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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in North Carolina

There are so many profitable franchise opportunities in North Carolina. It is a sweet place to base a business, probably that is why it is the highest producer of sweet potato. It is the 10th most populous states among the 50 United States of America, and is on the threshold of entrepreneurial progress.

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Do you look forward to running a franchise in the North Carolina? Then you would find the following information indispensable as it contains the franchise opportunities available in North Carolina.

1) Concept 10 10 

Think of fitness franchise and gym experiences, then think of this company. The company is bent on results, and has established a golden name for themselves on the stones of fitness industry.

The company was founded in 2006. They accept franchises, for which they offer all necessary tools, require no prior expertise, permit absentee ownership.

Concept 10 10 Franchise Supports

The Company has made provisions for adequate training sections for franchisee. However, aids in terms of finance are not available.

Financial Requirements to Join Concept 10 10

The investment capital on the lower end is about $100, 000 and on the higher end is $150, 000. The required net worth is $100,000 and the Liquid asset required is $100, 000.

How to Join Concept 10 10 Franchise?

You can contact them at

2) Slip Doctors

This Company specializes on anti-slip materials for floors. Inclined on the goal of ensuring that slip-and-fall accidents are brought to the minimal, this company offers high quality products at affordable prices. Their services are valuable in gyms, walkways, offices, and residential homes.

How Much does it Cost to Join Slip Doctors?

A franchisee needs an initial investment of about $10,000. You are required to boast a liquid asset worth $100,000.

Slip Doctors Training and Support Opportunities

Franchisees always undergo a one-day training course held at their corporate office in Carrollton. In-house financing options are also available.

How to Join Slip Doctors?

Explore the website and fill out the form in the contact page to indicate interest.

3) Classic Rock Coffee

Some Americans would maintain the simple definition of life as: Sip a cup of Expresso listening to the British rock band Coldplay. If you are one of those who love the blend of coffee and music, then this franchise opportunity is just for you.

This company was founded 6 years ago in 2011, and has its headquarters at Springfield; and just last year, it received the 417 Magazine Coffee house of the year award. It has branches in about 4 continents now including Europe, North America, Middle east, and Africa.

The Cash Requirements to Join Classic Rock Coffee Franchise?

The minimum liquid cash required is $50,000. Investment should cover equipment such as Bar Signage, furniture, cabinetry, etc., worth around $100,000. Your net worth should be about $400,000. The franchise fee is $39, 000.

Classic Rock Coffee Franchise Training and Supports

To every franchisee, there are adequately trained staffs allocated to them to guide them every step of the way. These staffs are world class in their functions, and they assist the franchisee in locating and setting up his store. Afterwards, the franchisee gets routine weekly visits as a measure to ensure that he is in good operational shape.

How to Join Classic Rock Franchise?

Simply log on to and a page would open that displays a form requesting some info. Fill out the form and submit to register your franchise interests.

4) Renew Crew

Started in March 1993 by Stan Krempges, in a fence installation partnership. The company deals on the protecting, sealing, and cleaning of outdoor surfaces. What gives their services that touch of uniqueness is the green status it has—its eco-friendly. This franchise has been tagged the fastest growing franchises by Entrepreneur magazine; so its indeed a great opportunity.

How Much Does Renew Crew Franchise Cost?

Investment cost is anything from a low end of $30,300 to the higher end of $70,125. The franchise fee is $20,000.

Renew Crew Franchise Training and Support

You get a week long training at the headquarters at Richmond, Virginia. You also get consistent trainings even while your business is already running, in form of seminars and conferences. Also there are meetings in which franchisees meet regularly for some days and sharpen ideas.

There are partners provided by the company that would give some financial assistance if need be, at very low interest rates. This financial opportunity can go almost up to half the startup cost. And just for the records, this franchise is extremely veteran and military friendly.

How to Join Renew Crew Franchise

Visit and at the bottom of the page you would find a request form that you can fill to register interest.

5) Big Frog Custom T-Shirt

With a product line that covers men and women shirts, fleece, youths, infants’ shirts, you can easily see what prospects there are. The fashion and clothing industry is no doubt a multi-billion dollar industry, especially as 21st century humans are not only seeking cloths for covering themselves, but for the class of fashion associated with it.

While this franchise affords you so much leisure time as you get to open less than half the total hours of the week, it is a superb opportunity as you would hardly find anyone who has no got a T-shirt.

Cash Requirements for Big Frog Custom T-Shirt

A liquid asset worth at least $50,000 is required, and your net worth should be over $250,000.

Big Frog Custom T-Shirt Franchise Opportunities

There are benefits and marketing supports that the company gives. The business line is not one that requires much training, as such making it easy for any franchisee to blend in.

How to Join Big Frog Custom T-Shirt Franchise?

Visit the site Click the icon “franchisewithus” at the top menu, then fill the request form displayed and submit. You would get a representative to attend to you afterwards.

So, if you are considering securing a franchise in North Carolina, you have your choices above; select one of them and pedal your way to the frontiers of success in the south eastern American State.

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