initial applications fee.

How to Join

With an online form to be filled and submitted by interested potential franchisees, UPS Store contacts the potential franchisee for further discussion on the terms and agreements and also details of the business.

4. The Screenmobile

This company was founded in 1982, with Scott Walker as CEO. It branched into franchising in 1984. Screenmobile primarily undertakes repairs and replacements of windows, door, porch and patio screens.

Screenmobile Financial Requirements

An initial investment of $83,600 to $119,200 is required. Among other financial requirements is a net worth of $100,000 and a liquid cash requirement of $50,000.

Ongoing Fees

There are ongoing fees associated with this investment. These include an Initial Franchise Fee of $39,500, an Ongoing Royalty Fee of 7% and an Ad Royalty Fee of $75/month.

Financing Options

Financing options are available to potential franchisees in the form of in-house financing, covering equipment costs. It also has third-party financing sources offering finance that covers the following; Franchise Fee, Start-up costs and inventory.

Veteran Incentives Program

Screenmobile has an attractive incentives program for veterans which involves a $2,500 reduction off franchise fee.

5. Kiddie Academy Child Care

Founded by George and Pauline Miller in 1981, with CEO as Gregory Helwig, Kiddie Academy Child Care branched into franchising in the year 1992 with the sole aim of providing educational based learning for children.

It makes necessary provisions for its franchisees to be successful. Such provisions include obtaining licenses and permits needed for smooth take-off, and also a comprehensive curriculum.

Financial Requirements

It has an initial investment of $422,000 to $3,737,500. Also has a net worth requirement of starting from $500,000 to $1,000,000. There is a liquid cash requirement of $200,000 – $550,000.

Ongoing Fees

There are associated ongoing fees which include an Initial Franchise Fee of $120,000, an Ongoing Royalty Fee of 7% and an Ad Royalty Fee of 2%.

Financing Options

It has relationships with third-party finance sources offering financing to cover costs like Franchise Fee, Start-up costs and equipment inventory.

Veteran Incentives

There is a veteran incentives waiver of $25,000 off the Franchise Fee.

These are some of the most lucrative franchise opportunities in Idaho.

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