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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in New York

Nowadays, there are many franchise opportunities in New York available to entrepreneurs for them to start a business that they love. If you are looking for different business franchise opportunities in New York, then this article is for you.

Owing a business is one way to take control of your life and career. And this can also be done via buying an existing successful franchise. In this post, you will be going through 5 top franchise opportunities in New York that you should put into consideration of which to buy.

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Here are the top 5 franchise opportunities in New York that might determine your success in owing a business that you love.

1. UFood Grill Franchise

If you have been so cautions about your health when it comes to consuming food, you will love the UFood Grill Franchise business opportunity. UFood Grill is a leading franchise in the healthy fast casual market space with state of the art technology for better services delivery.

When consumers need a delicious but healthy food at restaurants, UFood Grill is the first call for healthy fast casual foods with a self-order kiosk and an online ordering opportunity available to provide customers with grilled, boiled, baked and steamed food with low calories.

Their menu items ranges from salads, burger, shrimp, grilled chicken, spa water to smoothies. If you are thinking of becoming a franchisee because of your love for delicious and healthy food, you will be glad you did because they have good executive team to make your business a success.

Financial Information

You will need a cash investment of $200,000 to buy into this franchise opportunity. Your franchise fee is $35,000 and you must have a net worth of $350,000. Their royalty fee is 5% while their advertising fee is 2%.

Your total investment would be between $424,000 to $605,505.

Franchise Offer and Financial Assistance

UFood Grill do take it as their responsibility to establish a single UFood franchises within a designated territory. And for financing, they do not offer direct or indirect financing option.

Training and Assistance

UFood Grill do offer a 5 weeks training compulsory for the kitchen manager, assistant and general manager. The training is normally held in Boston, Massachusetts area.

Terms and Agreement of Renewal

The franchise term has a long length of 15 years with an option to renew it 2 successor teams of 5 years.

How to Join

To request to become a franchisee, you have to visit their website and request for the franchise form.

2. Bruegger’s

This is another top franchise opportunity in New York that you might also need to consider. Bruegger’s brand restaurants are a private company founded in 1983 by Nordahl Brue and Mike Dressell in Troy, New York.

Bruegger’s started franchising in 1993 and it is one of two franchisers that runs and operates Bruegger’s Bakery Cafés, Timothy’s World Coffee, muffins and Michel’s Baguette.

Bruegger’s brand restaurants mainly serve bagels, breads, specialty drinks, sandwiches and other pastry related foods and beverages. With a production output of approximately 70 million bagels yearly, they hold the Guinness World record for baking the world’s largest bagel.

How much does it cost to open a Bruegger’s Franchise?

To open a Bruegger’s franchise, you need an initial investment capital between $389,600-$591,600. The franchise fee still remains $30,000 which grant you the license to operate under Bruegger’s brand.

Industry experience is essential to qualify and 95% of franchisees own more than one unit having permission for absentee ownership.

Term of Agreement

The term of agreement as a franchisee is 10 years. After the 10 years, you are allowed to pay 25% of the then current franchise fee.


Training is available at the Bruegger’s headquarters and takes 40 hours. There is also on the job training in a corporate bakery that takes between 4 and 8 weeks. Ongoing support is available for the grand opening, field operations and evaluations.

How much does a Bruegger’s Franchisee Owner Make?

This depends on many factors which lies in your hand. As an entrepreneur, your goal should always be to maximize sales while trying to reduce expenses. You will need to master the skill of building customer relationship and providing good products and services to your customers.

How to Join

To become a Bruegger’s franchisee, visit their website and you will see an instruction telling you to fill a form to find out about their franchise opportunities.

3. Bounce 2 The Moon

This is one franchise opportunities in New York that gives entrepreneurs to manage and run their own business. As 2017 look booming for the party rentals business, this is the best time to join and take your piece of the pie.

With Bounce 2 The Moon, you are guaranteed that you are in safe hands with a management staff of over 50 years of service experience to help you achieve your business and personal goals.

Cash Required to Join

The minimum cash required to become a Bounce 2 The Moon franchisee is $20,000. Your total investment range between $20,000-$40,000.

Financing Assistance and Training

Bounce 2 The Moon do not give direct financing. They provide financial assistance through a third party. They also provide training.

How to Join

To join Bounce 2 The Moon to do business with them, kindly visit and download their form.

4. Gigi’s Cupcakes Franchise

There is no industry like the bakery business. 90% of the food we all eat at lunch are mostly baked foods. This is why you should think of going into this business and you will do yourself more good by joining the family of Gigi’s Cupcakes Franchise.

Founded by Gigi Butler, this franchise is one of the largest and fastest growing gourmet cupcakes and bakery franchise that offers a low cost and low risk bakery treats than traditional local franchise. Gigi’s Cupcakes is one of the most sought-after gourmet bakery and cupcakes franchise in the US.

Financial Information

To buy into this franchise opportunity, you will need a cash investment of $100,000. You must that your net worth which should not be less than $250,000. Their franchise fee is $35,000. Your total investment should be about $300,000.

Financial Assistance and Training Support

This is done through a third party which covers franchise fees and other expenses. There is also an on-site 14-days training and a 4 days training at their headquarter.

They also help in areas such as;
• Site selection
• Design and construction
• Grand opening support
• Equipment sourcing etc.

How to Join

You have to visit their website and request for their franchise application by click the button at the top right side of the site.

How much does a Gigi’s Cupcakes Franchisee Owner Makes?

This of course is based on different factors such as location, size, your energy to maintain the progress of the business by offering a good customer’s experience.

5. Foot Solutions

This is another wellness franchise opportunity in New York that need to be considered by wise entrepreneurs. Foot Solutions is one of the largest wellness franchise in the world that help people feel good from the feet up.

Financial Requirements

You will need a startup cost of investment between $30,000-$50,000. Franchise fee $32,500. You will be spending an estimate of $300,000.

Financial Assistance

In case you would love to become a franchisee of Foot Solution Franchise but you don’t have the financial backup, there is an ongoing relationship Foot Solution has with different third party sources that can provide financial support for you which will cover inventory, startup, and equipment.

Veteran Incentives

They do get a 10% off franchise fee.


They will be a 3 weeks training at their corporate office and 1 week in the field with a franchise owner.

How to Join

Visit and follow the instruction on the site.

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