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Super 8 Motel Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

Is Super 8 a franchise? How much does a Super 8 franchise cost? Do you need info on Super 8 franchise price and fee to open one?

Super 8 Franchise is brand name of a popular motel in the States. Which derived its brand name “Super 8” from its original room charges which was then charged at the rate of $8.88 per night.

Super-8 began operation in the year 1974 in their first location in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It Corporate Address no. is 22 Sylvan Way Parsippany, NJ 07054 with Geoff Ballotti as the CEO.

It has a Parent Company known as Wyndham Hotel. The company is basically on Motel/Hotel services but incorporated an entertainment into it to make it more lively.

Ever since Super 8 began its franchising business in 1976, the motel has proved the company beyond reasonable doubt to be one of the world’s most well-known with more than 2,000 different locations throughout the United States of America and Canada.

This is such a very huge numbers more than any United State based motel or economy lodging provider. Most of these hotels offer varieties of complimentary disposition such as free continental breakfast which is a golden opportunity to earn and scoop points through the Wyndham Rewards program, a Super 8 guess loyalty program.


Super 8 proffers a financing options within the ambit of the company (in-house) to ensure that they cover the franchise fee and the startup costs. Also, it has a relationship with a strong third-party which source the finance to cover the startup capital, inventory, the equipment to be used and the unit’s fee i.e. Locations.


Super 8 support its franchisee training on how the business is being run and how it could be conveniently managed on their official website and this training do last for 3-4 days, and also a live training at the Super 8 headquarters which usually last for 4 days.

The support rendered by super 8 is not limited to the website or the headquarters given training only but also includes additional training which can be attended at any point in time, either as a novice or as an expert in the business which they are Regional workshops; customized products or property training, among others.

How much is a Super 8 franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a Super 8?
  • Is Super 8 a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average Super 8 franchise price and fees?


The capital investment required and needed to open a Super 8 Franchise falls between the range of $176,170-$3,846,500. But before that, you are required to pay an initial franchise fee of $25,000-$25,500 which will grant you the opportunity to own a license to run your business under the Super 8 brand.

Super 8 franchise offers Royalty Fee of 5.5% with 20 years’ term of Agreement.


Super 8 Motels started franchising their business in the United States of America and Canada in the year 1978 and began the opening of the franchises brand in some other countries across the Europe and Middle East recently in the year 2007.

Below are however the general principles and guideline you can follow to set up your own Super 8 Motel franchise. The decision to franchise with a Super 8 Motel is only the starting point of a tedious process before you could stand the chance to stay behind the check-in counter attending to audience at your own franchised Super 8 hotel.

Wyndham Hotel Group, the parent company of Super 8 prefer and do consider a franchisee with direct working experience with the public, most especially, in any lodging service industry than someone without any preliminary experience. To become a franchisee of Super 8 the following steps are therefore advised to be taken.

Steps 1: Choose your Location 

The number one thing you need to put in place before pitching with super 8 is your location. An area that is close to major highways is encouraged, and that the choosing location would be able to survive your Super 8 lodging establishment despite competition.

Step 2: Write a Comprehensive Business Plan

Write out an adequate, accurate and comprehensive business plan for the business or visit any nearby business administration office to seek for an assistance in coming up with a well detail business plan. Discuss with an expert on you capitalizing on Super 8 franchise.

Step 3: Visit Wyndham Group of Hotel Website

Wyndham is the largest lodging franchiser across the globe and he is real the owner of the Super 8 franchise. To find out more information about the dynamic organization and you will love to becoming a franchisee, please visit the Hotel Franchise Website.

Visit and click on the contact form at the right side corner. Answer the questionnaire and within 28 hours a representative from the Wyndham Group of Hotels will contact you to enlighten you on what it entails and what you are required to do before becoming a Super 8 franchisee.

If you have need any clarification on an issue regarding the franchise or about the company, you are free to ask the representative that would contact you. The person work is to guide and direct you to ensure you are on the right track as such, do feel free to do so.


All the Super 8 hotels are independently owned, managed and operated. Do inquire about vacant positions within the individual owned hotels by contacting the management directly.

But if you will love to secure the employment opportunity at the Super 8 corporate offices, then you will have to browse around the career section of their official website for any information on that.

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