Franchise Opportunities in Tennessee: Franchises For Sale

Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Tennessee

So my friend in Tennessee told me about the wonderful franchise opportunities over there and I thought it best to share some of them here.

Tennessee is a Southeastern state in the United States and it is a great place to start a franchise. So what franchise opportunities are available to entrepreneurs in Tennessee? What are the franchise opportunities in Tennessee that have great success potentials?

Well, here are some franchise opportunities in Tennessee you should consider investing in.

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1. Fresh Coat Franchise

Fresh Coat is a company that deals with interior and exterior painting and is one industry with a great income potential. Fresh Coat was founded in 2004 and now has over 130 units across America. This is one franchise opportunity you cannot regret investing in because it is recession proof. So what does becoming a franchisee entail?

Startup Cost of Fresh Coat Franchise

To invest in this franchise opportunity, you would need a liquid capital of $45,000. There is a franchise fee of $44,900.

Fresh Coat Franchise Financing

Fresh Coat offers its franchisees assistance with the capital needed too startup.

Fresh Coat Franchise Training and Support

Fresh Coat Franchisees do not necessarily need to be involved in the painting itself but are supplied with trained and experienced painters to do the job for you. All you need is a good business sense couple with good managerial skills. Franchisees are supported with marketing strategies and ongoing support.

Additional Benefits of Fresh Coat Franchise

This is one business that is absolutely low-cost and can be run from home. Coupled with the fact that you do not need to work as a painter, you also get to enjoy multiple profit centers if you decide to open more units. There is also no inventory needed since Fresh Coat is in partnership with Sherwin-Williams®.

How to start a Fresh Coat Franchise?

Interested in this franchise, then you can reach Fresh Coat on 513-605-4888 or on

2. Honor Yoga

Honor Yoga is a yoga company concerned with personal as well spiritual growth through yoga exercises. If you have got that yoga passion, then this is just the right franchise for you. Founded in 2013 by Maria Turco and Melody Appel this franchise has grown to becoming one of the fastest growing fitness practice across the United States.

What is the Startup Cost for Honor Yoga Franchise?

This franchise opportunity in Tennessee would require a minimum of $60,000. There is a franchise fee of $28,108 and a total investment of $88,000 to $128,000.

Honor Yoga Franchise Franchisee Requirement

To become a Honor Yoga franchisee you would need to have passion for the yoga business, business and financial skills and a yoga enthusiast.

Honor Yoga Franchise Training and Support

With Honor Yoga franchise, you are given marketing support, an operations handbook and even support when you are setting up your studio. You also get to be scheduled for training webinars on different aspects of Yoga.

How to Get Started with Honor Yoga Franchise

To become a part of Honor Yoga franchise, you can reach Honor Yoga on

3. British Swim School Franchise

British Swim School is a company specialized in teaching people, most especially kids, how to swim. With drowning increasingly becoming one of the leading causes of death in children, people are becoming more concerned with teaching their kids how to swim.

British Swim School was founded by Rita Goldberg in 1981 and now operates in over 130 schools in the United States.

British Swim School Startup Cost

This franchise opportunity is pretty cheap as it only requires a minimum of $80,000. With franchisees getting about a million annually, this does not really count as much.

British Swim School Startup Financing

British Swim School offers its franchisees assistance with financing through a third party

 British Swim School Startup Training and Support

There is training available for franchisees and this is given with utmost support throughout your journey to becoming a franchisee.
Location for British Swim School Startup
This franchise assists franchisees in getting the right location for their swim school. British Swim Schools are usually located in Schools, Fitness Centers, Hotel Pools and Sport clubs.
Additional Benefits
You do not have to build a pool to start this business as British Swim School usually rents their training pools. Multiple unit location is available besides you are helping save lives while making cool money from it. You also do not have to conduct the lessons yourself, you could hire instructors to train others.
How to Join British Swim School Startup?
If you are interested in joining this franchise, you can contact British Swim School on where you can assess their franchisee request form.

4. California Tortilla Franchise

This is another great franchise opportunity in Tennessee. California Tortilla is one of the best restaurants founded in 1995 by Pam Felix and Alan Cohen. This restaurant capitalizes on serving only freshly prepared foods all day.

California Tortilla Franchise Startup Cost

To invest in this franchise opportunity, you would need a minimum of $250,000.

California Tortilla Franchise Financing

California Tortilla offers its franchisees financing assistance through a third party.

California Tortilla Franchise Training and Support

This franchise offers ongoing and marketing support for franchisees. Franchisees are also coached and empowered so they are not left hanging.

Getting Started with California Tortilla Franchise

You can get Started on your journey to becoming a franchisee by contacting them on        

5. Cartridge World Franchise

Cartridge World franchise is a leading business in the printer and printer consumable business. It was founded by Bryan Stokes in 1992 and now has over 1,000 locations all over the world. This business has one of the highest growth potential and you can never go wrong if you invest in it.

Cartridge World Franchise Startup Cost

To invest in this franchise, you would need a liquid capital of $50,000.

Cartridge World Franchise Financing Assistance

Cartridge World offers veterans 10% discount off the franchise fee.

Cartridge World Franchise Training and Support

You do not need to have a previous experience in this field in order to invest in this franchise as Cartridge World offers all the training and support you would need to set you up.

How to Join Cartridge World Franchise?

If you are interested in this franchise opportunity in Tennessee, you can make your interest known by filling a franchisee request form on

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