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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Oklahoma

Are you one of the many people who are interested in starting a business franchise in Oklahoma? If you are like the most of them, you must have realized how time-consuming it could be to sieve out a suitable franchise that is right for you, and which you can invest in and reap profit from.

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I have highlighted below 5 franchise opportunities together with all the details regarding the start-up requirements and how to join.

So let’s begin!

1. Big O Tires®

Big O Tires is one business that is arguably among the leading businesses in the automotive retail industry. Founded in 1962 by a group of independent tire dealers who strived to meet the pressing demand of the automotive services market, it has since been operating successfully in the automotive retail industry with more than 50 years of experience. With Big O Tires, you are sure of welcoming the reality of that dream!

Start-up Cost to Join Big O Tires Franchise

To start-up a Big O Tires franchise of your own, here is the investment sum required: A liquid capital of $100,000. Required net worth amounts to $300,000. Total investment sum ranges from $242,500 – $1,023,300.

Big O Tires Franchise Opportunity Benefits and Training

If you qualify as a Big O Tires franchisee, then you stand to take pleasure in enjoying the following benefits:

– First, you will enjoy associating with a renowned and reputable brand name that had earned customers’ trusts.
– Once you become a franchisee, you get to be supplied tools that would help you in taking your business to the front row.
– You get access to a proven franchise model.
– Marketing strategies to help you deal with the constant competition.
– You will be administered a comprehensive hands-on start-up training.
– Their experts will help you in sales guidance.
– Continuous ongoing support from the business consultants.
– Financing is available, only through a third party.

How to Join Big O Tires Franchise?

For you to qualify as a Big O Tires franchisee, you need no prior training and experience. That is why they have created a comprehensive hands-on training for you as a new franchisee. All that is required of you is to possess the burning desire to join their little community.

Once you have shown your interest in joining Big O Tires and starting your own franchise in Oklahoma, all you need do is to proceed to their website on to request for more information. Or you could call on 800-622-2446.

2. Bruster’s 

Bruster’s has over the past few decades been one of the best in the United States when it comes to delivering frozen treats. Since 1989, they have been operating successfully, and in the last five consecutive years, Consumer Picks national survey has placed them among the top-10 limited services restaurants.

Start-up Cost for Bruster’s Franchise

Here is the required start-up investment to become a Bruster’s franchisee: A minimum liquid investment sum of $100,000. For veterans, a $15,000 fee is waived; a minimum of $85,000 only is required. No renewal fees.

Bruster’s Franchise Opportunity Benefits and Training

Once you qualify to become one of Bruster’s franchisees, the following are what you stand to benefit:

– Assistance with resources and business plan templates for your business.
– Assistance in selecting a suitable site for your business as well as assistance and support in construction management.
– A practical and comprehensive training at opening.
– A marketing plan for your business as well as continuous support.
– Assistance in financing through a third party.

How to Join Bruster’s Franchise?

Once you have shown your interest to start a Bruster’s franchise in Oklahoma, simply log onto their website on and completely fill and submit the online application form.

Candidates do not need to have any special training or management skills. Bruster’s will take care of everything, which is why they have set up a training programme for new franchisees.

3. MaidPro 

MaidPro was founded in 1991 and started franchising since 1997. It has over the past few years of operation, enjoyed a number of awards and rankings such as being ranked as #1 Low-Cost Maid Service, #2 Forbes Best Franchises to Buy 2015, etc. It has its head office located at Boston, MA.

Start-up Cost for MaidPro Franchise

For you to be able to qualify as a MaidPro franchisee; first, you will be required a liquid investment capital of $75,000. The total investment sum ranges from $75,000 – $203,000. For veterans; a $3,000 sum is cut off the initial franchise fee.

MaidPro Franchise Opportunity Benefits and Training

The following are key benefits you will enjoy once you qualify as a MaidPro franchisee:

– Assistance in marketing strategies.
– Assistance with tools to help you operate.
– Training.
– Practical business and marketing training.
– Financial assistance.

How to Join MaidPro Franchise?

All you need to get started with your MaidPro franchise in Oklahoma is to first visit the MaidPro site on and request for more information to sign-up.


FASTSIGNS was founded in 1985 and started franchising since 1986. Over the past decades, it has been operating as a leader in the industry and had since won numerous awards and recognition. In 2017, it was certified as a 2017 world-class franchise. It has its headquarters at Dallas. FASTSIGNS is a great business for couples or families.
Start-up Cost for FASTSIGNS Franchise
For you to be counted as one of FASTSIGNS franchisee, you will require a minimum of $100,000 liquid capital investment. A net worth of $300,000 and a franchise fee of $44,500 is required. Required total investment sum ranges from $151,140 – $293,525. For veterans, you will get a 50% discount.
FASTSIGNS Franchise Opportunity Benefits and Training
As a FASTSIGNS franchisee, you will enjoy the following benefits:
– Assistance in your site selection and construction.
– A four-week intensive training.
– Ongoing support and guidance.
– You will enjoy a Franchisee Mentor programme.
– Financial assistance through third party.
– Sales support.

How to Join FASTSIGNS Franchise?

To start-up a FASTSIGNS franchise in Oklahoma, simply log onto the website to continue the sign-up process.

5. Commercial Capital Training Group

This company could best be described as a leading company in the commercial financial industry.

Start-up Cost to Join Commercial Capital Training Group

To become part of this community, you will be required a minimum liquid investment sum of $20,000. Required total investment sum is $25,000.

Commercial Capital Training Group Opportunity Benefits and Training

If you qualify as a franchisee, here are the key things you will enjoy:

– You will gain access to using a profitable business model that is recession proof.
– Comprehensive start-up training at opening.
– Access to a credible marketing programme that is guaranteed to yield you immense business success.
– Ongoing training and support to help establish your business to the desired level.

How to Join Commercial Capital Training Group?

Once you have fulfilled the requirements and are keen on starting your own franchise in Oklahoma, you only have to visit their website on and proceed from there.

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