Profitable Online Franchise Opportunities To Start from Home

Legitimate Online Franchises Opportunities to Start Today

With continued global growth in internet usage, there is a remarkable and steady increase in online businesses, especially low cost online franchise opportunities which are also very profitable and easy to run.

Representing strong brands which have been proven and tested, these franchises offer the best investment options for candidates.

With its online nature as its selling point, it means most of the work you will ever be doing is online and the financial rewards are quite remarkable. Listed below are some best online franchise opportunities which you can invest in;


1. Eazi-Apps

Eazi-Apps is mainly a mobile app. Founded in 2012 by founder Zakir Daud, it currently has 20 franchises in operation. Having a worldwide coverage, this online franchise offers equal opportunities to franchise candidates and investors from whatever part of the planet who want to share in the success story of Eazi-Apps.

With franchise cost starting from just $4,796, franchisees are bound to immensely profit from this low cost online franchise opportunity.

Eazi-Apps offers mobile apps services and HTML5 websites for businesses and licensees are able to make use of Eazi-App platforms available in over 18 languages to create mobile solutions.

Why Eazi-Apps?

The benefits accruable to owning an Eazi-Apps franchise are enormous. Among these benefits are; email and telephone support, approved developer status with iTunes and Google. Eazi-Apps provides in-depth training, backup and support and partner mentoring for its franchisees, provides support for over 42 different languages and 78 currencies.

Setup Cost and Ongoing Franchise Fees

Eazi-Apps has a financial requirement for setup which is a one-off cost of $4,796 charge and ongoing franchise fees of $160. Included with this are the franchisee’s first 10 apps. The $160 fee is fixed until the first 10 iPhone apps are published to iTunes. After these apps, additional apps attract a fee of $16.

How to Join Eazi-Apps Franchise Opportunities

Interested investors should first review the initial information provided and then fill in the online form provided. After this, you are contacted for a discussion with a member of Eazi-Apps business development team.

There is a meeting after which you will be expected to complete an application form and make a deposit. There are agreements to be signed and payment made after that. The training commences and finally, it is officially launched.

2. Twindom

Twindom is another online franchise opportunity that opens up a vista of opportunities for investors wishing to own a 3D photography business with hi-tech equipments such as easy-to-use 3D scanner and 3D software with easy set-up at outdoor occasions creating that perfect impression. Instead of the usual 2D cameras available, Twindom makes it possible to wow your clients with state of the art 3D scanners. While providing top-notch quality service, it also provides an avenue for business growth where both customer and service provider are satisfied.

The Market Size

Being a relatively new concept, with the most similar market to it being photography, it is estimated that this is a $10 billion market. Twindom equipment can be set up at permanent locations such as stadia, malls, airports, and tourist locations or at events such as birthdays, corporate parties among others making it a very unique franchise opportunity.

Benefits of Buying a Twindom Franchise Opportunity

The benefits of buying a Twindom franchise are awesome! These benefits include low start-up costs. Here, the costs required for starting up this business are relatively low. There are also provisions for location flexibility.

Having both mobile and stationary nature, you can always go to where your customers are. Additional benefits provided by Twindom include an attractive profit margin where you can make money on every product sold.


Twindom has relationships with third-party finance sources which provide financing covering certain aspects of the business.

How to Join Twindom Franchise

There is an online form provided for interested investors which is to be filled. After filling this form, a Twindom representative makes contact and further details are discussed. The minimum cash requirement set by Twindom for owning a part of its franchise is $35,000.

3. SMS Masterminds Business Opportunity

This is another online franchise opportunity available to investors willing to own a part of this lucrative franchise. It brings the power of mobile marketing to small and big businesses alike.

Deploying new technological advances, SMS Masterminds Business Opportunity makes available the power of marketing to mobile platforms which has become the most used form of advertisement as it provides a higher return on investments.

Founded in 2009 by Alex Minicucci, this online franchise opportunity’s integrated data driven approach combines the core functions of SMS/text messaging email and mobile web to create strong ties with clients through the deployment of proprietary marketing and social tools.

Benefits of Owning an SMS Masterminds Business Opportunity Franchise

The benefits accruable to owning this franchise includes low overhead costs, virtually no inventory, recurring income, no employees, no set hours, no retail locations and always innovative and exciting.


The investment amount required to own an SMS Masterminds Business Opportunity franchise involves an Initial Investment of $24,000

How Much Can I Make?

This is usually the question in the minds of investors. Any investor would want to know the potential for profit before embarking on any business. Hence, profitability in this franchise may vary based on factors like location and size.

However, as a franchise owner, your goals to increase the number of sales while maintaining high quality service and keeping expenses low can be the difference between either being profitable or not.

How to Join SMS Masterminds?

To join this franchise, simply fill in the online form made available by the franchise and you will be contacted after some background checks have been made based on the information provided to ascertain if you qualify. When contacted, further discussions are entered into to facilitate the take off of your franchise.

4. Top Ten Percent

This online business opportunity provides potential franchisees the power to harness the power of mobile marketing connecting consumers instantly to discounted products and services from top-rated business at the point of purchase.

Founded by its present CEO Jerry Clum, who himself is a franchise veteran, he has applied the experience he has garnered over the years to give franchisees what they really need which is an opportunity to own a flourishing franchising.

Benefits of Top Ten Percent Franchise Opoortunity

Top Ten Percent allows its franchisees to own and operate its franchise either as part time owners or as completely passive owners. Also, this online franchise opportunity exploits the power of mobile marketing to connect consumers to discounted products from top-rated businesses. No business or computer industry experience is needed, minimal or no staffing requirements among several other benefits.

Financial Requirements of Top Ten Percent Franchise

The financial requirements of owning a Top Ten Percent franchise includes a Liquid Capital requirement of $18,000, a Net-worth requirement of $50,000 and an investment within the range of $17,598 to $26,836.

How to Join Top Ten Percent Franchise?

To join this online franchise opportunity, simply fill in the online form for interested potential franchisees and submit. You will be contacted shortly for further discussions by a Top Ten Percent representative.

Further discussions are carried out leading to the eventual payment after having satisfied all the requirements set forth by Top Ten Percent.

5. Amazon Selling Made Simple

Amazon Selling Made Simple is yet another online franchise opportunity which involves the selling of other people’s products on Amazon. This is not of course without training which is adequately provided for by Amazon selling Made Simple franchise. It teaches and coaches its franchisees the vital knowledge of rapidly scaling up their Amazon store.

How it Works

Franchisees simply list other people’s products and clients see these products and buy them from the franchisee’s online store. Due to the intricacies involved the millions of products that the franchisees need to sift through, they are trained and taught on how to find these products from supplier’s website and these products are posted on Amazon for free.

How to Join Amazon Selling Made Simple Franchise?

The process for joining Amazon Selling Made Simple is easy. Simple fill in the online form made available and submit. Once submitted, a representative establishes contact and the details of commencement of business are discussed leading up to payments, training and opening of the business.

The above franchises represent international online franchise opportunities available to interested investors. They have maintained a track record of excellence and profitability and stand to be greatly beneficial to its franchisees.

Free online franchise opportunities are never scarce to find and as long as one is interested in finding a good online franchise with good offerings, he/she will never lack as there are good ones represented by the few above.

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