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Profitable Franchise Opportunities in South Dakota

Do you reside in South Dakota and you are searching for franchise opportunities in South Dakota? Or do you reside in another city but you are planning on starting a franchise business in South Dakota? Relax!

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There are several franchise opportunities in South Dakota, but I have detailed for you below five franchise opportunities in South Dakota that you can actually invest in and achieve business success.

1. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is an American hardware retailer that was founded in 1928 and has since been operating for more than 90years. It is arguably recognized as the leader in the $279 billion home improvement industry. You could start that dream business in South Dakota by becoming one of Ace Hardware’s franchisees.

Ace Hardware Start-up Cost

To start-up as one of Ace Hardware’s franchisees, you will be required a liquid capital of $250,000. A total investment sum that ranges from $400,000 – $1,100,000 is required to get started as one of Ace Hardware’s franchisees.

Ace Hardware Franchise Benefits

As an Ace Hardware’s franchisee, you would get to enjoy the following benefits.

– You will enjoy store incentives of up to $330,000.
– You do not have to pay royalty fees as well as you will enjoy receiving a portion of the company’s annual profits.
– You will enjoy provision of training and support as you start-up as a new franchisee.
– You will enjoy flexible product mix that suits your local market.
– You will enjoy global and local recognition for your new business.

Ace Hardware Franchise Requirements

Ace Hardware requires prospective franchisees to be:

– Hardworking.
– Passionate about delivering great customer services.
– Good communicators and should possess sales skills.
– Able to have maintained a track record of sales success.
– Able to possess leadership skills.
– Able to possess organizational skills.

If you are sure you meet all of the requirements and are interested in starting an Ace Hardware’s franchise in South Dakota, proceed to request for more information on how to sign-up on its website. After which, an Ace Hardware representative would contact you for answers to any queries you may have.

2. Archadeck

Archadeck is one of the leading designers and builders of outdoor living spaces in the building and construction industry situated in North America. Archadeck was founded in 1980 and started franchising since 1984. Archadeck has its head office located at Richmond, VA.

Archadeck Franchise Start-up Cost

A minimum of $50,000 is required as liquid capital investment. A net worth of $250,000 is required also. Total investment sum ranges from $49,500 – $100,000.

Benefits of Archadeck Franchise

As an Archadeck franchisee, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

– An in-home office with no real estate investment required.
– Flexible working hours.
– Training as a new franchisee.
– No inventory required.
– Archadeck’s proven sales process and marketing support.
– Strong financial assistance.

Requirements to Start an Archadeck Franchise

Archadeck requires individuals that are energetic and have strong interpersonal and communication skills and love networking with other professionals. The following are the requirements to start as a franchisee:

• You must have creative skills.
• Possess a good work ethic.
• Possess general management experience with people.

If you are interested in becoming one of Archadeck’s franchisees in South Dakota, make a request for more information on its website to follow up with the sign-up procedures.

3. Cellairis

Cellairis is considered as one of the largest mobile accessories franchisors in the United States. Cellairis offers mobile phones and tablet repairs together with sales of mobile accessories inside Walmart Supercentres.

Cellairis Franchise Start-up Cost

To start-up as one of Cellairis’ franchisees, you would be required a minimum liquid investment of $50,000, a net worth of $150,000 and a franchise fee of $35,000. The total investment sum ranges from $90,000 – $100,000.

Benefits of Cellairis Franchise

The following are the benefits you would enjoy as a franchisee:
• You will undertake a 7-day corporate training at Alpharetta, GA.
• You will benefit from instant traffic from the day you open.
• Enjoyment of financial assistance through third-party.

Cellairis franchise stores are approximately 400-800 sq. ft. The installation of Cellairis usually takes less than a 30-day period.

Requirements to Start Cellairis Franchise

Cellairis is looking for a franchisee that:
– Is passionate about his business and is very result-oriented.
– Understands that his customers come first.
– Can manage up to at least three stores at a time.
– Has good grasp at hiring employees.
– Understands the value of marketing and local area networking to promote a brand.

If you fulfil these requirements and are interested in starting up a Cellairis’ franchise in South Dakota, proceed to its website for more information on how to continue the sign-up process.

4. Honest-1 Auto Care

Considered as one of the most trusted automotive maintenance and repair centres in the United States, Honest-1 Auto Care was founded in 2003. Honest-1 Auto Care is reputed for honesty, integrity, and resolute adherence to ethical practices.
Start-up cost for Honest-1 Auto Care Franchise

To start-up as a franchisee, Honest-1 Auto Care requires from new franchisees a minimum liquid start-up capital of $100,000, a net worth of $500,000 and a franchise fee of $35,000. Total investment sum required ranges from $193,000 – $506,000.

Benefits of Honest-1 Auto Care Franchise

As a new Honest-1 Auto Care’s franchisee, you will get to enjoy:
• Training
• Support

Requirements to Start Honest-1 Auto Care Franchise

Anyone could become one of Honest-1 Auto Care’s franchisee. You do not need any special prior knowledge or any special set of skills. As long as you have the required start-up investment sum, with the right attitude, coupled with the training and support that Honest-1 Auto Care’s training team would offer you, you can own and grow your franchise.

5. Rush Bowls

Launched in 2004 by founder Andrew Pudalov, Rush Bowls has over the last decade developed a successful business model by mastering the menu items, the processes, vendor relationships and marketing traditions.

Start-up Cost of Rush Bowl Franchise

Before you can become a Rush Bowls’ franchisee, you will require a minimum of $100,000 liquid investment, and a net worth of $500,000. Total investment sum required ranges from $192,000 – $351,500.

Rush Bowl Franchise Benefits

Some of the benefits of becoming one of Rush Bowls’ franchisees include:
– Access to an 11-year record of operating business success.
– Support and guidance from Rush Bowls’ executive team.
– A relatively low start-up and development investment. No particularly special equipment is required.
– A flexible store requirement which you can choose from. You could work as a kiosk or a dine-in restaurant owner.
– Enjoyment of an award-winning recipe and flavour combination with 11 years of marketing success.
– Enjoyment of established vendor relationship, design and construction guidance for your new franchise.
– Assistance in location selection.
– Training.

Requirements to Start Rush Bowl Franchise

To become one of Rush Bowls’ franchisees, you will have to be:

– A person with solid knowledge and experience of restaurant services and management.
– A person who is passionate about Rush Bowls’ concept.
– A multi-unit operator and area developer.

Once you have shown your interest in starting a Rush Bowls’ franchise in South Dakota, proceed to request for more information on sign-up procedures from its website.

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