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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Maryland

Maryland offers boundless opportunities for businesses and business owners to thrive as it boasts of business friendly policies that help businesses survive and thrive.

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It is in the light of this that this article aims to highlight sound businesses and brand names that are rewarding and worthy for investment in, by way of franchises. This article presents franchise opportunities available in Maryland MD.

1. Spaulding Decon

This is a cleaning company that carries out toxin cleanup, crime scene cleanup among a host of other thorough cleaning services. This company trains its franchisees to acquire the critical knowledge needed for professional work.

Within this training provided, hands-on knowledge is passed across to franchisee such as its meth lab decontamination project where protective gear is used and the knowledge of the required gears are made available to franchisees.

State laws and requirements are taught to its franchisees to enable them have a solid operating knowledge necessary for effective and satisfactory jobs.  It was founded in 2001, with its corporate address at 3615 E. 7th Ave. Tampa, Florida.

Benefits of Joining

By buying into Spaulding Decon franchise, franchisees benefit from an exclusive access to proprietary cleaning products.  Also, there is a 24/7 dedicated call centre line that directs leads to its franchisees. Franchisees are given a free space to merge both business contracts and also have personal clients.

There is also a customized website that targets the franchisees specific location. Spaulding franchisees are assured of a recession proof industry and also the possibility of realizing huge profits.

Financial Requirements

The financial requirement needed for buying a Spaulding Decon franchise includes an initial investment of $84,750 to $120,100, and a Liquid Cash requirement of $50,000.

Ongoing Fees

It charges an ongoing fee made up of an Initial Franchise fee of $35,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 8% and an Ad Royalty fee of 3%.

How to Join

It is simply to join, just visit the company’s web page and fill the online form available for interested franchisees and submit.  The company screens the application to ascertain if the interested party/investor is eligible to own this franchise.

If he/she is, the company will take it from there, as a representative will make contact shortly after examining the application. Further discussions are made and documents are signed to enable full commencement of business.

Financing Options

Spaulding Decon has relationships with third-party sources that offer financing covering critical areas like start-up costs, equipments and inventory.

Veteran Incentives

The veteran incentive on offer by Spaulding Decon to its investors is a 10% waiver of franchise fee.

2. Interim Healthcare

Being the Nation’s oldest healthcare franchise company, its franchisees have played a vital role in its success story from its inception.  Interim Healthcare was founded in 1966 and started franchising the same year. It has as its CEO Kathleen Gilmartin and Caring Brands Int’l as its parent company.

Due to its great success, the average franchisee tenure is above 18 years and in fact, there have been second to third generation franchisees. This only testifies to its service excellence both to its clients and business partners.

The entrepreneurial skills of franchisees are combined with policies, procedures and high-end proprietary products and systems to provide the edge the company has in franchising business.

Among the services provided by Interim Healthcare are home care which strives to meet the needs of the growing senior population, and medical staffing among many other services. Its corporate headquarters is located in 1601 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy. Sunrise, FL 33323.

Financial Requirements

The financial requirements for an Interim Healthcare franchise include an Initial Investment of $123,500-$196,500, a Net-worth requirement of $250,000 to $450,000, and a Liquid Cash requirement of $100,000 to $250,000.

Ongoing Fees

Interim Healthcare charges the following ongoing fees; an Initial Franchise fee of $48,000, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 3.25 to 5.25% and an Ad Royalty fee of 0.25%

Veteran Incentives

There is a laudable 10% waiver off franchise fee by Interim Healthcare to veterans.
Other services provided by Interim Healthcare to its franchisees include;

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is provided to franchisees to cover areas like Purchasing Co-ops, Meetings, Grand Openings and Security.

How to Join

This will sure be in the minds of several interested potential investors/ franchisees. This is simple! Simply logon to the company’s website  and fill in a interested franchisee form and submit. The information provided by you will be briefly screened to know if you are qualified or not. After that, the potential franchisee is contacted by a company representative for further discussions and documentations.

3. Merle Norman Cosmetic

Merle Norman Cosmetics deals mainly on cosmetics and skin care products. Founded as far back as 1931, it began franchising in 1973 and has Jack Nethercutt as its CEO. With her “Try Before You Buy” philosophy, Merle Norman gave free samples of her products to her customers believing that a trial would convince them to becoming loyal customers. This was way before she opened her first studio in Santa Monica in 1931.

Since then, the company has never looked back as they have continued in their tradition of excellence for which they are well known for. This tradition of excellence has been what has made the company become popular both domestically (within the US) and internationally (in Canada).

Merle Norman franchisees offer skin care treatments across a wide range of conditions. Such include toners, cleansers including sun defence treatments and also has a complete range of cosmetic lines.

Financial Requirements

The financial requirement for a Merle Norman franchise includes the following; and Initial Investment of $60,773 to $191,200, a Net-worth requirement of $100,000 to $150,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $40,000 to $50,000.

Financing Options

There is an in-house financing arrangement at Merle Norman that covers equipment and inventory. Also, it has relationships with third-party finance sources that provide finance covering start-up costs.

Veteran Incentives

There is an available veteran incentives program that waives off $5,000 in inventory costs to the veteran.

How to Join

Joining Merle Norman is easy. You can log onto the company site and go through an online application process which is easy to understand and follow. Once the online form is filled and submitted, it will undergo screening by Merle Norman staff to ascertain if the interested Investor is qualified to apply.

Mostly, the financial strength is checked. If he/she is qualified, contact is established with the interested investor for further discussions and possible training to commence business.

Number of Employees Allowed to Run

The allowed number of employees to handle this franchise is 2. Also, in addition to this, absentee ownership for this franchise is allowed.

4. House Doctors

House Doctors began operations in 1994 and specializes in handy man services and home repairs. It began franchising in 1997, with its corporate headquarters at 400 Technicentre Dr., No.101 Milford OH 45150. It has H.D. Franchising Systems Inc. as its parent company, with Jim Hunter as its CEO. It provides home improvements and light remodelling services.

Financial Requirements

To own a House Doctors franchise, an initial investment of $98,000 to $128,650 is required from the potential franchisee. Also, a Net-worth requirement of $300,000 is needed and a Liquid Cash requirement of $60,000.

Ongoing Fees

Ongoing fees are charged in the following areas; an Initial Franchise fee of $58,900, an Ongoing Royalty fee of 4 to 6% and an Ad Royalty fee of 2%.

Financing Options

There are financing options in the form of third party relationships with finance sources that provide financing covering franchise fee, start-up cost, equipment, inventory and payroll.

Veteran Incentives Program

House Doctors offers attractive Veteran incentives which include a 25% waiver off franchise fee for veterans.

How to Join

Joining the House Doctors franchise is easy. First, simply visit the company website and fill in a franchise application form which is always available. Company representatives will contact you if you qualify for this franchise for further discussions and deliberations.

5. ARCpoint Labs

This company provides testing services in the following areas; drugs, alcohol, medical and fitness testing. it also provides HR (Human Resource) services. Founded in 1998, it went into franchising in 2005 and has Felix Mirando as its current CEO. ARCpoint Franchise Group is its parent company.

Financial Requirements

To buy into an ARCpoint Labs franchise, the following financial obligations are required. They include; an Initial Investment of $161,800 to $237,950, a Net-worth requirement of $350,000 and a Liquid Cash requirement of $50,000.

Ongoing Fees

ARCpoint Labs charges ongoing fees that include the following; an Initial Franchise fee of $49,500, an Ongoing Royalty fee charge of 7% and finally, an Ad Royalty fee of 2%

Financing Options

ARCpoint Lab has relationships with third-party sources which cover financing in the following areas franchise fee, start-up costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll.

Veteran Incentives Program

ARCpoint Labs runs a veteran incentives program which waives off $5,000 off training fee for veterans.

How to Join

Logon to the company’s website and fill in the form made available for interested investors. Once that is done, your application is checked and examined for eligibility. Once eligible, you will be contacted and the nitty-gritty of ownership is entered into and discussed.

The above franchise opportunities are present in Maryland and are available to any interested investor. With the friendly business climate in Maryland, combined with these strong franchise opportunities, the sky is sure the starting point for discerning investors who will grab this opportunity to own part of a strong business with years of experience and track-record of success.

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