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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Michigan

Are there good franchise opportunities in Michigan? Michigan is adjudged to be the thirteenth largest state in the USA, by economic output. In 2014, the state posted a Gross Domestic Product of 417.5 billion USD. Michigan prides itself as being the automotive centre of America, with a number of car manufactures like Ford, operating large manufacturing plants there.

In addition, the state also has developed Agricultural and Tourism sectors, that give Michigan enormous revenue.

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If you desire to start a business in Michigan, you can consider running a franchise, as businesses across these sectors have franchise arrangements in existence. The following franchises are some of the most valuable in Michigan:

1. The Pizza Press

The Pizza Press is a chain of restaurants that offer customers a unique menu of pizzas made from fresh and healthy ingredients. Pizza Press also prides itself on being the pioneer of allowing customers   to custom-order their own pizzas, prepared right in front of them.

Founded in 2012 and franchising since 2014, The Pizza Press can also be referred to as your fast and casual, build-your-own pizzeria.

The Pizza Press is currently seeking new franchise partners and if you have a knack for engaging customers productively and whipping up sumptuous meals, then this franchise will work for you.

How to Become Franchisee with the Pizza Press?

You can become a Franchisee with the Pizza Press if you match the following pre-qualifications:

• You must be committed to giving undivided attention in the day to day operation of your restaurant(s). As an alternative, you must ensure that your restaurant(s) is administered by a principal you employ, who should have an investment stake in the business. (A minimum of a 10 percent equity)
• Possessing experience in the restaurant /fast food sector will serve as a plus for your application. However, this is not a necessary condition.
• You must have good work knowledge of the area you plan to situate your Pizza Press franchise.
• You must establish and lead a team that is enthusiastic, passionate and driven to operate the Pizza Press franchise in accordance with the high standards associated with the brand.

Once you have met this minimum stipulations, you can proceed to filling out a franchise inquiry form. You can view this form at You will be contacted soon afterwards.

How Much Does It Cost to Acquire a License and Other Requirements

The franchise license is put at a cost of 35,000 USD. This is a one-off payment. In actually running the franchise itself, the company stipulates that you have cash reserves of a minimum of 300,000 USD, to cater for supplies, employee salaries and other incident expenses.

The location of your business is vital to the success of your operations; hence you should situate the restaurant in a strategic place where customers can enjoy tasty pizza.

The layout and size of your store can range from 1,800 to 2,400 square feet, with a room designated as an outdoor patio.

2. ZIPS Drycleaners

ZIPS Drycleaners has been providing Americans with quality dry-cleaning services since 1996. Way before the awareness about going green and safe-guarding the environment gathered steam, ZIPS Drycleaners had already begun the use of environmentally-friendly products in her laundry services.

ZIPS Drycleaners carries out her operation bound by the following pledges:

1. All garments are laundered at the same price.
2. You bring in garments by 9am and get them back on or before 5pm, no questions asked.

ZIPS Drycleaners is looking to partner with dedicated and customer-driven individuals to carry this work ethic across America and around the world.

The ZIPS Dry-cleaning Franchise Opportunity

The opportunity to become a franchisee with ZIPS Drycleaners is one you should carefully consider because of the following reasons:

1. Years of Experience – The ZIPS’ Leadership Team brings to the table decades of dry cleaning experience, to help you grow your business quickly.
2. Cash Flow Guaranteed–   The ZIPS Dry cleaning business model is 100% prepaid, as customers pay when they drop off their clothes. This ensures that you have a healthy cash flow at the end of every business day.
3. No Perishable Inventory – Your business inventory is small and does not perish. This will translate to less waste and lower operating costs for your franchise.
4. You conduct business all-year Long – You are assured of continuous patronage, as individuals wear clothes all year-round.
5. Environmentally Friendly – ZIPS uses the latest technology in the dry cleaning business, thereby reducing the incidents of wastage by 90%.
6. Attractive to Customers – ZIPS Franchise stores are customarily clean and BIG – ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 square feet. Customers are made to feel at home as they have their garments processed, with entertainment and helpful tips displayed on flat screen TVs at every franchise location.

How can you Become a ZIPS Dry Cleaning Franchisee?

You can become a Franchisee with ZIPS Dry cleaning in the following steps:

1. You will complete the Franchise Application.(The form can be filled at Click on Register)
2. Once you have been pre-qualified based on your information submitted, a ZIPS representative will contact you to schedule a phone call for a brief concept overview.
3. A ZIPS Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will be sent to you, upon your request.
4. You will be scheduled to attend a Discovery Day of the ZIPS store and meeting the team.
5. Your financial status will be reviewed.
6. Your proposed location and area of operation will be discussed.
7. You will submit a Letter of Intent
8. You will be given the ZIPS franchise document for your review
9. You enter into a Contract execution agreement with the parent company.

How much does it cost to acquire a ZIPS Dry Cleaning Franchise?

The cost of the franchise is 50,000 USD. The unique layout of ZIPS stores and acquiring other equipment with see your total investment come in the region between 759,500 to 1,100,000 USD.

3. Club Pilates

Club Pilates engages in the business of keeping individuals fit and healthy, in order for them to pursue both personal and professional goals in a sound body and mind.

Club Pilates achieves this feat by offering you the finest, strength-building exercises using the proven pilate method. The Club runs state-of-the art studios and gym centers that offers functional strength and flexibility for a fuller and more satisfying life to people of all ages.

If you are looking for a perfect balance of staying fit and helping others do the same, while running a profitable business at the same time, then becoming a franchisee with Club Pilates will be an ideal choice.

The Club Pilate Franchise System

Now that you have decided to become a Franchisee, the following resources will be available to you:

a. A Fast Growing Business
Club Pilate has been able to open over 400 stores and counting in the USA and around the world. You will be part of a business that is experiencing growth at record levels.
b. Assistance with Financing
Club Pilates can facilitate the procurement of loans/grants from appropriate bodies to help you set-up as quickly as possible.
c. High Return on Investment
As a franchisee with your Club Pilates, you can make as much as a 47% return on your EBITDA margins.
d. Site Selection Guidance
Club Pilate Advisors will be on hand to help you choose the most appropriate location for your business as well as discuss terms of financing.
e. Excellent Marketing/Advertising Support
You will take advantage of the years of experience garnered by Club Pilates in marketing and advertising with proven methods and strategies.
f. You will be trained on all aspects regarding running a successful Club Pilates Franchise.

How can you Become a Franchisee with Club Pilates?

You can start your journey to becoming a Club Pilates Franchisee when you complete the Franchise Opportunity Interest Form. You can access the form at and clicking on the GET STARTED tab.

How much Does it cost to Acquire the License?

The franchise fee is set at 49,500 USD. Acquiring your site, gym equipment and other accessories will see your investment total 250,000 USD. The parent Company also stipulates that you have work capital of 300,000 USD.

4. Doc –Popcorn

Doc popcorn franchise is an exciting business that sells innovative freshly-popped, kettle-cooked popcorn in shopping malls, stadiums and to whoever loves a healthy and wholesome snack.

Founded over a decade ago by a couple, Rob and Renee, a venture that started out of a need to produce tastier but healthy snacks for young and old alike, has now transformed into a chain of Doc-Popcorn stores and mobile trucks across America and the world.

Each shop and store is individually owned and run by franchisees also known as POPrietors, who serve up the great tasting, freshly made popcorn enjoyed by all.
If you have a passion for meeting people, for service and for trying out new recipes and menus, then a Doc-Popcon franchise will suit you just fine.

How can you Become a Franchisee?

First of all, there are three categories of franchise licenses that you can obtain. They include PopShop, PopKiosk and PopCart.These business models exist in order to give you the flexibility and opportunity to grow apace, to fit in small places and be available wherever your customers are.

Any of these categories can be obtained but you will first have to fill out an application form at  and click on the REGISTER tab.

How Much Does It Cost to Acquire the Franchise?

The actual Doc-Popcorn costs as little as 10,000 USD. Putting together your structure (A shop, Kiosk or Cart), employee enumeration as well as procuring ingredients and consumables will see your total investment peak at between 50,000 to 350,000 USD.

5. DogTopia Franchise Opportunity

Dogtopia Enterprises LLC, is a privately held firm that forms a part of a 60 billion USD industry that services an attraction of millions of Americans and other nationals across the world: a love for pets; specifically, dogs.

As a Dogtopia Franchisee, you will be responsible for creating conducive and safe environments for dogs and their owners, leading team members in displaying the virtues of hard work and responsibility and all the while building a profitable business around this many facets.

If these features excite you, then becoming a Franchisee with Dogtopia and running a dog daycare center could be ideal for you.

Why Become a Dogtopia Franchisee?

The dog daycare industry is currently estimated to be worth over 63 billion USD and counting. This makes it a very lucrative sector to invest in. In addition, the following statistics are just as attractive:

• The business is scalable. It is easy to run and easy to learn; hence your franchise has the potential to grow rapidly into many units
• You can choose your work hours, which gives you the leverage to create a healthy Work-life balance.
• You have access to World-class branding and advertising; which is a mix of new and traditional media.
• You are in control of the business’s financing, with the option of receiving grants/loans to start-up.
• You will receive statutory support (includes a 30 day training internship at Dogtopia University in Phoenix, as well as a 2-week classroom and another 2-week in-store training) and ongoing support.

How can you Become a Dogtopia Franchisee?

To become a Dogtopia Franchisee, you will have to fill and submit an application, in order to receive further instructions on how to proceed with your application. The form can be accessed at

How Much Does It Cost to Acquire a Franchise License?

The initial franchise fee will cost you 44,500 USD. The company stipulates that you have a minimum net worth and minimum liquidity of 350,000 and 150,000 USD respectively. You should also be aware that there are Royalty fees and National Marketing costs that are calculated as a percentage of your gross earnings/sales for this franchise opportunity in Michigan.

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