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This article will be focusing on available franchise opportunities in the UK and how to take advantage of these opportunities. Representing some of the best franchise opportunities available, prospective franchisees/investors stand to benefit from these sound business opportunities, forearming them with knowledge in making informed investment decisions. Below are some of these opportunities;

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  1. Wellshine

With a £9 billion domestic cleaning market, there is so much potential in this sector, as the Wellshine franchise presents the perfect opportunity of taking part in this booming industry. Providing professional and specialized services in home help and cleaning, this franchise opportunity was founded in Northampton in 2009.


Wellshine franchisees are carefully chosen and adequately trained to offer professional services that include carpet cleaning, domestic work and cleaning.

Wellshine Franchise Financial Requirements

The financial requirements set by the franchisor are mandatory. Meeting these requirements ensures that the franchisee is able to use the company logo and operate under its brand name, including gaining access to the skills and business secrets to help his/her franchise succeed. The financial requirement includes a minimum investment payment of £1,000.

Wellshine Franchise Coverage

The operation of this franchise opportunity covers the whole of the UK. Prospective franchisees stand to benefit from the wide spread of its operations and can easily taken part in this franchise opportunity wherever they may be within the UK.

Wellshine Franchise Training

A period of mandatory training is given to all Wellshine franchisees. Thus enabling them to effectively run their franchises and easily replicate the successes of the franchisor. The duration of training is not disclosed by the franchisor.

Nature of Operation

The Wellshine franchise opportunity is home-based and can be run on a part time basis, thus allowing the franchisee to own a good business opportunity while still maintaining his schedule or other businesses.


How to Join Wellshine Franchise?

The franchisor has an email address available on its website, through which enquiries can be easily made. There is also a contact number for easy access. Through these contact details, further information is made available to the prospective franchisor.

  1. White 7 (UK) Ltd

With an already established brand name that boasts of providing highly reputable services, the White 7 franchise was established in 2012 in Shropshire. Providing the very best of chauffeuring services, clients are exposed to ultimate comfort while in the care of White 7.

White 7 Franchise Financial Requirements

The financial requirements needed to own a White 7 (UK) Ltd franchise includes a £7,995 minimum investment. This investment amount is compulsory to ownership of a White 7 franchise.

White 7 Franchise Coverage

The coverage of this franchise opportunity is spread across the UK. This presents prospective franchisors a chance of owning a working franchise model with operations spread across the United Kingdom.

White 7 Franchise Training and Support

Training is compulsory to all its new franchisees. This training covers a certain time period, as may be chosen by the franchisor. In addition to the training provided, this franchise opportunity is home-based and also part time. Thus allowing the franchisee have time for other activities. The franchisor has a support network that guides the franchisees development.

How to Join White 7 Franchise?

To join this franchise opportunity, first download the brochure available on the franchisors website. After having gone through the brochure, simply contact the franchisor through the contact details supplied on its website for further discussions.

  1. Just Regional

Specialized in providing magazine services that are tailored to your local community, the Just Regional franchise was founded by Lee Todd in 1998. Due to the gap discovered in the provision of local news, this lack was exploited by Lee and today, the spread of this business opportunity is throughout the UK.

Just Regional Franchise Financial Requirements

To be considered for this franchise opportunity, prospective franchisees need to meet certain financial requirements. Among them is the payment of a minimum investment amount of £9,995. In order to own this franchise opportunity, the financial requirement is required.

Just Regional Franchise Coverage

The Just Regional franchise opportunity has a coverage area spreading across the entire United Kingdom. The franchise coverage is critical to the reputation of the franchise. Confidence in doing business will increase among prospective franchisees.

Just Regional Franchise Training and Support

All new franchisees are required to go through a training process where they are given the necessary knowledge required for optimal functioning. Support is also provided in certain areas. Although not disclosed by the franchisor, these should be disclosed to the prospective franchisee during the period of signing of the franchise agreement.

How to Join Just Regional Franchise?

To join the Just Regional franchise, simply visit their website and contact them using the contact details supplied there. Response is given within a relatively short time. From there, further discussions are made, eventually leading to the ownership of this franchise opportunity.

  1. Suppliesbox

The supplies box franchise, a subsidiary of Albany Office Supplies specializes in the sale and distribution of office equipments. This franchisor also provides printing services to clients. In this model of business, the franchisee takes the orders, while the franchisor makes all the deliveries.

Suppliesbox Franchise Financial Requirements

The financial requirements needed to own a Suppliesbox franchise includes minimum investment of £19,995. The financial requirements are required of all prospective franchisees as a precondition for ownership of the Suppliesbox franchise.

Suppliesbox Franchise Training and Support

The mandatory period of training offered to new franchisees is to ensure that they are given the requisite training necessary for smooth operation of its franchises. The time frame required for the training is not disclosed. The suppliesbox franchise also provides support that covers several areas of its business. This is to aid easy running of the franchise opportunity.

Suppliesbox Franchise Coverage

The Suppliesbox franchise currently has a coverage of franchise opportunities extending across Northern Ireland.

How to Join Suppliesbox Franchise?

To join the Suppliesbox franchise, a registration of intent needs to be done through contacting the franchisor through available contact details available on its website. The franchisor will get in contact with the applicant for further investment discussions.

  1. Friking

With selling of novelty clothing, gifts and accessories, the Friking franchise is an international franchise which has a relatively low investment sum required to start. Friking franchisees benefit from the international appeal it has, and also, from the strong brand name and business model built over the years.

Friking Franchise Financial Requirements

To own a Friking franchise, there are certain financial requirements that are needed. Among these is the minimum investment amount of £10,000. The financial requirements are compulsory, as failure to meet up these payments may result in the application being turned down.

Friking Franchise Coverage

The Friking franchise has a coverage spreading across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Prospective franchisors in these countries benefit from taking advantage of an opportunity available within their domain.

Friking Franchise Training and Support

The training offered all its franchisees is compulsory as it last a period of time, as specified by the franchisor. The training is meant to adequately impart the technical know-how and skill necessary for the smooth running of the franchises. Elaborate and continued support is also provided to all new franchisees in selected areas decided by the franchisor.

How to Join Friking Franchise?

Simply indicate your interest by visiting the website of the franchisor. The franchisors contact details are available on the website. After contacting the franchisor, the franchisor contacts the applicant and begins discussions leading to the eventual purchase of the franchise in the UK.

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