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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state in the USA that has so many business openings and opportunities. One of them is Franchising. There are numerous franchise opportunities in Massachusetts that you can exploit and become successful at.

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A good number of them offer excellent operating structures and adequate support systems, so you can quickly begin to recoup your initial investment.

The following is a list of franchise opportunities in Massachusetts that you can consider investing into:

1. Tutor Doctor Franchise

Founded in 1999, Tutor Doctors is a franchise business that has just completed over a million hours in tutoring sessions worldwide. Tutor Doctors prides itself on being able to treat each student uniquely, developing learning processes that are tailor-fitted to the strengths and weakness of each and every student.

Because Tutor Doctors continually implement strategies and processes that help learners achieve their full potential, the franchise has educated over 300,000 students globally. Tutor Doctor currently operates in 14 countries worldwide.

Tutor Doctors Franchise is always on the search for committed individuals who have a passion for what they do and desire to build a business around that passion.

So, if you have a knack for imparting knowledge or creating avenues for achieving same, then the Tutor Doctors Franchise can be the way to go for you.

The Tutor Doctor Franchise Model

You will be joining a business model that has achieved tremendous success over the years. Specifically, you will be able to access the following:

a. A high growth industry

Tutoring is projected to be worth 128 billion dollars by 2050. This is because more people are looking to private tutoring to shore up their academic potentials and dreams.

b. A tested System

Tutor Doctors currently operates over 500 units being operated by 200 franchisees and counting.

c. Training and Support

Before you commence your franchise business, you will receive intensive and extensive training that includes a Pre-launch training, on-the field training as well as an Acceleration program in order to help you grow your business as quickly as possible.

How to Join/Start the Tutor Doctor Franchise

If you would like to be a Franchisee with Tutor Doctors, then the company will need to know more about you. You can give the required information by filling out the franchise application form on the Tutor Doctor Website and a member of the team will contact you.

How much does it Cost to start a Tutor Doctor Franchise?

You can acquire a Tutor Doctor Franchise licenses with an initial payment of 50,000USD. This is more or less the lump sum payment you would have to make, as you can begin your franchise business from home. If you desire to expand, then you may consider hiring staff to handle any number of subjects you choose.

How much can you Earn as a Franchisee?

With adequate support and training, your Tutor Doctor Franchise business can begin to bring in profit in as little as 30 days. For more information about the ROI you can expect, you can request for a Franchise report from the website of Tutor Doctors.

2. Massage Heights Franchise

Founded in 2004, in San Antonio Texas, Massage Heights is a family-run therapeutic service that offers her clients professional, convenient, affordable and qualitative massage and facial services. This is part of Massage Heights’ vision of helping people achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Regular massages and skin therapy helps people feel beautiful and healthy. If you have a desire to make people look and feel good about themselves, then becoming a franchisee with Massage Heights may just be right for you.

Cash Investment Needed to Start a Massage Heights Franchise in Massachusetts

To begin your journey as a Franchisee with Massage Heights, you would need to make an initial investment or pay a franchise fee of 42,000 USD. Compared to other similar franchises in
Massachusetts, you will be getting a bargain on this particular franchise.

Setting up your massage room, acquiring necessary consumables and other incident costs will see you making a total investment of a minimum of 222,000 USD.

How much can I earn as a Franchisee with Massage Heights?

Massage Heights boasts of a superior business model that will enable you earn from several income streams from the many services you will be offering. These services range from deep tissue massages, Swedish massages to anti-aging facials to targeted treatments.

For a more comprehensive answer as to the anticipated income you can make, you will have to request a Franchisee report from the parent company.

3. Fast Signs International

Fast Signs International was established in 1985 by Gary Salomon and Bob Schanbaum in Austin, Texas. This Franchise group provides comprehensive visual communications solutions involving signs, graphics and other promotional products to help her clientele base gain more visibility in the market and hence, garner more sales.

Fast Signs quest for high standards of quality and customer service have made it the most recognized brand in the industry, achieving significantly more traffic to the web than any other company in the same industry.

If you have a knack for managing people and forging enduring relationships, then becoming a Franchisee with Fast Signs will be a great fit for you.

How Much Does it take to Start a Fast Sign Franchise?

With an offer of 50 percent reduction in the royalty fees you pay in the first year of operations, becoming a Fast Signs Franchisee is relatively cheaper when compared to its competitors’ offerings. The franchise fee will set you back by only 42,500 USD.

Setting up your office space and acquiring other relevant operational inputs will put the total cost on investment at close to 220,000 USD.

How Much Can the Franchise Earn?

Depending on the size of your business and the location, the parent company estimates that Franchisees in the top quartile will earn close to 272,000 USD in the first few months of operations.
For the average performing franchisee, you can expect to earn anywhere in the region of 155,000 USD.

4. Jimmy’s Egg

Jimmy’s Egg was founded by a Loc Le, a Vietnamese Refugee in 1975, in Oklahoma. Since that pivotal day, Jimmy’s Egg has achieved the following statistics over the years:

• Jimmy’s Egg cracks and cooks 7,535,520 fresh eggs each year.
• The entire menu is served seven days a week from 6:00am – 2:00pm.
• Jimmy’s Egg has been awarded 30 Best Breakfast awards.
• Jimmy’s Egg offers 40,000 ways to enjoy omelettes.
• 700,377 pots of coffee are brewed per year at this Franchise.

So, if you have culinary expertise and love serving people rich, tastefully prepared food, then you should consider joining Jimmy’s Egg as a franchisee.

The Jimmy’s Egg Franchise Opportunity

You will be joining a team that has established a 30-year track record of providing tastefully prepared meals, at double quick time and at the right price. More specifically, you will be having at your disposal the following benefits:

a. A high quality of life, as operating times are between the hours of 6am to 2pm. So you have more time on your hands to give to other aspects of your life.
b. Outstanding and comprehensive support system
c. A comprehensive Training system that prepares for all the aspects of running a Jimmy’s EGG Franchise business.
d. Real Estate/Site Evaluation that will help you make the most of your choice in location and set-up.

How much does it Cost to Start a Franchise?

The one-time franchise fee payment is put at 42,500 USD. After acquiring and setting up a prime drive-through location as well as consumables and staff salaries, your total investment will be in the region of 480,000 USD.

You can be eligible for franchise financing from the Small Business Administration board, as result of the strong brand presence of Jimmy’s Egg.

How Much can you Earn as a Franchisee?

You can request detailed financial reports on earnings and turnover from the company, via the Franchisee’s report.

5. Scooter’s Coffee

Scooter’s Coffer medium and long term goals/vision is to remain the foremost providers of specialty coffee to its teeming customers, while keeping her employees and partners happy and productive in the daily operations of the business.

Founded in 1998 by Don and Linda Eckles, Scooter’s Coffee has continued to experience growth and profitability based on the principles of finding a great location and staying committed to high quality drinks, speed of service, a clean store, and a big, welcoming smile.

Today, Scooter’s Coffee can be found in over 20 states in the USA and with several hundreds of stores worldwide.

If you are highly driven and have great people skills, then you should consider starting a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise.

The Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Opportunity

As a potential Scooter’s Coffee Franchisee, you can expect to enjoy the following resources:

Operational Support

This goes beyond the first week you start your own Scooter’s Coffee store. You will have a dedicated business support manager who will mentor you and proffer real-time, hands-on advice to help you grow your business quickly.


You will be a part of a dynamic marketing team, that will employ proven strategies to help your new franchise attract the customers and numbers that will help your business grow.

Control of Franchise Products and Distribution

Your Scooter’s Coffee franchise will enjoy the support of the parent company as regards exclusivity and supply of products, so that you can quickly start to recoup your investment.

How much does it Cost to Start a Scooter’s Coffee Franchise?

You will be required to pay a franchise fee of 40,000 USD and have cash investible of 100,000 USD. Obtaining and upgrading your Scooter’s Coffee location as well as the purchase of consumables will see your total costs rise to 300,000 USD.

These Franchise opportunities in Massachusetts are by no means exhaustive. As in any other business, Franchising comes along with risks and rewards. You will have to seek relevant information and sound financial advice before embarking on any of the franchises enumerated above.

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